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Liz Michael


Mates are special partners chosen and destined by the moon goddess, Selene, to deeply love, adore, and cherish each other. It is the ultimate dream for young female werewolves to find their mate and live happily ever after. However, in Bella’s case, there seems to be a mistake. When Bella’s mate, Lucius, discovered she was wolfless and part of his rival pack, the Snow jade pack, he despised and rejected her, wanting nothing to do with her. Overwhelmed by pain and sadness, Bella gathered the broken pieces of her heart and resolved to move forward. She later discovered that her pack had decided to offer her to their rival pack as part of a peace treaty to prevent an impending war and solidify an alliance with the Blackheart pack. To Bella’s astonishment, the alpha of the Blackheart pack was her mate, who had callously rejected her. In that moment, she realized her torment had only just begun.

Chapter 1 Luna Adriana

“Take the child and go! Promise me you will guard and protect her at all costs!”

I stared lovingly at my beautiful baby girl. I wished I could keep her with me and watch her grow. I wished I could teach her the pretty things I had always imagined I would teach my child, but I knew time was not on my side.

The battle was getting fierce, and if care was not taken, the enemies would discover the secret pathway I created for the women and children to escape from.

I entrusted my baby girl to an omega mother who recently gave birth. I was told she gave birth to a stillborn child and was still lactating. I felt sorry for her, but I knew she was the best person to take care of my child while avoiding suspicion.

I watched as she took my child and gazed at her affectionately, and at that point, I knew my child was safe with her. I bid a tearful farewell to my child and left behind a precious amulet, a family heirloom, which would serve as a symbol of our unbreakable bond.

“Let’s go! I said to the guard assigned to keep my daughter and I safe.

“But Luna, you are supposed to leave with the rest of the women and children, the alpha will kill me if anything happens to you!”

I stilled my heart and decided to join the battle and fight alongside Jarren, my mate, and Alpha. He wanted me to escape with our child, but I knew I just couldn’t do that. I was trained as a warrior at a tender age and was always ready to fight and defend my people.

The echoes of battle cries were heard; angry growls of wolves fighting, wolves howling in pain, and the stench of blood filled the air, but I had made up my mind, fuelled by an unyielding love for my child and an unshakeable strong will to protect those I held dear.

“If you truly want to help, then go with the women and children and keep my daughter safe”

“But Luna…… Do as I have said! Please” I begged silently as the safety of my child was very important to me.

He left and guided the women and children through the path while I went the opposite direction to pick up my specially crafted jade sword.

This sword was given to me when I won my first fight at the age of 16 and has been with me till now. I was known as a jaded wolf, and my pack was known as the snow jade pack.

Our pack derived its name “Snow Jade” because it was located on a snowy mountain that sheltered our people centuries ago from a brutal war and was ruled by jaded wolves.

Jaded wolves were special female werewolves blessed by the moon with strength and remarkable healing abilities. We were born to help the people with our healing blood, and this special ability has been passed down from one generation to another.

We had often been hunted down by other packs for our blood, which had the ability to heal whatever illness or spell, and as a result of that, we were trained to safeguard ourselves and hardly left the pack.

Female werewolves shift at the age of 16, but as jaded wolves, we shift into our peculiar white jade wolf at the age of 18. Our mates usually come from within the pack, but in rare cases, like that of my mom, her mate was from a different pack.

My father was willing to stay with my mom in her pack when he heard about the secret of the jaded wolves.

Together, they ruled the snow jade pack until I was old enough to take over. They both waited until I found my mate and then gracefully withdrew to my father’s pack, where my mom was heavily guarded and protected, and spent their twilight years there.

This had been the timeless cycle for every jaded wolf: our mate would join us in safeguarding and nurturing the pack until our offspring reached maturity and found their own destined partner while we retired to a hidden, secluded mountain where other jaded wolves and their mates settled away from the prying eyes of the world.

At the age of 14, every jaded wolf would be sent to this secluded mountain to train and harness our power by the older jaded wolves until we got our wolves at 18.

I recognized Jarren as my mate when I turned 18, and since he was also from our pack, it was easier for us to rule the pack together. He became the alpha while I became the Luna, and together, we were formidable forces not to be reckoned with.

As news of my arrival on the battlefield spread, whispers of anticipation filled the air. Warriors from both sides turned their heads, their eyes widening in disbelief. Some of them were in their wolf form, while some who were wolf less fought in their human form.

Our enemy pack was quite a strange one. Amongst them were witches who fought with their evil spells and magic potions, and I wondered when witches formed alliances with werewolves. It was a shock to see them fighting alongside our rival pack, but I masked my worry as I continued walking into the battlefield.

I strode forward with determined strides, my sword shimmering in my hand, reflecting the determination etched on my face. The enemy forces were momentarily stunned, their arrogance replaced by awe.

They have never witnessed such bravery from a woman before, much less from a Luna, as it is quite rare to see a warrior Luna. My pack warriors were initially taken aback by my courage and audacity, but their hearts were quickly aflame with newfound determination.

I slew every enemy that came my way with grace and precision, and with every swing of my sword, I cleaved through the enemy ranks until I got to Jarren’s side.

He had already shifted into Jax, his midnight wolf, and was fighting majestically. Jax was renowned for his strength, wisdom, and agility. His gaze was filled with confusion as to why I didn’t escape with the women and children, yet it was also filled with pride.

“You shouldn’t be here, my love” Jarren mind linked me.

“I am exactly where I should be, by your side, fighting alongside my alpha, our child is safe, I promise”

Jax nuzzled his nose around me, making sure I was safe and not hurt. His eyes carried a lot of promises to protect and guard me. I stood close to him as I transformed into Aurelia, my white jade wolf, and at that moment, the hope of our warriors was once again renewed as they fought fiercer than before.

Together, we became an unstoppable force; our movements seamlessly synchronized as we took the front lines, and our bravery and valor were unmatched.

Divided in battle, in the midst of the chaos, a sudden unexpected tragedy unfolded. A strange masked warrior surfaced out of nowhere, suddenly drew his sword and aimed directly at Jarren’s heart with a deadly precision.

Everyone was surprised at the unexpected turn of event. Who was this masked warrior who had no scent on him? How was he able to get so close to Jarren to attack him with such precision?

Jax, Jarren’s wolf, was one of the best trackers we had in the pack because of his keen sense of smell, but how was he fooled by this warrior with no scent? Based on the warrior’s physique, you could tell he’s a werewolf but how did he get so close to Jarren to strike such lethal blow?

Time seemed to stand still as I witnessed the unthinkable. My mate staggered, he appeared to know his attacker by the way he gazed at him with such deep disappointment before he fell. His eyes met mine from a distance, filled with sorrow and pain before he completely collapsed to the forest floor.

I rushed to his side to help and heal him, but before I could get close to him, the warrior poured a black magic substance at his body, making it corrode.

It was evident that they had come prepared and were obviously aware of the ancient secret of the jaded wolves They knew I had the healing abilities to save Jarren and resorted to using evil magic potions to completely destroy him.

Before any of our warriors could recover from the shock and get to this evil warrior, he disappeared in a thick black smoke without any trace. As I continued to run to Jarren’s side, I could no longer think properly as I watched his body corrode quickly due to the effect of the potion.

My heart shattered into a million pieces when I got there. Despair washed over me, threatening to consume my spirit as I perceived the smell of his corroded body. Not even his bones were spared, as if he never existed.

The fire that once burned within me, driving me to fight, was gradually extinguished. I had lost the will to battle as I felt the pain of losing one’s mate gnawing at my heart. It was a piercing ache that penetrated my heart, soul, and very essence.

My grief was a complex blend of sorrow, anger, and a profound sense of emptiness and abandonment. Our warriors also lost their will to fight as they felt the pain of losing their alpha, and gradually, they were killed off by the rival pack.

I shifted to my human form and stared blankly at the empty space where Jarren had previously laid until I felt a sword on my neck. I couldn’t even fight anymore as Aurelia, my wolf, was howling painfully within me at the loss of her mate.

I felt the blade of the sword dangerously close to my neck, and then, like a switch in my head, I suddenly remembered my daughter.

I knew the snow jade pack still had hope, I had lost my will to fight but I knew that my beloved daughter would avenge the deaths of her parents. I knew deep down in my heart that she would survive and rule the pack that rightfully belonged to her lineage.

With my last breath, I proclaimed, “THE SNOW JADE PACK SHALL RISE AGAIN!" “THE TRUE DESCENDANT OF THE JADED WOLVES SHALL RISE AGAIN,” and then I succumbed to the darkness.

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