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The Two-Faced Lady Who Stole My Heart

The Two-Faced Lady Who Stole My Heart

Calm Spirit


After years away, Emma went back to her biological family, expecting a warm welcome. Instead, she found herself arranged to marry Ricky, known for his grumpiness and rumored disability, rather than her adopted sister taking that role. Ricky wasn't happy about the arrangement. "You can stay if you wish, but you'll only be my son's nanny," he coldly stated. Despite his unwelcoming attitude, Emma stood her ground. "Ricky, I've chosen you, and I'm not changing my mind." As time passed, Ricky's hostility softened as he started to develop feelings for Emma, slowly uncovering a secret.  What was Emma's true identity?  A CEO, a hacker, a musical prodigy, a racer... Then, one day, Emma, puzzled, asked, "Ricky, why does your son keep looking more and more like me?"


: Emma Bradley, Ricky Johnson, Emma Bradley and Ricky Johnson novel, Emma and Ricky novel

Chapter 1 One Night Stand

Standing before the imposing door of a presidential suite, Emma Bradley glanced down at the room number displayed on her phone. Confirming it matched the one engraved on the door, she hesitated briefly before extending her hand to knock.

However, as her fingers landed on the door, it swung open of its own accord.

Surveying the spacious suite, Emma found it eerily vacant, illuminated by dim lighting.

"Nobody's here?" she murmured, a furrow forming on her brow.

When she turned around to leave, her gaze fell upon the file clutched in her hand.

Remembering her father's instructions over the phone to deliver it, she hesitated for a moment before deciding to proceed into the suite.

Barely had she stepped across the threshold when a peculiar fragrance assailed her senses. Before she could react, the door behind her slammed shut with a resounding thud. Startled, Emma whirled around, only to find herself ensnared in the embrace of a pair of strong arms, pulling her close.

"Who are you?" Emma demanded, her voice tinged with apprehension as she struggled against the unfamiliar grasp. But her efforts were feeble, and a wave of dizziness washed over her.

In a haze, she felt the press of lips against hers.

Pressed firmly against the wall, her hand unexpectedly brushed against a switch, plunging the entire suite into darkness with a single flick.

Silenced by the man's kiss, she couldn't make a sound.

Heat surged through her, surrendering her to a whirlwind of passion as she lost all semblance of control. She soon mirrored the impatience of the man trapping her.

Their lips locked, their bodies intertwined in a frenzy of desire. Before they could reach the bedroom, they succumbed to each other's touch on the living room floor. They melded together repeatedly, their passion knowing no bounds.

Morning dawned, and Emma struggled to rouse herself, her body drenched in a cold sweat.

"Thankfully, it was just a dream..." she murmured.

However, her relief was short-lived as a sense of unease washed over her.

Turning her head slowly, her gaze fell upon a handsome face.

As her shock subsided, she realized that the man lying beside her was completely naked.

To her surprise, there was an automatic wheelchair beside the bed.

Last night's escapade wasn't a dream! It was real! She had slept with an attractive yet disabled stranger!

Her thoughts were a mess; she wasn't mentally prepared for the aftermath.

As the man's eyelashes fluttered, hinting at waking up, panic surged through Emma. Acting on instinct, she hastily grabbed her scattered clothes, put them on, and made a swift exit through the window.

On the way home, Emma gradually regained composure and couldn't help but feel that something wasn't right.

She had been sent to deliver a file by her father. Yet upon arrival, she was drugged and later found herself entwined with a stranger.

The odds of such a coincidence seemed quite unfathomable to her.

Emma couldn't shake the feeling that her father was somehow involved.

Caught in a deeply humiliating situation, she grappled with the realization that her own father had effectively sold her to an unknown man.

Emma couldn't fathom the reason behind his actions and felt sad.

Lost in thought on her journey home, Emma felt disconnected from her surroundings. As soon as she stepped into the house, she was met with an unexpected sting as her mother, Suzanne Bradley, delivered a sharp slap across her face.

Emma winced, her cheeks ablaze with pain.

"Where have you been? Why have you returned at this time?" Suzanne's cold stare bore into Emma, the contempt in her eyes slicing through like a sharp blade. "How did you get those hickeys on your neck? If I had known you were a slut, I wouldn't have bothered bringing you back from the countryside. It's utterly disgraceful."

Emma brushed off Suzanne's words, turning her attention to her father Shawn Bradley with a cold stare. "Why bother asking me? It was Dad who tasked me with delivering the file. Didn't he arrange everything?"

She scrutinized Shawn's face intently, not wanting any change in his expression to escape her.

When she saw the unmistakable guilt etched on his features, fury surged within her.

She also felt a wave of disappointment and heartache wash over her.

Emma had been trafficked at a tender age. Recently, her birth parents found her and brought her back to their home.

Initially, she had hoped for affection from her parents. However, upon her return, she discovered they had already adopted another girl her age, and realized there was no place for her in the family.

"Since things have already come to this, I have nothing to say." Shawn evaded her gaze and continued in a commanding voice, "Considering you have already been intimate with Ricky Johnson, why not marry him instead of Renee and seal the alliance between our families."

Emma's shock turned to realization as she connected the dots. The man she had been with last night was the "legendary" son of the Johnson family, who was rumored to have fathered a child out of wedlock.

Shawn and Suzanne were keen on ensuring their adopted daughter didn't end up with a disabled man. However, they didn't want to relinquish the fortune the Johnson family could bring them. Therefore, they brought her back from the countryside.

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