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Loved By Mafia Stepbrother

Loved By Mafia Stepbrother



Ashley Brown find herself in love with his mafia stepbrother, Sirius Brown. They lived together as a step sibling for years, made the beautiful girl saw him as the hero, the man of her dream. The devil himself, Sirius Brown, is well known as a heartless, manipulative man ever. He kills every living being that goes in his way. Including to his baby girl, Ashley brown. "Baby... Why are you covering this up? Don't you believe me?" Sirius stroked the girl's hand, made Ashley trembled. She shake her head slowly. "It's not like that Bubba… It's dirty, I have to clean it up first." She answered. Sirius chuckled. He held Ashley's hand but the girl shook her head even faster. She didn't want Sirius to see and touch her wet p***y. "Baby, my innocent baby. Show me princess, there's nothing to worry about... Hmm? Come on..." Sirius kissed Ashley gently on the lips, trying to reassure her that it was fine, even normal and that’s natural thing to happen… Warning! This novel describe detail sex and erotic scenes. It also has some bloody, torture scenes that may cause you uncomfortable. Please consider your age before reading. This is my original work.

Chapter 1 Didn't Know What To Do

"Ash, baby... Hey, let's get up. It's already seven in the morning." A man's deep voice woke Ashley who was still lying on her bed.

She felt someone stroking her head and lightly tapping her shoulder. The man's masculine scent entered her nose and made her smile automatically.

"Hmmm...." She stretched her body which had been stiff from lying on the bed all night.

When she opened her eyes, her stepbrother's drop-dead gorgeous face, became a beautiful treat when she first woke up. Ashley smiled at him who woke her up just now.

She firmly believed today would be a great day. From the moment she opened her eyes, they were spoiled with a breathtaking view.

"Bubba, good morning."

She got up to give him a small kiss on his cheek and he gave her a soft smile.

The man kissed his step-sister’s forehead in return.

"Good morning, baby. Get ready, I'll take you to college." Ashley's eyes immediately opened wide and her smile broadened.

"Really?! Really?! Yeeaaay!! I'll get ready!!"

The beautiful seventeen-year-old girl opened her thick blanket and immediately got out of bed. Showing that she was only wearing a black tank top and the same colored panties.

Sirius stared at her alluring body and gulped.

Since when did his little step-sister have a body like a goddess? Her legs are long and slender. Plump and round buttocks, small waist, flat stomach, and don't start with her breasts seem to be getting bigger nowadays.

He wondered how it would feel if he held and squeezed her breast in his hand.

He shook his head trying to get rid of the dirty thoughts and got up from Ashley's bed.

He headed out of the room, didn't want to think of that any further.

Moreover, the girl who gave him a boner so early in the morning was his own step-sister.

"I'm waiting for you downstairs, princess! Don't be too long!" He said to Ashley, who was busy preparing herself in the bathroom.

"Okay, Bubba!"

He heard her voice yell from inside the bathroom, then immediately opened the door and walked out.

This is the Brown resident.

Rather than a house, this place was a large mansion belonging to the Brown family. But only two members of the Brown live here, Sirius and Ashley Brown.

Those two are my step-brother and sister.

Sirius's father married Ashley’s mother when Sirius was twelve years old.

At that time, Ashley, who was still a baby, was two years old.

Since their first meeting, Sirius had a special feeling for Ashley. He fell in love with a beautiful baby with adorable big brown eyes.

He played, looked after, and loved Ashley with all his heart. Even he would take her wherever he went if things were possible. Make the two inseparable from the very first time.

His father was a wealthy businessman. In addition, he also had other businesses that were said to be illegal.

Sirius had an interest in his father's underground business. Developing that business, made him the most feared mafia in this country.

Unfortunately, their parents died in an accident right at the peak of their careers.

Sirius believed it wasn't just an ‘accident’.

Until now, he is still collecting the evidence and information. Trying to find the culprit. He and his men already started their investigation for a long time.

He didn't trust anyone to handle his parents' case.

Even with the police.

Until then, Sirius and Ashley lived in this huge mansion along with dozens of Sirius' servants and employees.

He kept working hard to get as much money and possessions as possible. So that his beloved Ashley gets the prettiest and best things.

He won’t let Ashley get into any trouble. He pampered her with all his heart.

He even expanded his territory to keep her safe.

He wanted to give the best for her.

Sirius walked down the stairs to the first floor.

Two of his men were waiting. They looked stocky and scary. But Sirius was taller and bigger than the two of them.

"To the dining room." He said it flatly.

Right. He's so cold. His attitude toward other people is so gripping and intimidating.

Sirius is the leader of the most feared mafia gang. Of course, he has a reputation as a devil. He is a cruel demon.

He can kill people as he steps on ants.


Meanwhile, Ashley was choosing clothes to wear...

Today, she decided to wear a short tennis high-waist skirt in green with white stripes above the knee. Combined with a white crop top shirt tucked into her skirt, it makes her slim waistline and flat stomach more visible, highlighting her growing breasts.

Don't forget her favorite brand of white sneakers.

Ashley wears light makeup. She wanted to be natural but look fresh.

After everything was done, she looked at herself in the mirror once again, when she was satisfied she took her bag and left the room.

Today she was excited. She's going to college for the first time!

After graduating from high school, she continued her study at her favorite University.

Although her step-brother, Sirius, could easily help her with the power and money he had, Ashley managed to get into college with good grades and results.

She walked down the stairs to the dining room.

Ashley was grumbling inside. This mansion is for giants!

Even she, herself, could still get lost in this mansion that she had shared with Sirius all these years.

She also had never walked through a few rooms and hallways because she was too tired to walk that far.

When the large door to the dining room was visible, Sirius's deep voice could be heard.

“Hmm... Bubba is having a guest”. She muttered.

"Did you guys just report that someone stole our supplies in the northern warehouse?"

His voice was calm but very intimidating.

"How did that happen? Did you guys work blindfolded?".

Ashley slowly entered and saw two men dressed in all black standing across the long, luxurious dining table. Their heads lowered not daring to look at their boss who was now looking at them with murderous eyes.

She felt that this was not the right time to come in and disturb them.

She quietly turned around and walked slowly back the way she had entered.

She didn't want to see her meek step-brother turn cruel. It was better that she had never been in this situation.

Meanwhile, Sirius, whose anger was burning, could see her from the corner of his eye. That Ashley turned slowly and walked away on tiptoe.

He was furious at those two useless bastards. He clenched his fist to keep him from throwing the bread knife across the table.

But his adorable Ashley’s behavior made him want to smile. Which of course, he endured. He maintained the cold and cruel look on his face.

“Princess, sit here." He said flatly, without looking away from the two men whose bodies were trembling.

There is no emotion in his sentence. His flat tone made the beautiful girl who was now starting to reach the door, jump in shock and immediately walk to the dining table in a hurry.

She sat down next to Sirius.

Although his handsome face was cold and cruel, she believed that he was not mad at her.

She wanted to leave simply because she didn't want to interfere with Sirius' work. But it seemed like he was not bothered at all.

So, Ashley sat and smiled happily.

A maid immediately served their breakfast. Toast and milk for Miss Ashley and Master Sirius, toast, and a cup of black coffee.

She saw the meal in front of her and her eyebrows arched sadly and her lips pursed.

"Hmph!... I don't want toast for breakfast. I'll get fat. I just want fruit." She was whining like a spoiled girl.

Sirius saw this with a cold gaze and the maids ran to prepare fruit for Miss Ashley.

"Y-yes Miss. We'll get some fruit for you soon." They were already breaking out in cold sweat.

If Miss Ashley is sad or angry because of their unsatisfactory work, then their lives will end in the hands of Master Sirius.

"Wait for your fruit, baby," Sirius said it softly while looking at her face which he always thought was adorable.

Ashley immediately blushed and blinked her eyes to say thank you in a cute way.

One of Sirius' men couldn't help but raise his head slightly. Was that really their boss’ voice?

Impossible. He had never heard Mr. Sirius Brown speak so tenderly to anyone.

He saw a divine girl, sitting very close to his ruthless boss, eating a fruit from the devil’s hand.

His eyes almost popped out at the scene. Since when did their leader have such gentle behavior?

And who is this girl? Is she Ashley Brown? His sister? Miss Brown is indeed famous for her beauty.

Just look at her big boobs and slender hips.

He had been working for Mr. Brown for a year. He had never seen the young Miss who was famous for her beauty.

He couldn't take his eyes off of her who was busy chewing her food.

This was of course seen directly by Sirius's murderous gaze.

"Baby, what's your schedule for today?" Sirius asked Ashley who immediately checked her cell phone.

"Hmm... Let’s see." She answered, busy on her cell phone.

At that moment, Sirius threw a bread knife across the table in a flash. It stabbed into the man's stomach and he fell to the floor and groaned.

A surprised Ashley turned to look at what happened but was stopped by Sirius's large palm beside her face, blocking the girl's view.

"Eat, baby." He ordered. She looked at him in confusion.

“Take a look at your schedule for today, princess." His tone was flat, and his face also not showing any emotion.

Ashley knew he was angry, but not at her. She nodded obediently and looked at her phone again. Sirius stroked her hair gently.

"Get out. We're not done yet." Sirius glared at them from across the table.

The man who was still standing with his head lowered, immediately took his injured friend away from there in a hurry.

They're finished. Even if they ran away, they would not survive the wrath of Master Sirius Brown.

Sirius Brown never let a person who stares at Ashley in lust, live.

He exited the mansion supporting his companions, heading towards their death pit.

Meanwhile, Ashley and Sirius, who had finished their breakfast, walked along the hallway to a huge indoor parking lot where his expensive and luxury cars in display.

Bubba, what’s going on earlier?" She asked, still curious.

“There's a small problem with the business I'm working on, baby." He answered.

They walked hand in hand, Ashley took his big one and swung it gently with hers.

"Is it okay if you drop me off today? If Bubba is busy I can go myself. The driver can take me there as usual."

"It's okay Princess. I want to be with you before I leave for the next few days." Sirius answered and Ashley nodded in understanding.

"Bubba! Don't be away for too long. I'll miss you badly and won't be able to sleep." Ashley pressed herself tightly against him.

Her position made her soft bosom pressed tight against his hand.

He clenched his fist and refrained himself from doing anything that would surprise Ashley.

He looked down and saw an incredibly exciting sight.

Ashley looked up at him pleadingly, her pretty face blushed in pink, her big soft boobs that pressed against Sirius's hand looked like they would pop out any second. He could feel his sweat almost dripping from his effort not to grab those soft, creamy, white, delicious bosoms.

Sirius licked his lips and swallowed his saliva.

Shit! He didn't know what to do with this innocent girl.

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