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The Pink Foxxx Hole

The Pink Foxxx Hole

Aja Pearl


This is book is a collection of erotic stories, from sexual fantasies to forbidden desires. The material has strong sexual content, mature situations, and sexual trauma. Readers' discretion is advised.

Chapter 1
The Pink Foxxx Hole

"Honey, could you please get the door," Marigold requested her boyfriend, Vincent.

She was drying her hair in the bathroom.

“I got it, baby,” replied Vincent.

Vincent looked through the peephole of the front door. It was a postman with a giant box; the giant box was on a dolly. Vincent immediately unlocked and opened the door.

“Hi,” the postman greeted, “Please sign here.”

“Sure,” Vincent agreed, signing the electronic keypad, “How’s it going?”

"You know. Another day, another dollar."

“More like another day, another fifty cents.”

The gentlemen laughed.

“You’re right, brother,” the postman agreed, “Where do you want the package?”

“Oh, the living room is fine,” Vincent suggested.

As he watched the postman roll his package into the apartment, Vincent was amazed at its size; the box was huge.

"Wow, I didn't think it would be so big," Vincent said, looking at the package.

"Not only it's big, but it's heavy. However, judging from the sender, you should have lots of fun,” the postman said, unloading the box from the dolly in the middle of the living room floor, “Well, I better get going. Packages don’t deliver themselves.”

"Sure thing. Thanks, man."

“No problem. Later.”

After he escorted the postman out the door, Vincent looked at this huge box. It was as big as him.

“Wow,” Vincent said to himself, looking at this box that stood in the middle of his living room, “So you must be “Tatiana” in that box.”

Marigold walked into the living room. She was wearing her pink, terrycloth bathrobe. When she saw the giant box in the middle of the floor, Marigold could not believe the package's size either.

“Why…why is it so big,” wondered Marigold?

“I don’t know,” Vincent wondered, “Maybe we don’t have to put the doll together. Maybe it’s already assembled.”

“Let’s lay the box down on the floor. It will be a little easier for us to take it out of the box.”


The couple laid the box on the floor.

“I’ll go get the box cutter,” Marigold said, rushing into the kitchen.

When she came back into the living room, Marigold opened the box with the box cutter. When she opened the box, there was nothing but balled-up newspapers. Vincent and Marigold tossed pieces of balled-up newspaper out of the box. Then, they saw a woman mummified in shrink wrap.

"Wow, they must have secured this sex doll," Marigold said.

She then saw a note. The note read: This is Tatiana. She is a life-size doll designed to give sexual pleasure to any erotic experience.

“I hope it does,” Vincent replied, “This sex doll cost a fortune.”

Marigold said, “Come on, Vinnie. Help me take this plastic off of Tatiana.”

They continued to free their plaything from its plastic prison.

Vincent exclaimed, “Wow! I feel like a boy on Christmas morning again!”

It's typical for couples to experiment during sex. It helps their relationship to be more exciting and passionate. However, people must handle sexual experimentation with caution, or there will be consequences. Tatiana was a life-size doll designed to fulfill any sexual desire for the sexually starved or ones who search for that special ingredient in their relationship. For Vincent Stone and Marigold Moore, a couple whose fiery spark for each other has turned into an ember, it was a little bit of both. They have purchased a plaything of pleasure in only one place, the Pink Foxxx Hole.

The couple did not waste any time with their new toy. After taking it out of the shrink wrap, Vincent and Marigold carried the sex doll into the bedroom and laid Tatiana on the bed. For a sex doll, Tatiana looked incredibly real. Her creamy, peach skin compliments her full-puckered, pink lips, and button nose. The mascara on Tatiana's long, fluttery eyelashes made her green eyes pop like firecrackers. Her long, champagne blonde hair laid gracefully on her dainty shoulders. A simple black mini dress adorned Tatiana's curvy body; her outfit was complete with matching stiletto heels.

"Wow, she looks real," Vincent said with awe, gently caressing her curvy body.

"I know. Tatiana is stunning," Marigold added, "Hey, Tatiana also comes with a special edible lube."

“Go ahead, Goldie. Take off her clothes.”

Marigold took off the doll's dress. Tatiana laid perfectly naked. Her limbs were movable, and her lady parts were soft and a bit squishy. Marigold softly caressed her breasts. Marigold was amazed.

“Her tits feel lifelike. Feel them, baby,” Marigold suggested.

Vincent caressed Tatiana's tits and played with her nipples; they were soft like erasers. Softly biting the side of his bottom lip, Vincent became more and more aroused. Then Vincent ventured down Tatiana's smooth, flat stomach to her pussy; it felt so real. Vincent had to get more of a feel of her pussy. He spread her thick, juicy thighs revealing her pussy lips. Vincent slowly slid two of his fingers up and down her soft, sensitive clit. Then he put his two fingers inside her pussy; it wasn't wet, but it was very soft.

Vincent suggested, “Hey Goldie, get on top of Tatiana and kiss her lips.”

“You are asking way too much, sir,” Marigold said jokingly.

“Come on, baby. Don’t you want to get the spice back into our relationship?”


"Ok. Do this for me, please. Besides, I like girl-on-girl action, especially when one of those girls is you."

“Do you want me to kiss her? What if her lips are hard?”

Vincent bends down to touch the sex doll’s lips. They were surprisingly soft.

Vincent thought, ‘….her lips are so soft.’

Vincent stood to his feet.

He said, “Goldie, trust me. You can kiss these lips. Go ahead.”

“Are they soft enough,” Marigold asked?

"Yes, Goldie. Kiss, Tatiana, please."

Marigold bent down and kissed the doll on the lips. She could not believe the softness of Tatiana’s lips either.

When Marigold stood to her feet, she said, "Wow…, her lips feel so real."

“See? I told you,” Vincent replied.

Marigold fell to her knees and kiss the doll some more and more. Marigold climbed on top of Tatiana and continued to kiss her passionately. At this point, she could not get enough of Tatiana's lips. Marigold became so horny, that she took Tatiana's adjustable arms and hands and put them over the doll's head. Marigold's hips thrust back and forth. Her ass stuck out like a round pumpkin. Her boyfriend saw the wetness of his girlfriend's pussy. Watching his girlfriend make out with the sex doll was getting Vincent extremely horny. He stood there, grabbing his dick, causing it to become more and more erect. Vincent then pulled down his sweatpants to his ankles, revealing a full erection, and continued playing with himself.

"Keep going, baby. Don't stop," Vincent said sensually to Marigold.

He, too, fell to his knees behind Marigold. When he spread her round, plump butt cheeks, it revealed Marigold's tiny asshole and her tight, wet pussy. He put his finger in his mouth to wet it. He then put his finger in Marigold's asshole and started playing with her asshole, slipping his finger in and out of it.

"It's such a tight little pussy," Vincent teased while she moaned and kissed the sex doll, "You have a tight, little pussy."

When he took his finger out of Marigold’s asshole, Vincent wasted no time feasting upon her delicious asshole and pussy. She continued to moan with desire.

“Does it taste good, baby,” Marigold asked sensually?

"It's so good, baby. It's so good," Vincent replied with drool and pussy nectar dripping from his mouth.

He lubed the head of his dick with his spit and slid inside Marigold’s pussy. Marigold moaned with delight, feeling her lover’s hard dick inside her.

“You’re so big,” Marigold said between her moans and kisses to Tatiana.

“Is it so good,” he asked between his moans?

Vincent started to thrust inside her slowly, at first. He wanted Marigold to feel every inch of him. Then, Vincent thrust inside Marigold faster and faster. The more he fucked her, the more it aroused them. Then, he placed his dick in Marigold’s asshole.

“Go slow. I want to feel every inch,” Marigold requested.

"Ok, baby," Vincent agreed.

Slowly, his dick went inside her asshole.

“Aw, fuck,” Marigold exclaimed, “Yes. Fuck me good!”

"Keep kissing, Tatiana," he requested.

As she resumed kissing Tatiana, Vincent fucked Marigold in her asshole until it gaped wider. When he took his hard dick out of his lover’s asshole, he was amazed.

"That's a fucken beautiful asshole," Vincent said, admiring her gaping hole, and then he spits in it.

Wanting to taste her asshole again, he stuck his tongue in it. It was incredible. The couple was getting and giving pleasure to one another, including Tatiana. After taking out his tongue, which left a long strand of drool, Vincent went to the bed with Marigold and Tatiana. He crawled to the headboard of the bed to face his girlfriend. He held her hair back in a ponytail and proceeded to kiss Marigold. Marigold abruptly stopped kissing and humping the doll. She started making out with her boyfriend. He slowly pushed Marigold back farther on Tatiana's lower torso. Vincent turned around, facing the headboard. He then positioned Tatiana's head between his thighs and squatted down to lower his dick into the doll's mouth. Her throat was like his girlfriend's pussy, tight and warm. Since Tatiana had no gag reflexes, her throat could quickly expand, and his dick went all the way down the sex doll's throat. It was a fantastic feeling for Vincent.

"Ah, yes," Vincent said, sliding his dick down Tatiana's throat, "…ah, so tight, baby."

“Is it baby,” Marigold asked Vincent seductively between kisses?

“Her mouth feels as tight as your pussy.”


Marigold pulled away from Vincent. She went farther down to Tatiana's pussy and asshole. Marigold spread the edible lube on the doll's pussy area, and her tongue explored the petals of Tatiana's pussy. Her petals tasted so good. The lube also gave her mouth a tingle.

“MMMMMM, this bitch tastes so good,” Marigold said softly, as a string of drool hung from her mouth, “I can’t stop eating this pussy.”

The more she ate her pussy, the more of her drool formed. Marigold spread Tatiana's inner thighs wider. She stuck her tongue inside Tatiana's pussy. In and out, her tongue went as she hungered for a taste of the sex doll's vaginal walls. Marigold then hawked spit on Tatiana's pussy. The gob of spit rolled down to Tatiana's asshole. Marigold's mouth was salivating more. First, Marigold stuck her finger in her mouth. Then, she slowly slid her finger inside the doll's asshole. It was so tight and warm. She proceeded to fuck Tatiana in her ass with her finger. Then, she went back to eating Tatiana's pussy. This perverted flower continued to feast upon the nectar of another flower. Then, Marigold placed another finger in her asshole. Then another one until there were three fingers in her asshole. Marigold was simultaneously having anal and oral sex with Tatiana. Tatiana could not talk or react to sexual gratification, but Marigold did not care, making her feel more in control. Even though Marigold was giving sexual pleasure, she was also getting it. Meanwhile, Vincent continued to face fuck, Tatiana. As his throbbing cock went in and out of Tatiana’s throat, Vincent felt his balls slapping her soft lips.

“Yes. You like that baby,” Vincent said sensually to the doll, “You like me to fuck your face, don’t you?”

He grabbed Tatiana by her hair and proceeded to thrust his dick into her mouth repeatedly. Looking between his legs, Vincent could see Tatiana's big, doe-like eyes staring back at him. Vincent loved getting off to the fact that she was so submissive, and he was so dominant.

“Uuuhhh, fuck me, bitch,” Vincent said in arousal, “Swallow that dick, baby doll.”

As he continued to give himself oral pleasure with Tatiana’s luscious lips and deep throat, he could feel himself reaching his climax. Vincent kept fucking Tatiana’s face much harder and faster. He was getting closer to giving his lovely sex toy his blessing.

"Come get this blessing, baby. Come get this blessing," Vincent repeatedly said to Tatiana, getting closer to cumming.

Seconds later, Vincent released a huge sigh and blessed Tatiana with a massive load in her mouth.

"Uuuhhh shit! Fuck yeah! Fuck yeah! Fuck bitch," he exclaimed, blessing her mouth with an abundance of his liquid sugar!

He held his hard dick in the sex doll's mouth by her head. Suddenly his body felt limp. He fell to his knees on the bed. Vincent's body quivered from his organism. Then, the rest of his body collapsed on the bed. While Vincent basked in his afterglow, Marigold went from feasting on the petals of the pussy to the gaping asshole.

"MMMM, this bitch tastes so good," Marigold said sensually between licks of Tatiana's asshole.

Thanks to the edible lude, her asshole tasted incredible. Marigold was horny for Tatiana's asshole; she began rubbing her nectar-saturated pussy. It was disgustingly beautiful. The drool and lube drenched Marigold's chin. Drool dripped from Tatiana's gaping asshole to Marigold's tits, stomach, and down to her pussy. The more she ate that asshole, the more her fingers played with her pussy. It turned her on to feel like a filthy slut. Marigold could feel herself cumming. Then, she let out a cry. She went from kneeling to sitting on the floor, quivering from her orgasm. After that first mind-blowing night together of extreme sexual gratification, the trio went on with their sexual escapade for weeks. With the help of Tatiana, the couple became more sexually adventurous. She was the best thing that ever happened to Vincent and Marigold. Vincent and his two playmates, Marigold and Tatiana, had sex not only in the bedroom but in the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom, and the hallway. Sometimes the couple videotaped themselves having sex with Tatiana.

One morning, as the sun had risen beyond the horizon on a brand new day, Vincent and Marigold still laid soundly in bed. Vincent was the first to open his eyes. He lifted his head and saw his girlfriend, Marigold, still wrapped in her slumber. Vincent smiled at her. Marigold looked like an angel. He gently kissed her on the side of her forehead and leaped out of bed. When he and his "morning wood" made their way to the bathroom, he almost tripped over something. It was Tatiana. She aid on the floor, naked like she was in a drunken stupor. He knew it was nothing but a sex doll, but something told him not to leave her on the floor. Vincent went into his drawer and pulled out an old t-shirt. He dressed the sex toy in his shirt; it looked like a mini-dress on her. Then, Vincent sat her up in a corner next to the dresser.

‘There,’ Vincent thought, ‘…that’s much better.’

He then went into the bathroom to take a shower. As he prepared his shower, he thought about Tatiana. A perverse feeling washed over him. He wanted to have his way with her and only her. Vincent grabbed his erect dick. He closed his eyes, fighting this urge and hoping it would go away. However, the desire was getting stronger. The grip on his dick was getting tighter. It was getting so intense; that he was biting on his lower lip. Vincent could not fight his urges anymore. He rushed out of the bathroom and faced Tatiana. She sat on the floor, hair slightly messy and wearing Vincent's old shirt. Vincent stood over her with his erection in her face. He looked to Marigold, who was still asleep in bed. Vincent then looked back at Tatiana. He stared at the sex doll's parts, her luscious, full lips, and her perky, round breasts. Most of all, he could not stop staring at her erected nipples, which his shirt could not camouflage. Vincent kept staring at her, breathing heavily. He looked back at Marigold again, who tossed in her sleep. Vincent turned his attention back to Tatiana. He grabbed her by her hair, opened her mouth, and put his dick in the sex doll's mouth. Vincent let out a quiet sigh. Vincent fucked her face slow to get the sensation of her soft, warm mouth wrapped around his hard dick. As he licked his lips, his hips thrust slowly and sensually as his dick went in and out of Tatiana's mouth.

“Ah, baby…,” Vincent said softly, “Daddy likes. Give it to daddy. Give it to daddy.”

The oral sex was so good; his hips thrust faster and faster. He could feel his climax rising. So, Vincent's face fucked her more quickly. He could feel it getting closer and closer until he blessed her again with cum shots down her pretty throat.

"Yeah. Yeah, bitch…," Vincent said softly to the sex toy, releasing his cum in her mouth, "Take that shit. Take it. Take it."

Vincent tried not to wake up Marigold with his moaning. He was biting his lower lips to muffle the moaning from his climax. When Vincent finished blessing his submissive playmate, his knees slightly buckled. However, he was able to catch himself by putting his hand on the wall.

“Fuck. Fuck…,” he continued to say softly, hanging his head, as his dick slowly slid out of the sex doll’s mouth, “Ah, yeah.”

As his head hung down, Vincent can see cum still dripping from her mouth. He released a huge load. Vincent kneeled, facing Tatiana. He gently caressed her face and kissed his cum from her lips. A string of drool and cum left his sex doll's lips. He stood to his feet and turned to his sleeping Marigold. Still recovering from this quickie, he staggered into the bathroom to finally take his shower.

A week later, Marigold and Vincent were washing clothes. When Marigold went to retrieve the detergent from the laundry room, she realized that there wasn't enough for one more load.

“Damn,” Marigold exclaimed!

“What’s wrong, Goldie,” Vincent asked, sorting the white clothes from the color clothes?

“I have to run to the store to get some more detergent.”


“I’ll try to hurry as soon as I can.”

Marigold kissed her boyfriend and grabbed her purse. When she finally left the apartment, Vincent continued to sort the clothes.

“I thought she’d never leave,” a woman’s voice said.

Vincent abruptly stopped sorting the clothes. He thought that he heard someone else in the room.

“No, my mind is playing tricks on me,” he said to himself.

He continued sorting the clothes.

“What’s wrong, love? You don’t fancy playing with me anymore,” the voice said again.

He stopped again.

“No,” Vincent said to himself again, “My mind is playing tricks on me.”

“Come on, love,” the woman’s voice continued, "She's gone for at least an hour."

“Alright,” he exclaimed, “That’s it!”

Vincent threw down the piece of clothing to investigate. He looked around the kitchen, the closets, and the living room. Finally, Vincent looked around the bedroom. He looked under the bed, the bathroom, and the closet.

“In here,” the voice said.

He looked at the walk-in closet.

“No. No,” Vincent said to himself, “It…it can’t be.”

He was about to open the closet door, but he hesitated. After a moment, Vincent finally gathered the courage to open the closet door. There stood the couple's sex doll, Tatiana, at the end of the closet.

"It's about time," Tatiana said.

“Whoa,” Vincent exclaimed!

Vincent was so startled. He slammed the door. Still trying to gather his nerves, Vincent stared at the door. After a moment, he finally gathered the nerve to open the closet door again. He slowly turned the knob and slowly opened the door. There, at the end of the closet, the sex doll stood motionless. Vincent looked at the sex doll suspiciously.

"Don't be scared," said Tatiana, “Play with me.”

He slowly walked inside the walk-in closet toward the sex doll.

"Play with me, Vincent,” the doll seductively asked, “I know you want to. Do it."

"I do. I do want to fuck you so bad.”

Vincent caressed the doll's face and her perky, soft breasts.

"So fuck me, darling,” Tatiana requested to Vincent, “Remember, I'm here to satisfy you."

Vincent was getting aroused.

"Why are you doing this to me,” Vincent asked the sex doll, “You're nothing but a plaything."

"Come on, my love,” Tatiana said, “Your dick may tell you that I'm a plaything, but your heart says different."

"You don't know my fuckin' heart, ok?"

"Then why are you so offensive all of a sudden?"

"I'm not offensive! Ok, maybe I am angry that I am talking to a damn FUCK doll."

"You don't want just to fuck me with your big cock. You want to make love to me with your heart."

"Stop it!"

"Come on, my love. I want to be one with you like last time."

"What do you mean the last time?"

"Marigold was fast asleep while you fucked my face."

"Yeah. I pulled your hair and called you a “bitch”."

"Yes, but it was after that."

“What do you mean?”

"You caressed my face, and you kissed my lips. Even though your cum dripped from my lips, you kissed my lips anyway. You were so sweet and tender to me. I knew, at that moment, I am more than a sex toy. I was your lover."

“No. You are nothing but a plaything to me.”

“You’re falling in love with me, Vincent.”

“No. I’m not.”

“Then why are you getting hard? I can give you whatever you want. I can satisfy you in more ways than Marigold.”

At that moment, Vincent passionately kissed Tatiana. Everything she said was right. He could not fight these feelings. Vincent carried her out of the closet, threw her on the carpeted floor, and unzipped his fly. He quickly pulled out his erect dick. He kneeled between Tatiana's legs and spread them apart.

“Damn,” Vincent said seductively, “your pussy is so pretty and tight.”

Vincent grabbed her thighs for leverage and rammed his dick into Tatiana’s warm, pink goodness.

“Ah, yeah,” he exclaimed!

The warmth and tightness of Tatiana's pussy gave him the ultimate high. At that moment, all the pinned-up feelings Vincent had for Tatiana were released with every thrust. Even though Vincent, Marigold, and Tatiana had mind-blowing threesomes, Vincent was more intimate with Tatiana. It was passion. It was a burning desire that these two individuals shared. The sound of Tatiana's angelic moaning turned him on more and more with every second.

“I want you, Tatiana,” Vincent said, thrusting his dick inside her, “I need you in my life.”

“You could have all of me,” Tatiana said, submissively giving herself to him, “Just take me, baby.”

Vincent rammed every inch of his penis inside of her. He wanted her to feel his love. He wanted her to take every inch of his love.

Vincent cried, “I’m about to come, baby. Are you ready?”

Tatiana replied, ‘Yes. Give it to me. Please.’

The two lovers moaned their duet of passion. Vincent finally releases his creamy blessing inside of the sex doll. He let out massive moans that echoed throughout the entire apartment. Vincent was not concerned about who might have heard him. The orgasm was so high and so euphoric, he could not believe that the sex with this object was so wonderfully organismic. It felt like having sex with a real woman. Vincent's orgasm consumed him, to which he fell on top of Tatiana. He basked in the afterglow, looking deep into Tatiana's lifeless eyes.

"What the fuck are you doing to me," Vincent asked Tatiana?

"Satisfaction," Tatiana said to Vincent, "…desire, but Marigold must never know about us."

"I know. I can't believe I am cheating on my girlfriend with you, but you're more attentive than her. You don't judge me, and you don't argue with me. You're my ideal woman."

Suddenly, Vincent heard footsteps coming towards the door.

"Oh shit," he said, "Goldie's here."

Vincent didn't have much time. He stood up and carried Tatiana back into the closet. While he placed her back into the closet, Marigold found him there.

"Vincent, I've been calling you four times," Marigold said.

Marigold was standing behind him. Vincent was fearful.

"What are you doing in the closet," asked Marigold?

"Umm, I was looking for more clothes to wash," Vincent lied, pretending to look for clothes on the floor and putting his dick back in his pants.

"Ok. I have some more detergent. I'll start on the next load."

"Ok, baby."

When Marigold finally left to tend to the laundry, Vincent took a deep sigh of relief.

"You know this makes us lovers, right," Tatiana asked?

"Look, Goldie cannot know about us," Vincent said sternly.

"I can't tell her anything. I'm a sex doll, remember? Besides, we have a secret language."

Vincent was so relieved, that he stood up and kissed Tatiana on her lips.

"I have to get out of here, or Goldie will get suspicious," Vincent said, leaving the closet.

"I'll be waiting, my love," Tatiana said.

Vincent gave Tatiana one final kiss. Then, he left the walk-in closet to help his girlfriend with the rest of the laundry.

For weeks, Vincent and Tatiana continued with their secret, twisted love affair. Marigold did not suspect a thing. Marigold felt that she and her boyfriend's sex life and the relationship had gotten better, thanks to their new toy. However, whenever the couple did have sex, Vincent’s thoughts were on his other lover, Tatiana. It took a toll on Vincent’s conscience. One evening, after Marigold came home from work, Vincent sat on the couch with Tatiana by his side.

"Hey," Marigold said hesitantly, feeling bewildered by the situation, "what the hell is going on here?"

"We need to talk," Vincent said.


"…about us."

"What do you mean?"

Vincent stood to his feet.

"There's no easier way to say this, but I think we should part ways," Vincent said with somberness.

"What,” Marigold asked, “Why?"

"You don't satisfy me. You haven't for a long time."

"If I didn't satisfy you, why did you stay with me?"

"I stayed with you for her sake.”

"Her?? Who the hell is her, Vincent??"


"Tatiana? Who the fuck is---oh, hell no. Vincent, please tell me that you don't mean the sex doll."

Vincent hesitated for a minute.

"…yes…" he finally answered.

"Oh…my…gosh," Marigold replied in disbelief, turning away from Vincent.

"Tell her we are in love," Tatiana said to Vincent.

"Goldie, I still love you,” Vincent said, “but I want to be with Tatiana. Tatiana and I are in love."

"You can't leave me for her," Marigold abruptly turned back to Vincent.

"I can, and I will. Tatiana and I belong together."

Vincent gently caressed Tatiana's face. Watching his blatant display of affection for Tatiana, Marigold walked straight up to him. She faced him eye-to-eye.

"The both of you are not going anywhere," Marigold replied angrily.

"You can't hold us against our will," Vincent said.

"No, but I can hold her against her will.”

"She is not staying with you, Marigold."

“Yes, she is because she told me that she wants to stay with me.”

Vincent could not believe his ears.

"What? What are you saying," he asked with a look of shock?

"Tatiana doesn't belong to you,” Marigold said slyly, “She belongs to me.”

Vincent could not believe it. He plopped on the couch from the news.

"Don't let him take me. We should be together," Tatiana pleaded to Marigold.

"No…no," Vincent said, shocked by the revelation, "This…this can't be. This news can't be. How?"

"Umm…it happened at that time you fell asleep in the recliner. It happened when you went to work, and at that time, I was off from work. We established a connection," Marigold explained to Vincent.

"Did you fuck Tatiana for a whole week?"

"Yes. The sex was mind-blowing. I ate Tatiana's pussy and her asshole. I grind my pussy on her soft, pink mouth like she was eating my pussy. I didn't have a dildo. So, we used cucumbers, hot dogs, and other stuff. Before I knew it, we were connecting at an emotional level."

“He’s trying to break us apart,” Tatiana instigated to Marigold, “Kick him out of this house!”

“You should leave,” Marigold suggested to Vincent.

"This is my home, too," Vincent protested, “Tatiana is leaving with me.”

"Vincent, let's just go," Tatiana said to Vincent, “Your girlfriend can never understand our love.”

When Vincent took Tatiana by the arm, Marigold pushed him away from her.

“Do you think I’m joking??? Get away from her,” Marigold exclaimed!

“Tatiana is my lover,” Vincent replied, “You could never understand our love.”

Marigold could see that he was determined to fight for Tatiana.

“Ok,” Marigold started, “you want her so bad, fight me for her.”

“Goldie, please,” Vincent replied, “I’m not going to fight you.”

“Why not? I can take a punch as hard as I can throw a punch.”

“Goldie, I’m not doing this. Please, let me take her and go.”

“Don’t let him take me, Goldie,” Tatiana said, “You know I love you and only you.”

Marigold pushed him and pushed him again, but he never fought back. Then she swung at Vincent, but he dodged her punches. Marigold was becoming more frustrated. She kept swinging her fists at him, but Marigold was never able to hit him. Vincent became so annoyed at Marigold that he held her wrists.

“Let me go,” Marigold exclaimed, trying to break away from his grasp!

“I will if you control yourself,” Vincent said sternly.

Marigold continued to fight until reality finally slapped her in her face.

“Oh no,” Marigold said, “Oh no. What the hell are we doing?”

Vincent finally let her loose. Marigold held her hands over her mouth in disbelief. Then, she put her hands over her chest.

“This is fuckin’ crazy,” Marigold realized, “Are we fighting to win the affections of a damn sex doll?? That’s insane! No, WE are insane.”

“…you’re right,” Vincent agreed, slowly turning away from Marigold.

Vincent turned back to Marigold.

He asked, “Is there something wrong with us?”

Marigold looked at him and said, "I don't know, but I do know that we were so sexually bored with each other, we couldn't see we were emotionally starving, either."

"I'm so sorry, Goldie. I feel like a colossal dumb-ass. Maybe my psyche wanted Tatiana to communicate with me so bad, I saw her as a real woman."

"You're not the only one. I still can't believe it came to this. This fuck doll was for sexual pleasure and sexual enhancement, but we misused it. We need to get rid of her."

“What?? Where are we going to take her?”

“I don’t know, Vincent. I want to get this thing out of my sight. It has caused enough trouble.”

“No. We caused the trouble on ourselves.”

“I don’t want to have anything to do with it. You know what? I’m going to spend the night at my sister’s house. By the time I get back, Tatiana’s is going in the dumpster.”

“Wait. Wait! Why are you going to your sister’s house?”

“Vincent, I need to sort some things out with myself and our relationship. I need some time to think. I need some clarity.”

"Fine, but let me get rid of her, ok?”


“She’s heavy as shit.”


Marigold went into the bedroom. Meanwhile, Vincent remained in the living room. He looked at the sex doll, which sat lifeless on the couch. Vincent then picked Tatiana up and carried the sex doll over his shoulders. He opened the front door and took the stairs down to the basement. He couldn't take the elevator because people would get suspicious. On the way down to the basement, Vincent realized that his behavior was odd and unhealthy. He realized that he suffered from sexual starvation; he subconsciously became emotionally attached to something that could fulfill his every desire and full control. Then Vincent reached another realization. Tatiana consumed his emotional void to the point where he thought the sex doll was telling him things he wanted to hear. Vincent felt so ashamed. When he walked down the last flight of stairs, he finally reached the basement. There, Vincent saw a huge dumpster. With a heavy heart, he threw the doll into the dumpster. Since Vincent and Marigold realized that they have been cheating on each other with a sex doll, Vincent feared for his and Marigold's future together if they still had a future together. When he finally returned to their apartment, Vincent opened the door. He found Marigold leaving at the same time with an overnight bag.

“Oh,” Vincent said with surprise, “You…you are leaving.”

“I told you,” replied Marigold.

Vincent desperately wanted to ask her when or if she was coming back home, but he was afraid of the answer.

Instead, Vincent said with a heavy heart, "Ok. Well, be safe. I love you."

On the verge of tears, Marigold said, “I love you too.”

Then Marigold walked out the door and towards the elevator. Refusing to turn around and watch her walk away, Vincent hung his head down and went inside the apartment.

Two days had passed. There was still no word from Marigold. That evening, Vincent ate his dinner alone in the dining room. It was a Chinese take-out with a bottle of beer. The only lighting that shined in the apartment was the light in the foyer. With each bite of his food was great pain due to his infidelity, his infidelity with a sex doll, and discovering that Marigold had an affair with the same sex doll sprung the fear of losing Marigold forever. Suddenly, Vincent heard someone unlocking the front door. He leaped from his chair with excitement. He slowly walked towards the door. When the door opened, there was Marigold with her overnight bag. She had a blank look on her face.

“Hi,” Vincent greeted.

“Hi,” Marigold replied.

“I…I thought you weren’t coming back.”

"No. I'm here. I said that I was coming back.”

"Cool. Um, if you're hungry, I have some Chinese in the dining room."

“No, I’m fine. I ate before I left my sister’s house.”

There was a long pause between them.

“Um,” Marigold said, hesitantly, “I’m…I’m going to go get settled.”

“Ok. Whatever you want,” Vincent said with uncertainty.

She went into the bedroom and unpacked her bag. She still could not understand her reason for getting attached to a sex doll. It was a sex doll. It was a plaything. It was an object that was incapable of giving and receiving emotion. Worst of all, she was willing to fight for Tatiana. She walked out of the bedroom and found her boyfriend sitting on the couch. She sat next to him.

“Vincent, we need to talk about us,” started Marigold.

“Yeah. I agree,” Vincent replied.

"Do you…Do you think that we should be together?"

“I love you, Goldie. I love you very much.”

"I didn't ask you that. I asked if you think that we should be together."

“Yes, I do.”

“Then what the hell is happening to us?? How the hell did it come to this??”

“I don’t know. I don’t know.”

After hours of soul searching, they realized they should go back to square one.

“So, what do we do from here,” Vincent asked?

“We could start with a kiss,” Marigold suggested.

Vincent and Marigold moved closer to each other. They engaged in a kiss. Then they kissed again. Then they kissed some more; with every kiss, more passion grew. They stood to their feet. Then, Vincent picked up his girlfriend and carried her to the bathroom. When they reached the bathroom, Vincent gently planted Marigold on her feet to turn on the shower. The couple resumed their make-out session while stripping the clothes off each other. Nude and intoxicated with desire, they stepped into the tub. Vincent and Marigolds' hands explored each other's bodies. They planted kisses on each other’s lips, neck, and ears. As the water rained on their naked bodies, Marigold slowly fell to her knees, facing Vincent's dick, a rock-hard muscle with soft baby skin. She wrapped her luscious lips around his dick. Marigold sucked his cock like a candy stick.

“Let daddy see those pretty eyes, baby doll,” said Vincent sensually.

Marigold obeyed her lover's request. He was pleased and aroused; it was euphoric. Vincent wanted more of his lover's luscious mouth wrapped around his dick. So, he grabbed her by her hair and thrust his dick, back and forth, into her mouth. The sound of her gagging and his moaning made a passionate duet. The feeling became more and more intense for the couple. It felt so good; Vincent thrust faster and faster in her mouth. It didn’t take long for him to explode in Marigold's mouth. His load was dripping from her lips, but she was able to swallow some of his liquid love.

“Mmmm,” Marigold said, looking up at Vincent, “You taste so good.”

Vincent fell to his knees and kiss Marigold, with remnants of his cum still on her lips. They continued with their shower, washing each other's bodies. When the shower ended, they stepped out of the tub and dried off each other. They gazed into each other's eyes and engaged in another kiss. Their passion peeked again. Hand-and-hand, they walked out of the bathroom and into their bedroom. Vincent pushed her onto the bed. He climbed on top of her and continued to kiss Marigold passionately; Vincent then climbed off the bed. He pulled her to the edge of the bed by her legs with great force. Vincent kneeled on the floor; he was face-to-face with Marigold's pussy. It was beautiful. It was like looking at an exotic flower with its soft pink petals and sweet nectar, ready for pollination. First, Vincent gently planted soft, little kisses on her inner thigh. Then, he lubricated his finger with his drool and gently slid his finger into her pussy. Marigold let out an angelic sigh. The touch shot through her like a volt of electricity that left her in a state of jubilation. Vincent kept going and going. He then went planted his mouth all over her clit. He licked and kissed Marigold's clit for a long time until she reached her climax. Marigold's body quivered. He quickly pulled away from her. It was so intense; that Marigold curled herself in a fetal position. Vincent spanked her bare ass. Then he softens the spanking by kissing her cheek. Laying on her side, Marigold felt Vincent's dick penetrating her pussy. She moaned so loud. It aroused her lover. Vincent’s cock was so big; Marigold’s pussy was so tight. Every thrust sent ripples on her round, luscious ass.

"Yeah…yeah. Take that dick, baby," Vincent said to Marigold seductively as he continued to fuck her.

Her moaning became louder. Their love-making was so intense.

“Yes. Yes. Fuck yes,” Marigold exclaimed!

Vincent pulled his dick out of her. Marigold positioned herself on the bed, facing her lover’s glistening, erected cock.

"Um, you want me to suck on that dick, baby," Marigold asked her lover seductively with slight drool dripping from her mouth.

Vincent slowly inserted his erection in Marigold’s mouth, testing her gag reflection with every thrust. Hearing Marigold gag was a major turn-on for Vincent.

“Yes, baby. You like that,” Vincent said sexually, thrusting his dick in Marigold’s mouth.

The more he thrust, the more drops of drool formed and rained on the sheets. It was so wet, so sloppy, and so dirty. It was beautiful. After he pulled his dick out of her mouth, Marigold crawled to her knees on the bed and gave Vincent a wet, passionate kiss. When Marigold pulled away from him, a string of drool formed between them; she then turned around, bending over to show Vincent her fat, round ass. Marigold took the drool from her mouth and lubed her asshole. Vincent played and massaged her asshole with his finger. Vincent then positioned her at his waist level and slid his dick slowly into her asshole. Marigold moaned and groaned from the painful and pleasurable penetration of Vincent's dick in her asshole. The sensation was so intense. Vincent began to moan with his lover. Vincent and Marigold's sound was like a duet of passionate, loving-making composed of moaning and groaning.

After a while, he pulled out of her asshole. Marigold's asshole has perfectly gaped. It formed a perfectly pink, round hole. Vincent was so drunk with perversion. He could not help but bend down and spit in her gaping hole. The drool did not go in entirely; some trickled down the crack of her ass. Vincent was able to lick it up with his tongue before it reached her pussy. He then stuck his tongue in and out of her gaping hole. Next, Vincent's tongue circled inside the rim of her gaping hole. It drove Marigold crazy; perversion and lust took over their bodies. He feasted upon his lover's gaping hole while stroking his cock, keeping it erected. He could not take it anymore. He had to slide his dick back inside of Marigold.

Vincent stood to his feet and slid his dick back into her asshole. Marigold let out another cry of pain and pleasure; her scream turned on Vincent. He rapidly fucked her asshole. Her luscious tits bounced playfully; his hard, rapid thrust made endless ripples on her ass. Vincent fucked that asshole harder and faster. They could not hold it anymore. When they reached their climax, an explosion of their liquid love was so intense, that they not only saturated the sheets but made them collapse. She collapsed on the bed. Then, he collapsed on top of her.

The sun shined on a brand new day. After a night of intense love-making, Vincent and Marigold lay in bed, wrapped in their slumber. Marigold was the first to awaken. She slowly turned her head to her boyfriend, Vincent. He still laid fast asleep. Vincent looked so peaceful and angelic. Marigold smiled at him. She then turned her head to the ceiling, thinking about the previous night's series of events. Marigold then got out of bed and grabbed her satin robe, which hung on the chair. After adorning herself with her robe, she walked towards the window. She basked herself in the view of the cityscape and the river on the horizon. The sun shined so brightly on the water; it looked like strips of gold. Marigold took a deep sigh and turned to Vincent. He was still asleep. Marigold was happy, but she wondered if this was the beginning of a new life together or the beginning of the end for her and Vincent's relationship.

Meanwhile, one of the tenants in the building made a trip down to the basement. He had to take out the garbage. As he carried the trash bag, his phone vibrates in his pocket. With disgust, he placed the garbage bag down on the ground to retrieve his phone. He sees it's a text from his nagging wife. He texted with an "ok" as a reply.

‘I wish this bitch would leave me alone,’ the unhappy man thought to himself.

He placed the phone back into his pocket and picked up the bag of garbage. After dumping the trash in the dumpster, he saw a leg of a beautiful, life-size doll. He looked into the dumpster; it was Tatiana. Although she was disheveled, the man saw a beautiful woman staring back at him.

“Wow,” he said to himself, “What a beautiful sex doll! Why would anyone want to throw you away?”

The man pulled Tatiana out of the dumpster by her arms. Once she was halfway out of the dumpster, he wrapped his arms around her back and pulled her out completely. He gingerly laid the sex doll on the ground, as if she was a helpless victim of a beating. He bent down and tried to fix her hair by pressing it down with his hands. As the tenant attempted to improve her appearance, he looked deep into her green eyes and smiled at her.

“I wish I could take you home with me,” he said to Tatiana, “but I know my wife won’t allow you in the house, even if you’re not real.”

He looked behind him to see if he was still alone; the coast was clear. He picked Tatiana up from the back of her head, gazing at her.

He continued, gently gliding his finger against her lips "…but I'm going to take care of you, and you are going to take good care of me. You're going to be my secret lover, but first, I need to clean you up, baby. If you're going to be mine, you're going to have only my spit and my cum in you.”

The tenant looked behind him again; he was still alone. He took Tatiana’s arm over her shoulder and carried her in his arms to a dark corner far behind the dumpster. He sat her down on the ground in the dark corner where no one could see her.

"I have to go, baby, but you'll be safe here," the tenant said to Tatiana, "I'll come back. I see you very soon and clean you thoroughly. Then our fun can begin."

Then, the tenant hurried back upstairs to his apartment.

Tatiana was a sex toy that could fulfill one's sexual desire. However, when a person is emotionally and sexually malnourished, the person mistakes fantasy for reality. It is unhealthy for a person to transfer emotions to an object because they cannot return those emotions. The human mind is so complex that it can make the person believe that an item can process human qualities. Tatiana had an incredible body, a spellbinding face, and beautiful hair. A person could have wishful thinking that she was real. However, if they see Tatiana as strictly a plaything and not a person, they will avoid falling into the depths of the Pink Foxxx Hole.

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