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Accidental Babies

[Announcement: As per the author's request, this book will be taken down on April 28th, 2019.] Jason Halloway had a hard time finding a nanny for his recently acquired 9 month old twins, Daphne and Tanner.They hated all of their previous nannies and drove them away.However, maybe they didn't need his help to find their nanny? Maybe they could find her all on their own. April Saunders couldn't believe picking up two wandering babies would bring her face-to-face with Jason Halloway, the business magnate of Chicago.He was the hardest to reach man in the city and he was personally giving her a job.As a nanny. She was less thrilled with the prospect. Not because she thought it was a lowly position but because she had no skills or idea on how to take care of toddlers. However, Jason was unmoving and she took the position. With April trying her best to nurture the twins and Jason wanting to be in every part of the twins' life, how will their relationship go?Will it be 'familiarity breeds contempt'?Or will it be 'love conquers all'? Accidental Series #1 Accidental Roommate (new version) #2 Accidental Babies (completed) #3 Accidental Pregnancy (ongoing)

Chapter 1 1

Jason Halloway leaned back into his chair, stretching slightly. He was happy that he managed to accomplish and clear his workload for the day. Clearly, his decision to leave the twins in his assistant's hands was a sound one. They hadn't bothered or called for him at any point of the day, aside from the first hour but that had been expected as they were in a new environment. Yes, it was a good day. Now, he just had to bring them home, hopefully have an uneventful bath and dinner and they'd fall asleep without any fuss.

'Janice, please ready the twins. I'll be going off in 10 minutes, 'he said into the intercom as he packed. Silence greeted him. He frowned. Janice, his assistant, was always prompt in acknowledging him. 'Janice?'

'Ah, Mr Halloway, 'she finally said but her voice was extremely strained. 'A few more minutes please. I have to-um- change them.'

'Alright. Do you need any help with them? They can be quite a handful, 'he offered. He was shocked to hear her sputter. He knew he had a reputation for being cold and stern but they were his children and he'd learned that he liked being a hands on father, soo different from his own parents.

'N-no need for that, sir. I, um, have to go now. I'll bring them to you in a minute, 'she said hurriedly and disconnected. A sense of foreboding started in his chest but he waited. Janice had assured him that she would be able to take care of them. He could trust her. She hadn't proven him wrong in the past. Surely his children were in good hands.

- ---@@@@-----

It had been 30 minutes and his patience was starting to fray. Actually, it had frayed within 10 minutes and now, he was ready to snap. He was second-guessing his assistant. Even if the twins were being difficult, it shouldn't take that long to change them. Deciding to find out what was causing the delay, he left his office and was greeted with an empty desk. He went to the main office and was greeted with chaos.

All of his employees were on their hands and knees, looking under chairs and tables. It would have been amusing if he didn't hear them calling his children's names. Were they looking for them? What did that mean? Are they missing?

'M-Mr Halloway, 'one of the female workers cried loudly. Everyone stopped and looked at him with an arrested expression. One that morphed into guilt. All of them hurriedly stood up and rushed to their desks, contriving to look busy.

'Mr Halloway, I, um, we- I can explain, 'Janice said, running towards him. Her beautiful face was red and her dark, grey eyes were darting about, never settling on him. His sense of foreboding grew.

'Where are my children? And how long have they been missing?'he asked coldly. He knew bringing them to work had been a bad idea but there had been no one else available and he had trusted his assistant. He hadn't wanted to leave them with someone he hadn't vetted either. His blood ran cold. Did their mother take them? Surely not. She had dropped them into his arms like hot potatoes and left with no explanation 3 months ago. She'd even signed the contract stating she gave up her parental rights. Plus, the last he heard of her, she was in Paris and that was 3 hours ago. She wouldn't have had time to arrange a kidnapping in such a short time. So it definitely wasn't her. Which just left his exaggerating assistant.

'Actually, sir, it's my fault, 'one of the female workers said nervously, joining Janice. He recognised her. She was one of Janice's best friends in the office. Another women joined them. Another of Janice's friend. 'Janice had to photocopy and mail an important document and left them with me and Aubrey. That was about 2 hours ago. We have neighboring cubicles so we thought it'd be easier for us to look after them than Janice. Since, you know, two is better than one and all that.'

'That still doesn't answer the question, 'he said slowly, his anger reaching a boiling point. They didn't appear to be responsible enough to take on the care of his children. Slim and beautiful, yes. But not responsible.

'As Karen was saying, we thought it's be easier but I thought she was keeping an eye on them and she thought I was keeping an eye on them. We got absorbed with work and when we next turned to look at them, they were, um, gone, 'the other woman, Aubrey said anxiously.

'What?'he roared. The entire office jumped. He didn't care who witnessed his anger. This should serve them a lesson. 'When did you realise they were missing? Have you searched the entire office? The entire floor. How about the entire building? Did you consult with the security guards and the cameras?'

'We-we were about to but-'

'Da Da, 'two baby voices were suddenly heard, interrupting Janice. Relief coursed through him when he recognised them as his children's. Everyone turned to where they heard their voices. It seemed like they were travelling towards him but he couldn't see them because of all the cubicles and the fact that they would be crawling.

So it was a surprise when he saw that the both of them in a tall, overweight, ill-fitted, dumpy, disheveled, auburn-haired woman's arms. And they looked quite happy as well. They looked even happier when they saw him. Bouncing about in her arms, they stretched their arms towards him.

He didn't exactly snatched them away from her but he wasn't gentle either. She was fidgeting uncomfortably under the eyes of the entire office on her but withered under his penetrating glare.

'Who are you?'he demanded, his voice as frosty as ice.

'I-I'm April Saunders. I am-was here for an interview when I saw them crawling along the hallway. I, ah, picked them up after I realised they were unattended, 'she said softly, her eyes finding interest with the burgundy carpet. He shot a glare at the three women before focusing on his twins' caretaker.

'When was this?'he asked. He was curious to know how long they'd been with her and how long his twins had been alone.

'About two hours ago? Approximately? I had been trying to find their parent or nanny when they suddenly decided to take a nap about an hour and a half ago. They just woke up 15 minutes ago and had been sending me on a wild goose chase, 'she said with a smile. Jason was slightly distracted by that smile. It transformed an otherwise plain face into a pretty facsimile. The warmth in her obsidian eyes made her even more attractive. Absently, he was relieved his children hadn't been roaming alone for long before finding this woman. Suddenly, Tanner, his son, reached for her. She looked to him for permission. He hesitated but at Tanner's insistence, relented.

Tanner looked awfully comfortable with her. And he was the most fussy of the twins. His daughter, Daphne, had also looked comfortable in her arms before. His twins had had a difficult time acclimating to the changes in their lives. They'd disapproved of all the nannies and caretakers he'd hired, crying relentlessly, throwing their toys around, refusing to sleep. He was continually worried about them. He'd consulted child psychologists who, instead of helping, wanted to study them. His aunt had helped but she had her own life. He hadn't been comfortable dumping the twins on her. He'd been at his wits' end when he brought them to the office.

But it seemed that the twins didn't need him to find a nanny for them. They'd found one all on their own. He just hoped he didn't have to send her away.

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