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Sudden Princess

Sudden Princess



Kingdom of Ammon, A kingdom of where humans and supernatural beings lives in peace. However in this kingdom there exist a witch, Morgen. Her mother died because she couldn't provide the money to cure her sickness. Out of anger she blamed the kingdom for not helping her out even with her constant plead. She met with the devil, something which is forbidden in the land. She received a book on how to release a Demon named Baal. A power powerful Demon enough to destroy the whole kingdom. Years passes by as Morgen got the power. She released the demon which killed her and began to attack the kingdom. Sorcerers in the kingdom tried to stop the demon and couldn't succeed.. But.. A particular Sorcerer, Zeus managed to capture it using every bit of his power. He then sealed it into his own new born baby. "What do you think you're doing!" Anastasia the mother of the child yelled. "We have no choice my love" Zeus said to his wife but then a massive explosion occurred killing both of them. The baby lived, having the mark of the sealed Demon in him. The king of this kingdom saw this and decided to keep the son of the sorcerer according to the kingdom's wish. He was named Zameil. Zameil grew up without love from the king since he was labeled as a demon. Of course, the demon disturb him sometimes and the unfair treatment from the king and brothers made it worse. A girl was destined to change all of this, Elizabeth.. the king found out about the girl through one of his most trusted sorcerers. She was bought to the palace and was made to be Zameil's bride... she failed... Chaos rented the kingdom... But.. There was a second chance. *** In the 21th century, Alice Lancaster; A 19 years old rich sassy high school girl with some issues with her mother. She always had this dream of her death. Alice was well known as the most rebellious girl in school. She tried to help her best friend who got bullied but almost met her end because of it. By the time she woke up, she found herself in the kingdom of Ammon, in her past life (Elizabeth) where she was destined to save the land from the released Demon named Baal. The heaven gave the kingdom's story to be WRITTEN AGAIN. Is Alice going to cope in this new world? What really happened in the past? What happens when she becomes Zameil's bride? What is Their fate? 𝑭𝑰𝑵𝑫 𝑶𝑼𝑻....✍️

Chapter 1 How it started

"Get away!" A guy pushed a Middle aged woman walking down on the cold, dark alley. The woman fell on her butt and curse under her breath. Almost immediately, a feminine figure jumped fast and past her too.

"Psychos" The woman glared, wondering why the chasing at five O'clock in the morning.

The guy Increased his pace noticing the girl chasing him was already close. How the fuck is she that fast? Distracted, the guy took a sharp corner which led him to a dead end. He turn to leave but the she-devil was standing before already.

"Hey, cocksucker" The girl raised her head high. She was dressed in a black joggers with a big white top. Her face cap was placed backward covering her short hair, she had three Peirce on each of her ear and one on her lower lip. Her name, Alice.

"Just go away!" The guy trembled fearfully.

"Tssk! Asshole do you really think you can go scott free after stealing my purse a week ago?" She raised her brow.

"I don't know what you are talking about, I have never seen your face before" the guy denied causing Alice to rolled her eyes, he's obviously lying. Her wristwatch beeped indicating it was time to prepare for her school. She needs to get home before Laura wakes up.

"Okay let's get over with this" Alice muttered before punching the guy on the face.


Sneaking in, Alice pulled down her clothes and head towards the bathroom, her eyes were red and heavy. The truth is, ever since two years she had been having this nightmare that somehow scares her.

She dream of her death. It came once in a month and now it's every single day. So Instead of sleeping, she drinks coffee and stroll out of the house.. she is a lonely type anyway.

After freshening up, Alice head downstairs wearing a red hoodie with her highschool uniform underneath. She was expecting to see her mom but found a letter on the table instead.


She sighed then tore the paper afterward. "Fuck you mom" she muttered.

Mrs Laura saw this and quickly serve her breakfast on the table.

"Good morning miss" Laura greeted.

"I'm not hungry and tell mom I hate her" Alice said grabbing her school bag before heading out of the house.

Mrs Laura could only sighed. When is the mother and daughter ever going to get along?

Alice place her headphone playing a rap pop music as she slowly danced on the street. She is good with dancing and she doesn't care if people stare at her.

She have a personal driver from her mom but she prefers walking to school, it makes her feel alive.

"I'm not afraid.. take a..stand!" She sang along with her bad voice making her moves, but didn't notice she was at the road and an oncoming vehicle was heading her direction.

Alice luckily spot the vehicle and she quickly dodge it. Her eyes widened as the vehicle moved pass her with speed.

If she had noticed the vehicle a second late then she might have been dead by now.

The vehicle stopped and the driver came down.

Her breath stopped as she watch the most beautiful man she had ever seen come down from the car.

She isn't the type of person who drool over a guy but this guy definitely caught her attention. Well chiseled jaw and built body. Though he was wearing a shade, one could roughly guess how handsome he is. His height and built body is just too attractive. Judging from his outfit, he seems to be a rich family.

The guy removed his sunglasses revealing those blue charming eyes causing her heart to skip a beat.

"Were you planning to kill yourself? You could have died" The guy said but the lady before him didn't reply. She stared at him like a status.

He reached out for the earphone in her ear and removed it.

Alice snapped out of her trance when he did that.

"I asked you a question young lady!" He snapped at her. She frowned at his words.

"Don't snap at me, you didn't honk!" She yelled back too.

"Oh, says the girl who was putting on a pretty headphone!" He yelled.

She knew she was at fault but didn't want to admit defeated.

"Uhm.. screw you!!" She yelled not knowing what to say again, and then walk pass him.

The guy kept his hands into his pocket. "Crazy" muttered before entering his expensive car and drove away.

After making sure the guy was out of her sight, Alice stopped and exhaled deeply. She almost lost her life back there.

If the guy hadn't been so rude, then maybe she would have asked him out.

A car passed by her and splash some dirt in her shoes. That was what she hated the most.. Dirt.

"Hey!!!" She yelled shifted away from her spot.

But then, a huge vase fell on that spot she just left. She jerk just at it. If that vase had landed on her then it'll definitely hurt her so much.

"Oh my Gawd! I'm so sorry!" An old woman apologized from above.

"Holy crap" she muttered looking down at the shattered vase on the floor.



"You don't sleep well because of the dream?" Samantha; Alice close and shy friend asked when she noticed Alice tired eyes.

"Yes, and it's still the same dream. It felt so real. I feel like I'm in it" Alice said taking a bite of her food.

"You need to consult someone. This dream is getting serious. You had it once in a month, then once in a week and now it's everyday. I think the dream is trying to leave a message and you need to find out as soon as possible" Samantha said.

"It's just a dream" Alice rolled her eyes.

"You should tell someone. Maybe the church or your mom"

Immediately Samantha said those word, Alice stopped eating immediately.

"C'mon Alice, don't tell me you're still mad at your mom" Samantha sighed.

"She literally said I'm not important, right to my face. She is rich and gives me whatever I want but that doesn't mean she shouldn't have the time for me okay? So don't talk about her or I might walk out on you" Alice said then continue eating.

"Fine" Samantha gave in.

"Guess what Sam, I almost died twice today" Alice said and the food in Samantha's mouth fell back to the plates.


"A car almost hit me though I met an Incredibly handsome guy but he's rude and then a huge flower vase almost crack my head open" She said smiling.

"And you aren't scared?"

"Why should I? Those are coincidental and I was just lucky. You should see this guy I'm talking about. He's so fucking handsome.."

"Alice, don't you think this is serious? You should try consulting someone. I'm having a bad feeling about this" Samantha said.

"Here you go with your supernatural stuff mother Mary, nothing is going to happen. By the way have you read for Mr Drew class.. I have no Idea on that subject" Alice said.

"I'm not teaching you anything. The last time I did I almost got caught. I can teach you before the test and not during the test"




While preparing for her next class Samantha spot her crush Vincent, one of the handsome guy in school.

She composed herself when she spot him walking her direction.

"Hey Sam" Vincent came to talk to her.

"Hey, you look great.. I mean.. you are kind.. I sorry.. I'm just nervous around you"

"uhm. I heard you are one of the most brilliant girl in school and I've got this problem in mathematics. I don't know if you can help me?"

"Help, sure. I'll love to.. why not" she said nervously not believing she's actually talking to her crush.

"Cool. I'll see around babe" He said before leaving her there.

Samantha cheek turn red hearing him call her babe. This is probably the most happiest day of her whole life.

Unknown to her, Maxine, who turns out to be the most feared girl in school saw the scene. Unfortunately, she was Vincent girlfriend and despise any girl who talk to him.

She hated Samantha before and seeing her talk with Vincent provoked her hatred the more.


It's been 20 minutes and Alice haven't seen Samantha. They actually planned to meet here so they could study before the test.

"Where is she? What's taking her so long?" Alice stood. She stretch her body and yawn.

"Gosh I'm tired and hungry" she muttered.

"Alice!!" A student came rushing to her.

"Zero?" She frowned. Zero is one her minions since she is quite famous in school.

"Samantha is been bullied at the rooftop!" Zero informed breathlessly.

Alice's eyes widened hearing this. She quickly made her way up to the rooftop with the Zero following her.

Getting there, she found the rooftop locked.

"I stole an extra key from the teachers office" Zero said bringing out a key.

Alice snatched it and opened the door storming in. The scene before her made her blood boiled like never before.

Maxine just sent a punch on Samantha's face. Her face was bloody and swollen already.

"Bitch!!!!!!!" Alice yelled insanely.

"Awwn, look who's here. Your savior, the one and only Alice in Westview high. I don't mind teaching you a lesson too" Maxine licked her lips as her seven minions stood before her ready to attack Alice.

Maxine and Alice despise themselves ever since they got into the school. They are both from a rich family but Alice isn't rude as Maxine.

"Assholes" Alice muttered before charging towards them. She jumped and kicked the first one hard on her face, turn and gave the other one a punch.

The third girl threw a punch at Alice but she duck, made a turn and gave her a kick on the head causing her jaw to dislocate.

She grab a stick from the floor and hit two of them face at once then face. Then throw brutal punches on the remaining two.

She then face Maxine.

Maxine was already panicking seeing her girls on the floor but she smirked later on. One of her minions stood up already with a large stick.

She hit the stick hard on Alice's head.

"No" Samantha muttered trying to get up but fell back because of her weak body.

Zero ran back to get some help. Why the hell did he not call a teacher? He had thought Alice would handle this but he was wrong.

Alice's head spin insanely as she walked aimlessly but she shook her head trying to gain her composure.

She turn back and then punch the one who hit her on the face, she return her gaze to Maxine again not realizing her head was already bleeding from the hit.

"How dare you hurt my friend?" Alice muttered trying her best to shake off the dizziness creeping into her.

The thunder roared as if it was going to rain soon. Maxine clench her fist ready to defend herself.

Alice came running after her. She throw a punch at Maxine but she dodge.

Forgetting the fact they are still at the rooftop and also at the edge, Maxine pushed her.

"Alice!!!!!!!" Samantha exclaimed as her eyes widened as fuck!

Alice's leg wiggled as she lost her balance at the balcony. Her eye widened when she found herself falling, her mind went shut as fear grip her whole body.

“No!!” she screamed. Is she going to die?

Her back and head collided with the floor and everything went blank instantly. Blood came out of her head, lips and nose. The sky roared on its own.


A loud gasps escape Alice's lips as her eyes flew opened. The whole place was dark and she found herself floating. It was as if she was in a dark realm with nowhere else to go.

Is she dead? She couldn't help but wonder. Just then, she found a bright light coming her way.

Like a huge force, she found herself been pulled out of somewhere.

"Argh!!" She gasped again but this time, her gaze fell on the bright sky. She look sideways and all she could see was grasses and flowers. She could hear the chirping sounds of the birds and crickets.

Sitting up, she look around. "Where am I?" She muttered.

Her gaze fell on her dress and she frowned. The dress was like that of those in the 1700s movies. It was a long thick old fabric. Off shoulder and her cleavage was slightly exposed.

"What the fuck" she muttered standing up to her feet. She checked her hair only to find it long and curly. Her piercing was gone too.

"Oh shit" she squeeze her face wondering the actual fuck that is going on. The whole place was forest filled with flowers and grasses.

"Am I dead? Is this heaven?" She looked around, freaking out a little.

Isn't she supposed to see an angel or something?

"No, I don't think I can make heaven. Maybe this is hell?" She muttered before standing up to her feet. "Did I run mad or something?" She tried to find her last memory but she couldn't.

Getting frustrated, she walked aimlessly around the forest. The place was quiet and empty, the only thing she could hear was her barefoot meeting the dry grasses.

Soon, a place came to veiw and her eyes widened.

"Oh my fuck" she muttered as her lingered on the place before her. The houses were small, and made of stone with thatched roofs. There was no cars or modern building in sight. Alice felt like she had stumbled into another world.

The Kingdom of Ammon..

"This is a dream" Alice muttered, nodding her head slowly. There's no way all this is possibly true. She is probably having her crazy dreams again and there is only one way to find out. Her eyes land on a huge stick laying on the floor, she picked it up and stared at it.

"Okay, here goes nothing" she said to herself and raised the stick to the air.

Bringing the stick down, Alice hit it hard on her head. Her eyes widened as the intense pain spread throught her scalp.

"Ahhhhh!!!!!!!... My head!! Fuck!!!"

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