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Return of the Billionaire son

Return of the Billionaire son

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Ryan Bayards is a young man who who left is home 10 years ago to avoid being killed along with his parents and sibling by his evil uncle who wanted the family fortune for his own. Ryan settled down and waited to make his return one day, he married the love of is life and was living a semi good life. His wifes family dispised him for being poor and even tough his wife Vanessa loved him dearly her love for money and wanting to be a CEOs wife would push her into betraying him. Broken hearted Ryan leaves but when he returns al his enemies will tremble and his wife and inlaws will regret what they did.

Chapter 1 Tempted by another man

This book chas matune 18+ content, violence and explicted language.

If you do not like that please bewarned.


Ryan woke up sweating, he had another nightmare.

The last 10 years he usually has one at least once a week and they are al the same.

Him holding his 5 year old brother in his hand covered in blood.

10 years ago his parents took his and his little brother to a vacation home they would spend the week there, his parents Harold and Lilian bayards felt bad because they worked so much and could not spend a lot of time with there kids .

Ryan was 15 years old and a hand full he felt neglected by his parents and acted out this would later on be one of his biggest regrets.

Harold had rented a beautiful mansion at a lake hoping to spend some peacefull time with his family.

On the third night of there stay at the house someone broke in and brutally murdered the bayards at night.

Ryan had snuck out of the house to go meet a young teen girl he met that lived in the small town close to the Mansion, he was lucky that he waant in the house at the time.

When he returned at 3:00 in the morning the tried to be quite so his parents and the servants would not wake up.

On his way to the stairs he stept on something and when he looks down he saw a red Crimson liquid he followed it with his eyes and saw Mary his brother billys nanny.

Maryse layed there on the floor he could tell that she was dead with panick in his chest he ran up the stairs first room at the top of the stairs is his parents he saw the door was open and when he entered his heart dropped both of his parents where laying in a pudle of blood on the floor of their room.

He stood there frozen time stood still he tried to walk closer to them but his body could not move an inch, he heard a noise and his brother Billy came too mind only then could he move his body.

He ran as fast as he could to his brothers room and when he entered al he saw was his brothers small body laying in is bed he could see the blood dripping from the quilt on the floor he picked up his small body he could see the small body still taking a breath.... Ryan why did uncle rowan do this Billy said as he chocked on his own blood.

Ryan frozen he always knew that there was bad blood between his father and his brother but this ... This was just evil.

Just as he was about to stand up and take his brothers body he felt a sharp pain in his back... Someone stabbed him.

He dropped billys body on the bed he saw siccors on the small desk next to the bed as he stumbled forward the person learned over to stab him again, quickly he turned around at stabbed the person in the neck he dropped his knife.

Rage filled ryand he picked up the knife and kept stabbing the man until he stopped moving.

He turned around and wanted to pick Billy up to go to the hospital thats when he noticed that Billy stopped breathing.

Tears filled his eyes and his vision got blurry but before he could proces he heard other voices he knew that there where more people in the house and that they would come to kill him.

He went to the window in billys room and climbed down, he was lucky to escape that night but he knew that his uncle would keep coming after him.

Thats why he ran away far far away but he knew that one day he would take revenge for the death of his family.

2 weeks after the murders the saw a news conference that his uncle took over his father shared and CEO position at BAYARD INC.

Ryan needed to take his time and plan his return, his uncle was to powerful to be defeated by a teen boy, especially now since he is the CEO of BAYARD INC a company woths hundreds of billions of dollars.

The Bayard family was a clan that was one of the most powerful in the world, the clans lineage goes back hundreds of years they have so many businesses and subsiduairies underneath them making them the Top clan.

Harold was head of the family and his brother Rowan has always been jealous of him.


Present day

Now at 25 years old Ryan became a married man, he was married to the love of his life vanessa, that morning he woke up and went to take a shower to get ready for work, as he stepped into the shower Vanessa joined him.

Ryan was a extremely handsome man he had a muscular body but not too big, he had the most beautiful Japanese tattoos al over his body and his whole back was cover by a big ogre a Japanese oni, he looked like a bad boy that was one of the appeals for Vanessa.

She could never keep her hands of him.

As soon as she stepped into the shower she was all over him, Ryan turned around and kissed her.

She slowly shoved her tongue in his mouth, the kiss was so passionate that Ryan could not controle himself any more.

He pick her up and pressed her to the wall as she crossed her legs behind his back he entered her body and started stroking inside her until until the both came.

After that they got dressed and both went down stairs for breakfast, they lived in a nice villa it waant the biggest but its was beautiful and was in the winters family for years.

Vanessa was the granddaughter of the winters family, they ran a family business worth 50 million dollars .

The winter family fortune is in decline, the oldest son of the family Winston is an arrogant man with delicious of grandure and thinks he can be a ceo but since he took over the company or has been in a decline.

Vanessas parents Sarah and cooper winters look down on Ryan they always felt that their daughter should have married a rich man they hated Ryan for being poor, almost the whole winter family looks down on him since he works as a security guard.

They always wanted their only daughter to marry a wealthy man that could elevate them into high society.

They have son eric but he is only busy with hanging out with his friends and takes nothing in life serious.

He is a complete bum but they still treat him like he is the greatest person alive.

As soon as Ryan entered the kitchen Sarah sneerd, hmpp there's more to like then just a handsome face she said.

My poor daughter she could have done so much better.

Ryan just ignored her he was used to it.

Sarah could not understand why her father in law William liked Ryan so much, he was the once who interduced them and made them get married. Yes Ryan was a beautiful man she knew that but he had nothing.

Every time she and her husband would bring up Vanessa divorcing him he would get furious no one knew why.

And offcourse her silly daughter fell completely in love with the bum making it much harder to break them up.

Ryan grabbed his breakfast and kissed Vanessa en left, he would rather wat in his car then listen to Sarah talk such nonsens.

As soon as he left sarah went to the study and called Vanessa in.

My sweet daughter i heard that Jason Benedict went to visit you at youre office yesterday day.

Yes Vanessa said he came yesterday and brought flowers, wel what did he say.

For a moment Vanessa was silent she did not realy want to tell her mother because she knew that she wanted to push her to date Jason, the benedicts where billionaires one of the top familys in New Hope haven, her whole family other then her grand father wanted her to be with him, they knew that the benedicts could helpt there small business en elevate them.

Even Vanessa had to admit, she was realy tempted by Jason, he was handsome and verry rich.

He asked me to go on a weeks vacation with him Vanessa told her mother, WHAT Sarah said as her eyes lit up.

You have to go with him she said, i cant do that Vanessa said what about Ryan i dont want to hurt him.

I know you love ryan Sarah said, but Jason is a better match just think about the life you would lead with him nothing but luxury, you would be a lady of the high society and you could have anything you want.

Vanessa knew her mother was right as much as she loved Ryan she knew deep down she loved money much more.

She has always been spoiled the princess of her family, she loved jewels,cars and money and Jason promised to give her everything she ever wanted.

He has been in love with her for years and wanted to Mary her.

He also promised to help their familys company elevate to new heights.

Her grand mother Bertha loved him aswell.

Ill think about it Vanessa told her mother, Sarah was happy she really hoped that Jason and her daughter could get married soon.

She just needed to find a way to get rid of Ryan.

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