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Billionaire's Gorgeous Wife

Billionaire's Gorgeous Wife



In the previous life, Maggie Johnson was so cowardly, gullible and stupid that she was coaxed by her fiance and stepsister and then broke her legs and lost everything including her fortune, love and even life. However, she was so lucky that she was reborn in the year before everything happened. Since her life restarted, how could she repeat a previous tragedy? Therefore, in this life, she took the opportunity to improve herself and take revenge on the ones who had ever insulted her. Facing the people who had humiliated her previously, she became smart and experienced to break their frames and tricks that had caused her to hurt in the previous life. Finally, no one could stop her pace to amaze the world any more.

Chapter 1 Betrayal

Maggie Johnson took pains to steer her wheelchair to the bedroom door with a gift in her hand. It was a mug she made by herself. In her mind, a DIY gift was the best, and the mug represented her sincerity.

It was Kevin Brown's birthday today, and she prepared a surprise for him.

He worked so hard every day and should still be asleep now. She wanted to see him in sleep. It had been half a month since she saw him last time.

When she reached the bedroom door, a woman's voice suddenly came out, "Kevin, are you really going to marry Maggie? She only has one leg left..."

Stunned, Maggie saw through a crevice that her fiancé, Kevin, and her stepsister, Tami Johnson cuddling each other on the bed...

"Yes, of course. Only through marriage would she give me the ring passed down from her mother." Sneered Kevin.

"Well, could you divorce her after getting what you want?" Tami looked up at him expectantly.

Kevin sneered, "Rather than a divorced wife, I only have a dead wife."

Tami giggled, "You are bad."

"Don't you like it?" He asked in a hoarse voice.

"No..." There was another round of passion.


The mug slipped from Maggie's hand and smashed on the floor. In a fluster, she steered the wheelchair, but it was stuck and wouldn't move.

"Who's there?" In the room, Kevin asked suddenly, jumped off the bed, wrapped a towel around his lower body, ran out, and stiffened at the sight of Maggie.

"Mag, you are back so suddenly?" He asked in a panic.

"Heh, if I didn't, wouldn't I miss the great show?" Maggie scorned with a bitter smile.

"Mag, I can explain." Kevin was a little anxious. His plan almost succeeded, and he shouldn't blow everything now.

He held onto Maggie's wheelchair. With only one leg, Maggie didn't have much strength. Being pulled by him like this, she couldn't move a bit.

Wrapped in a sheet, Tami rushed out and grabbed Maggie's hand, "Sis, this is my fault, don't blame Kevin. I just want to be his woman and won't wreck your marriage. You can still marry him."

Angered by Tami's words, Maggie almost broke down and screamed, "Let go of me, you disgusting adulterers."

Lifting her hand, she slapped Tami, leaving five fingerprints on her swollen face.

"Tami, are you alright?" Kevin looked at Tami's face anxiously.

Tami shook her head.

Kevin changed countenance, "Maggie, don't fail to appreciate our kindness. Do you think I'm marrying you because I love you? If it is not for your mother's legacy, how would I want to marry you? Look at you, you only have one leg. If we get married, how do you think I can make out with you? I'll be scared, do you get it? There is supposed to be a slender and long leg, but now it's a giant scar."

Maggie trembled, "My leg came to this when I tried to save you. Now you tell me you are scared?"

"If it's not for the sake that you saved me, do you think I would like to look at you?" Kevin's voice became colder.

"Ha-ha..." Maggie laughed over tears. Only God knew how much sacrifice she had done for Kevin.

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