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My Other Half

Blaire fell in love with one of her obsessive bands. But the man doesn't know her, because every time they are together her real face and identity is hidden. Moreover, Blaire is an Architect who became a Personal Assistant and all she had to do was to follow the famous vocalist of the Band of War, Johnthony Petter. She chased after him, but she continued to be rejected. Rejected because the man thought they didn't feel the same way. So when the mistake happened between the two of them, Blaire left because something had formed in her womb. But when she you came back, it was his mother herself, who suggested that she go back to being his son's Personal Assistant. Blaire agreed immediately because she wanted to follow him again. As time goes on, she falls on him again, the feeling that she burying in her heart is also slowly coming back. What will happen to Blaire Catherine Lynne Castro Saladermia in the company of a Johnthony Petter who did nothing but hurt her. And what would happen to Johnthony Petter if he found out that the woman he was with was the woman he was longing for. Especially when he found out that they had a child. Will they find their "OTHER HALF"

Chapter 1


Why do I admire him?

Why did I fall in love with him?

Why do I continue to love him even though I know I have many competitors?

Competitor because they will chase him the way I did.

Because he's the vocalist, a hot vocalist

Anyway, pathway I turned out to be Blaire Catherine Castro the goddess of beauty assumed. I'm kidding! But I'm the woman who continues to fall in love with a man that I can't reach him.

"Hey! You witch! daydreaming again huh! You better stopped assuming there. You and him are not things because you and him are human, but seriously, it's hard to reach him," my friend Bianca said who you thought was not experiencing what I feel now.

"Gosh! is it forbidden to love him, even if he doesn't know huh!" I frowned at her as I sped back to my seat.

"Is it right for you to face that television, you just need to kiss it," she told me. Yes, because when I saw him, I quickly got up and ran to the telivision because he would be a guest on the noontime show.

"Just go away, you witch!" I told her, and she just nodded.

"Alright honey! I will leave you there, fantasy well!" she told me but, I just ignored her because I was just focused on the television where he was.

"Mr. Petter, is it true that you already have a girlfriend?" the host said who interviewing him so I stood up again because it was me. That's me. Assuming me again!

"Actually, yes, I have a girlfriend already," he said confidently as those in the studio shouted. That I collapsed in my seat. This is the end of the world because there's a winner already.

"Oh, you heard and saw that your idol have a girlfriend so stop admiring him. AAAwww pity those who try to grab the attention of those who admire you," the Host said and I frowned. Yes, that's right, because I'm also sad, he has a girlfriend, it's frustrating to love him.

"Hey! This witch is frowning like crazy tasked! What happened?" Bianca muttered, but I was still staring at the television.

I don't want the end of the world.

My friend just laughs at me, but it really has a different impact on me. Like this ruined my world. That I just want to disappear even now so I decided to go in the bar.


Cigarette smoke, the smell of alcohol, and noise greeted me. I want to get drunk as much as the guy who will lose all the pain because of that flicker of love.

"I just crushed him, why am I acting like this? Why am I being effected so much?" I whispered to myself before going up to the bartender to order a glass of wine.

As I walk I can’t help, but to look around, I see someone kissing, dancing on the dance floor, laughing and even singing. But my eyes were fixed on a table full of squirming men, but I was disappointed to see that there were women with me.

"I thought I could hit the jackpot tonight tasked! The handsome dads haven't had any hangers yet, because Bianca is busy with her plates, she's really alive," I said to myself before I walked over to the mixer of wines.

When I arrived, I sat down in front of the bartender to order a very hard wine, the type that just one sip will lose my love for my idol, my vocalist.

"What's wrong with you ma'am?" the bartender asked me so I looked at him and smiled.

"I hope the wine with just one sip will make me lose my feelings for him," I whispered while still smiling broadly at him.

"If it weren't for the alcohol, it would have made me feel cold, the guy I wouldn't have felt like so I wouldn't be hurt like this again," I bit my lip and told him again because he was just scratching his head.

Geez! Catherine that's really crazy. I'm not bitter but I just feel sorry for what I found out about him. I don't know but I'm really super effected. I'm assuming if assuming but I really hit on him.

"Maybe you're drunk ma'am, so that's what comes out of your mouth," the bartender said so I just laughed and pointed out what I wanted if it was wine. As he makes me, I am just word of mouth.

"That's how he hit me, he just winked or sang to me. He hit me even harder when he was drunk. I even lose consciousness if it's just a coincidence that I or I own someone like him," I said with a laugh. I also took the wine he gave me.

"Maybe the effect of your separation from your boyfriend ma'am, is strong," he told me while mixing alcohol for another costumer.

"I wish he was just my boyfriend, so that I have a reason to prohibit him to others. Because what I want is for me to have all the attention, time, and I'm the only one he sings to whenever I'm happy, sad and hurt, feel me hmm! " I said I also drank the wine he gave me.

"I just hope he loves me so I don't look like this? It's funny because I'm fantasizing about a man who can't be mine," I said and ordered a wine again.

"There are many more men, more deserving of the love you have for that man, ma'am, so don't ruin your body with alcohol," he said as he gave my order.

"I'm not ruining it, I really want to have fun because I'm going to let him go, now that he really has a girlfriend," I told him.

Gosh! I don’t know the bartender but why am I telling him? What a crazy woman I am? I'm really crazy about what I'm doing.

I caught the attention of the bettors to sing on the stage here at the bar. I don't know but it looks like there is a magnet for my eyes to focus on.

"What the fuck is your fucking problem Portela I told you, I don't have a fucking mood to sing a song. Tsked! You better asked that motherfucker Anderson not me," heard the man there say that he obviously doesn't really want to sing.

"Oh! common Petter! We're just going to request you now. You're just ignoring us, your heart disease, do you know that?" answer of the one forcing him.

Oh his surname is familiar huh! But I just ignored the impossibility of him entering this place. Yes, it's impossible because he's famous, I'd rather just build my own bar isn't it.

"If I said that I don't feel like singing a song. Don't force me because I'm tired. I just came here for a walk because I'm stressed, so shut the fuck up Portela," said the one they were forced.

I could not see their faces because of the crowd, but we could hear their rebukes because of the strength of their voices.

"Those men are really like that, you'll get used to it when you meet them," the bartender told us, because we were all looking there.

Tasked! Hopefully all that way they can make each other cursed. Besides, no one will pick them up because they are still laughing. This is how true friends are vulgar.

I just ignored them again because I turned my attention back to what I was drinking. I want to get drunk until my feeling to him is gone like the song LOVE IS GONE. Shit! why am I thinking about this. Tasked!



"Fuck you Portela with fucking feeling and respect!" I sighed at Lion because of his naughtiness. What I hate most of all is the one that forces me to do something I don't want to do.

And one more thing we are in a public place. Many people are around us. They might just confuse me. Not to brag but my band is one of the most popular in the taste of my fellow Filipinos. Although I am not a pure Filipino because my dad is a foreigner.

"Fine! Your twin Anthon is stuck, he's having a hard time getting along now, damn it!" Lion complained to my twin again. Tasked!

"Because the man is tired, you're still pushing him. Of course if I were John I would have killed you! Because you're stupid," Anthon replied, making me laughed.

I just let them quarrel. So I just took my headset and played it. There is a stress reliever! I still close my eyes while singing the lyrics but it's just a whisper and I'm the only one who can hear.

I only fainted for a moment because of what was shaking me. Tasked! a fucking slut huh! What am I going to do with this woman. I'm fucking tired! She also hugged me. Damn this woman!

I just stood up suddenly because I didn't have time to relax. Then I walked away. I knew they were calling me but I just ignored them and another one I couldn't hear.

As I was walking I saw a woman talking to a man. She was obviously very drunk. The way she smiles and laughs is really different. My eyebrows met to see if the man was touching her leg. What the fucking fuck!

I took off my headset and put on my hood so they wouldn't notice that a Johnthony Petter was walking around the bar. As I got closer and closer I could hear her laugh.

A innocent laugh. She couldn't even feel the stupid man holding and caressing her leg. This woman is really drunk. So when I couldn't stand it, I punched the man without saying a word.

«"What the fuck is your problem dude? I thought you were so arrogant here!"»

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