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Away From Bullies

Away From Bullies

Emerald king


Theo has a crush on a girl but cannot tell it to her. His friend Adam tries to encourage him to speak up but he refuses. Will he ever let her know how he feels towards her?

Chapter 1 01

It was a beautiful morning, the birds were chirping outside and the sun was about to come out of its hiding place. This was another school day and Adam was not ready for school.

He knew why as it was his regular problem in school. Adam happens to be one of the smallest boys in his class.

He was also constantly bullied by the bigger boys. This is the reason why he was not even ready to move an inch from his bed. m

“Adam” his mother called as she expected him to be getting ready. Adam did not reply to this call as he did not want to go to school.

“Adam” his mother called again as she opened the door of his room. “Don’t you want to go to school today?”

“Not today mum” came his reply. His mother understood the reason why he did not want to go to school but he had to.

“ I know that you are being constantly bullied at school”. His mother paused taking a look at the frown on his face.

“Nevertheless, one day you will grow above this stage of being bullied by the older boys in your class”. Adam knew that he could not resist his mother as this was what trespassed between them almost every day.

He stood up from his bed and went on to prepare for school. The school bus arrived shortly after he had finished his breakfast.

“Goodbye mum” Adam waved at his mum as the school bus drove away. Adam arrived at the school gate but did not want to enter it.

He saw the gate as some monster door waiting to lock him inside his hell once he entered into it. Trying to control himself, Adam moved slowly into the school compound.

He saw his best friend Theo also waiting at the school gate. “what are you doing here?” Adam asked Theo.

“Am doing the same thing that you are doing here” came Theo’s reply. They were two of the smallest boys in the classroom.

Adam and Theo talked their way into the classroom. “Here comes the class nerds” came a voice as they entered the classroom.

They knew the owner of that voice as he was the leader of the bullies. “this will not be good for us” said Theo to Adam as they took their seats beside each other.

Adam and Theo prayed hard for the bell to ring. As soon as the bell rang, they ran out of the classroom.

Not long after they went out that Theo spotted Laura. This was the girl of his dreams.

Theo usually thought of spending quality time with Laura. "This is your chance" came a voice behind him.

"Am not sure am ready for this" Theo replied. "When will you ever be ready". The voice came again.

"Who are you talking to?". Adam asked Theo. "No one," he said.

"Do not lie to me" Adam said with a serious look on his face. Just then, Laura passed by them.

Theo could not hold himself anymore as he was imagining her body in his arms.

Laura was a dark-skinned girl. She was about 15 years old. Laura is also one of Adam and Theo's classmates.

"I could feel her body on mine as she passed". Theo said to Adam but Adam just walked away.

"What's wrong with you". Theo said running after Adam. "You are keeping secrets". Adam said.

"What secret?". Theo asked Adam. "Who were you talking to when you saw Laura?". Adam asked again.

"Since you really want to know I'll tell you". Theo said feeling reluctant. "Since I was five have always had this sort of guardian angel".

Adam sat with a look of anxiety on his face. Theo could tell how curious he was to hear the story.

As Theo was about to continue the story the bell rang. "Well continue the story later". Theo said not looking at Adam's face.

Adam moved with him back to the class feeling disappointed. He cursed the bell under his breath.

The first lesson after the break was the history lesson. Both Adam and Theo hated history.

This was because the teacher made them seat in front of the class while he was teaching.

Also, he usually used them as his tools for setting examples. This is another topic the big boys used to make a mockery of them. This time, Theo was sitting beside Laura.

His heart skipped as he took his seat. "Say something". The voice said again. "Today can be your lucky day".

At this point, Theo realized that the big boys did not bully him and Adam during the break period.

He made up his mind to at least say something. By the time he looked at Laura's face, he lost his confidence completely.

History class went on the normal way with them being the object for making practical explanations.

"When will this ever end?". Adam asked under his breath but did not have an answer to the question.

While the class was going on, Adam felt a piece of paper hitting the back of his head. At once, he knew that the big boys were at it again.

Adam was determined to put an end to this but did not know how he will do that. "I'll figure that out". He said.

"Figure what out?". Theo asked as he heard him make his last statement. "Never mind". He replied.

Theo had a feeling that all was not right. He decided to have a long talk with Adam on their way home.

Adam and Theo prayed for the bell to ring but it will not. After the History class came another and after another.

As the classes went by, Adam could see Theo looking distinctly at Laura but did not say anything.

"Will he ever talk to this girl?". Adam asked himself shaking his head feeling sorry for Theo.

Theo continued to stare at Laura and he did not even notice when she turned around.

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