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Fated To The World's Richest Man

Fated To The World's Richest Man

Barr Wettlaufer


The day Lilah found out that she was pregnant, she caught her fiancé cheating on her. Her remorseless fiancé and his mistress almost killed her. Lilah fled for her dear life. When she returned to her hometown five years later, she happened to save a little boy's life. The boy's father turned out to be the world's richest man. Everything changed for Lilah from that moment. The man didn't let her experience any inconvenience. When her ex-fiancé bullied her, he crushed the scumbag's family and also rented out an entire island just to give Lilah a break from all the drama. He also taught Lilah's hateful father a lesson. He crushed all her enemies before she even asked. When Lilah's vile sister threw herself at him, he showed her a marriage certificate and said, "I'm happily married and my wife is much more beautiful than you are!" Lilah was shocked. "When did we ever get married? Last I checked, I was still single." With a wicked smile, he said, "Honey, we've been married for five years. Isn't it about time we had another child together?" Lilah's jaw dropped to the floor. What the hell was he talking about?


: Lilah Phillips, Gerard Harris

Chapter 1 Pregnancy And Boyfriend's Betrayal

"You're pregnant."

Lilah Phillips felt like she'd been sucker-punched. Those unexpected words from the doctor came as a shock. She'd chalked up her morning sickness to some nasty bug she picked up.

Seeing the stunned look on Lilah's face, the doctor went on, "It's crucial to decide if you want to continue with this pregnancy. If not, there are options like abortion."

Gathering herself, Lilah responded, "I'd like some prenatal vitamins, please."

With the prescribed pills in hand, she left the hospital, her thoughts drifting back to a fiery night from a month ago. Memories of her boyfriend's strong arms, warm body, and fierce thrusts swirled in her mind, making her cheeks turn pink.

This surprise baby might not have been planned, but it was a testament to her love for her boyfriend, Iker Lewis. She was dead set on keeping it.

Coming home and opening the door to her bedroom, Lilah was met with moans.

"Oh, Iker. Yes. Keep going."

Horror gripped her. She stormed into the room, her voice quivering with disbelief. "What... What on earth is going on here?"

Iker, caught off guard, pulled the covers over himself and the mystery woman.

Lilah's heart sank when she recognized the other woman.

It was her younger sister, Adaline Phillips.

Adaline had been lost as a kid and later found. Because of that, the family had practically worshipped the ground she walked on after she came back. Everything Lilah owned was hand-me-down from Adaline. But for her sister to go after her man? That was a stab Lilah never saw coming.

"Wait, Lilah, let me explain," Adaline said, her voice shaky. "It's not what it looks like. It's just that... I have strong feelings for Iker. I couldn't help myself. If you're going to be mad at anyone, be mad at me!"


Without thinking, Lilah's hand connected with Adaline's cheek.

Adaline looked genuinely shocked. Holding her reddened cheek, she whimpered, "Lilah, take it out on me all you want. But please, don't hold it against Iker."

Iker's heart softened when he saw Adaline in distress. He pulled her into a gentle hug. "Lilah, she's your sister. How could you react like that? What happened between us, it was just a one-off thing."

Lilah's stomach churned, and she threw up on Iker's shoes.

His expression darkened in an instant.

Regaining some composure, Lilah spat out, "Don't play the innocent game, Iker! Does calling it a 'one-off thing' make what you did any less wrong? I devoted the best years of my youth to you, and you tossed that love aside!"

Iker couldn't find the words. But Adaline jumped in, "Lilah, calm down. You've always been so reserved. Guys have needs. I was just trying to help out, okay? I promise I won't come between you two. I'm leaving."

She moved to leave but spotted a slip of paper that had fallen from Lilah's pocket. She picked it up and, after taking a look, handed it to Iker, her face a picture of surprise.

Lilah fixed her gaze on Iker, watching for his reaction.

Unexpectedly, rage took over him. "Lilah! How can you point fingers? Whose baby are you carrying? Some stranger's?"

Lilah felt her world crumbling. "Iker, I would never! Remember the night of the 9th at the Crystal Hotel last month? Or have you conveniently forgotten?"

"That's ridiculous! I was overseas for work then!" Iker roared.

He was incensed at the thought of someone else being Lilah's first.

Confusion swirled in Lilah's head. Was Iker deceiving her? Then it dawned on her: Adaline had told her to go to the hotel that night.

"It was you!"

Seeing that smug look in Adaline's eyes, it clicked for Lilah. She'd been played. In a blaze of fury, she lunged at Adaline, ready to let her have it. But Iker was faster. He moved between them, shoving Lilah aside.

Lilah crashed into a nearby cabinet, and a piercing pain shot through her stomach. An intense, wrenching feeling followed.

With her pregnancy being so early, it was a delicate time.

A slow stain of red appeared.

Fear seeping in, Lilah cried, "Someone, please, hospital!"

But Iker, instead of lending a hand, just stared coldly. Through clenched teeth, he hissed, "Maybe it's for the best, Lilah. If you terminate the pregnancy, I might think about still marrying you."

His cruelty took her breath away.

As despair took hold, Lilah could feel her connection to the baby slipping away. In a panic, she dashed out of the house. Out of nowhere, headlights bore down on her. A world of pain hit Lilah, and then everything went black.

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