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Trapped with Colin

Trapped with Colin



Trapped series - Episode IV: Trapped with Colin. You would think that for a beautiful girl with a respected family, everything will go smoothly without a hitch. However, for Sophia, nothing is ever so easy. Her life starts to spin out of control when her ex-boyfriend, together with her sworn enemy, set her up and send her to jail. As if that’s not enough, after her marriage with Colin, fate has played yet another joke on her. She is now facing a very precarious situation where her husband is growing suspicious of her and a bunch of vicious villains are trying to pounce at her at every turn. How will the future unfold for Sophia? Let's find out!


: Colin,Sophia,Sofía

Chapter 1 No. 296, You Can Go!

In a five-star hotel called Peninsula International in Zugrurg, at the window of Room 2208, stood a woman in a long red wine colored sweater. The room was on the 22nd Floor, the Presidential Suite. Her hair was pinned on the top of her head and she held a cup of newly decanted wine in her hand.

The woman was pretty with long, curly eyelashes that glittered in the sun. The tip of her nose was slightly turned up, and her pursed lips were adorned with queen red lipstick.

A dainty pair of spectacles with black frames balanced delicately on the bridge of her nose, lending her a professional appearance.

The sky loomed with dark clouds.

The setting reminded her of the same day, a year and a half ago.

As lightning lit up the horizon, the woman knew it would rain at any time.

The woman recalled a fateful day during her time at the women's prison in the West of Ascea.

The warden escorted by two policewomen entered the room. One policewoman shouted, "No. 296, you can go!"

The needlework the prisoner was working on, fell to the ground.

Over the past one and a half years, she had heard this statement many times. Every time she had hoped the policewoman would call her number. But she never did. Not until today.

"You can go." Of course, she understood what it meant.

It meant that she was free. She could finally leave the prison.

After a while, the prison's high gates opened slowly. A girl in dark green clothes walked through. Her chubby figure had become slimmer after her one and a half year stay in prison.

Though she had lost a lot of weight, her face was still round.

Not far from the gate stood a couple holding an umbrella. The man looked dignified, and the woman was graceful. Although they were middle-aged, the years had been kind to them.

At the sight of the girl, the older woman walked toward her. "Oh, my honey, you have suffered a lot!"

She gently caressed the girl's face. Her face used to be plump, but now it looked thinner.

For Sophia Bailey, these simple, welcoming words felt like spring in the desert.

"Aunt (Chinese way of showing politeness, not real Aunt), it is you who got me out of here." The older woman nodded in affirmation.

The man also came forward. He was followed by an orderly who held out umbrellas for them.

Wendy shook her head, "It's your Uncle (Chinese way of showing politeness, not real Uncle). He found the relationship for you."

Sophia nodded, took a step back, and bowed deeply, "Uncle, Aunt, thank you very much. I shall always remember your kindness."

"Don't mention it, my dear. Let's go!" Wendy seated Sophia in Newman's car before getting in.

At Newman's, led by Wendy, Sophia entered a big room, where she took a soothing bath and put on clothes provided by Wendy.

The clothes were loose.

Wendy had bought clothes for Sophia in her original size.

She used to be very fat. She was 163cm in height but had weighed more than 150 pounds.

When Sophia was ready, she was led to the dining room by the servant.

The meal was very lavish. And it had been specially prepared for her; four dishes including soup.

Taking the rice the servant offered, Sophia politely nodded and said, "Thank you."

"You're welcome, Miss Bailey. Please be careful. It is hot!"

The concern shown by Newman's servant moved Sophia.

She smiled as she picked up a piece of fish. It was her favorite meal. In the past, she usually had steamed fish every second or third day. But she hadn't eaten fish during her time in jail.

After the meal, she went in search of the couple. The servant had informed her that they would be in the study and that they had been waiting for a while.

"I didn't know you had grown thinner. The clothes I got are too large. I will note it for later." Wendy looked tenderly at Sophia while speaking.

Sophia shook her head and said, "No, Aunt. They fit me well. Thank you very much."

Sophia did feel grateful. She had gotten out of jail three years and a half years earlier than her sentence, eaten fish, meat and hot rice, and had taken her first comfortable bath in a long time. She also had new clothes. She was grateful that her mother had been friends with Wendy!

Everything was very well indeed.

"Well, you can settle here. If you have any problems, tell us at any time, OK?"

Sophia wanted to cry.

But she resisted the urge, "Thank you, Uncle and Aunt."

"I didn't know what happened to your parents until recently. I thought your father had followed your mother on her archeological research. When I recently attended a tea party, I knew something had happened to your family."

Sophia gently nodded and said, "My dad went mad and was sent to a suburban psychiatric hospital. But my mom had been framed and died in the ancient tomb."

The police had said that the ancient tomb had naturally collapsed while her mother was inside.

But Sophia didn't believe it! She knew several professors had accompanied her mother. How was it that they were all safe, and her mother had been the only one to die mysteriously?

"In which psychiatric hospital is your father? Why didn't you ask me for help after things happened? How did you end up in jail?" Wendy took Sophia's hand and sat on the couch.

Some things were difficult for Sophia to tell. How could she explain her imprisonment?

"My father is in a suburban psychiatric hospital in Alorith Town now. Several days after my parent's accident, I was framed by Dorothy and sentenced to prison for attempted murder."

"Dorothy and that man must have been married by now." thought Sophia.

"Attempted murder!" Wendy was surprised by the story. Sophia was such an innocent and lively girl. How could she kill somebody?

"Aunt, I didn't kill anybody." She explained to Wendy, looking into her eyes with sincerity.

Wendy shook her head, "I believe you. It's impossible for you to kill anybody. But this is all in the past. You should stop thinking about it so much. I'll ask your Uncle to investigate the cause of your mother's death."

"Thanks, Aunt. I still have one thing to ask of you." Sophia pleaded.

Wendy patted the back of Sophia's hand, "Go ahead."

"Since my family's accident, my brother has disappeared." Her brother was just 18 years old, still a child in her eyes.

Wendy understood. Jordan who was sitting nearby, took out his cellphone and began to make a phone call.

Later that afternoon, accompanied by Wendy, Sophia went to the psychiatric hospital in Alorith Town.

Jay Bailey, who used to be a suave university professor, was now skinny. His eyes had lost their sparkle.

His hair was a mess, and his clothes were very dirty.

As nobody was paying for his treatment, the hospital was going to give up on his care.

Sophia tried speaking with him many times, but he didn't give her any response. When she was about to give up, Jay suddenly chuckled and pointed at Sophia, "Look, how silly you are when you cry! Hey hey."

Seeing this, Sophia couldn't help but cry out loud.

Jordan handled the transfer procedures for Jay. He was now being transferred to the best psychiatric hospital in Ascea. Jordan also made sure that the best neurologists were going to treat Jay.

On the fourth day at Newman's, Wendy called Sophia to her room and asked her to promise her one thing.

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