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Taming The Bully

Taming The Bully



WARNING: It may contain explicit scenes, bullying, triggering words, violence and psychological aspects scenes. " Pitiful....I'll make sure you are pitied more...in Hunsberg university, don't you think? " " Soon you'll be so pitiful, it will get so extreme that each and every people in there will feel sorry and disgusted by your pathetic life. I'll make you find yourself wishing that it would be better if you're never born." ...... Jennie Wilson POV She was a poor, a daughter of a labourer and innocent girl. She gets into one of the most prestigious college in the world she always dreamed and worked hard. The Arcadia University. A college to the elite, where children of diplomats, rich people find themselves in this exclusive university for its reputation and fastest hub to success in life. Will Jennie Wilson be able to survive in this prestigious college? Vincent Ainsworth The only son of one of the largest tycoon businessman in the world. He was like fire. He was hurt and depressed. He loved his ex Eva Smith so much. His world collapsed when his ex called off their relationship. He was way beyond broken. She never looked back at him. Since Vincent was going through depression, his friends asked Jennie Wilson to help him out, because she was the only one who could make him come out of his depression. Will she be able to repair him? Will he allow her to heal him?....or will it become WORSE.

Chapter 1 No.1

Jennie Wilson POV

" Jennie Jennie "

"Table 4 needs their order taken! Table 7 has coffees ready." Lisa shouted.

"Coming.." I shouted back.

Lisa was my bestie. Her mother owned a small coffee shop. Lisa's mother always had been second mother to me. For almost a year I'd been working in the coffee shop as a part-time job.

Lisa helped me in between. I was saving money for the college fees in which I will be going. The Hunsberg University.

I always dreamed of going there. I heard it was one of the top University in the world. My family can't afford it's fees easily.

My family's financial condition was very poor. I am not complaining.... but I and Mom were so dependant on my father. We looked upon him and solely relied on him financially.

He was a labourer in a steel factory. He daily worked hard so that I could have a good future. I hated to give burden to him.

His wages were not sufficient to lead a luxurious life. But we were a happy family no matter what our condition was. We always thanked God without complaining about our life.

I loved my father so much. He was a good man without vices, God-fearing, jolly person, a very loving husband and caring father. I loved my family so much.

My mother had heart disease. She needed surgery. We fought for her life. We lost our savings and cottage, just to keep up medicine expenses and the surgery of course.

By God grace she survived. She had mild pain, still after the surgery. She was advised by her physician not to do strenuous activities. We never let her to work outside. So I had to do part-time job to cope up with my family expenses.

Lisa's mother paid me well, no so well but it was sufficient to meet my daily expenses and some savings for my college fees.

Lisa and I went to the same school. We finished high school together. We turned 18 this year. This means we are ready to go to college. Yayyy!

We gave college entrance exam together hoping that we get selected together through scholarship.

I kind of admit.. I was a bit of a nerd. Well I can't help it, I had to study hard to enter that college through scholarship. It was very tough, many like many competed to enter the famous Hunsberg University.

If I graduated from that University, my family condition will get better and I can treat my family better by getting a decent job. That was the main reason I wanted to join that University.

I was picking up some plates and the tips the customer left. Suddenly Lisa blocked me. She looked gorgeous in her gown.

"Wait why are you in a gown!?" I raised my eyebrows.

"Uh...sorry I didn't tell you, well it's your fault. You were so busy here, you completely ignored me" she pouted.

" Fine say now"

" Mom and I are going to a ball, my mother's brother has invited us so..."

" So....?"

" So we will be leaving early..sorry sorry you have so much work to do" she said in one breath closing her eyes shut.

" Oh come on, I got it baby girl. Go enjoy the party." I grinned.

"Are you su-"

"Yes Lisa, GO. We have the day off tomorrow"

"Okay just be careful while walking home" she hugged me tightly.

" Bye Jennie, be careful" I heard her yell from outside already.

I watched her go in her car. I grabbed the dishes and walked towards the sink. I started cleaning the dishes. It was 11pm. Suddenly I heard the small bell above the door tingling, signalling more customers.

The cafe became pin drop silent.

What stopped hustle and bustle in the cafe?

Wait! Are customers coming or going?

I turned suddenly, I gasped. A man in front of me. He wasn't that old, he looked like a college boy.

He was staring at me. I felt like he was undressing me with his eyes. As I stepped back he took a step forward.

My heart was hammering in my chest.

"May... I..help you with something sir?" I shuttered. I was hell nervous.

I panicked when I felt his large hands on my empty arms, yanking me closer to his body.

"How could you do this to me Eva" He asked in a dangerous tone.

I shivered by his voice. It's so rough and husky. My brain stopped working.

"I...am...not Eva" I shuttered. His glare gave me shivers. His eyes were puffy and red, like he has cried a lot before.

Is he a psychopath?!!!

" Why do you always lie to me..? Do you hate me that much. Did you forget all things we had!?" He shouted still pinning me to his chest.

" I am sorry sir I don't know who you are!! Please leave me" I tried to free myself from his hold.

" You f***ing cheated upon me. Is he better than me!? Answer me, Eva" he was way beyond angry now.

"I never cheated anyone, in fact I am single all throughout my life... I never had a boyfriend before." I screamed.

"You are f***ing lying again" he pushed me away from him and with inhumane strength slapped me so hard across my cheek that I stumbled and fell back on the ground. I was feeling dizzy now.

Nobody slapped me like this before. I looked at him shocked by his every actions. I wanted to cry....but I should not show my weakness to him. He shouldn’t know I am helpless.

I can see the anger in his eyes....the coldness....the hatred... towards me? But what is my fault? I don't even know him!

Tears were threatening to fall on the ground. I took a sharp breath and controlled my tears. He was taking large steps towards me. He looked like a maniac.

I started jerking back, I was still in the ground. I pushed myself away from him with the help of my hands.

"Please.....don't come near...me! Who are you!?" I stammered.

Suddenly he grabbed me and pinned me to the wall harshly.

I got scared by his behaviour....

"Leave..me please, I don't know you mister.." I cried in pain, I was so scared.

" Where were you till now!? Don't you miss me..?" He was dead close to me. His breath was fanning my neck. I tried to push him but he didn't move a little.

"It's none of your business. And last time I am warning you, if you don't leave me then I may have to file a case against you to the cops"

"What" He said in a shocked tone.

Yes! I guess he is scared of cops

"Yes, please leave me alone, don't make me call the cops" I said biting my lips.

Why is he angry? Why is he gritting his teeth? And if he is gritting his teeth why am I feeling pain....in my arms?

I looked at my arm and saw a tight hold of this maniac on it. He was holding my hand rather too forcefully.

" You can't escape from me baby girl no matter how much ever...or whatever you try" he whispered in my ears biting my earlobe. It gave me chills down my spine. My eyes widened with fear.

"Ahhhh.... please... It's hurting" I cried when his hand tightened around my jaw.

"Don't worry..... I won't hurt you sweetheart" he sounded like a psychopath.

This the end of my life!!!! Please help! Somebody help!...

I wanted to shout and scream. But my voice wasn't reaching to my mouth. My whole body froze. My brain was reeling out.

He angled his head to kiss me....

No...no...my first kiss..it's going to happen!!

I was going weak due to pressure, suddenly someone grabbed him from behind and pulled him. I felt his hold loosened. I was breathing heavily now.

" What the f*** leave me alone" the maniac shouted as two boys maybe of his age pulled him.

" Dude, she is not Eva...for God sake, you are overreacting." One of the guy said with a concern look on his face.

My head started spinning. I was under panic attack. I saw a girl reaching towards me....

" No...don't touch me.."

"Please get out....don't touch me...leave" I screamed holding my head. They were holding that maniac with their both hands.

He was screaming and wiggling from their hold.


A girl was giving me a concern look, but I signalled her to leave me alone. They went off taking the maniac away from the cafe. They made him climb SUV car and they left the place.

My legs couldn't support me no more. I fell down. I was crying very hard now. I was broken, hurt.

I shouldn't stay here longer. What if he comes back!!!

I grabbed my belongings from my locker and headed out of the door. I was shaking and trembling. I somehow managed to lock the store and ran down the street.

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