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Save Myself From Desperation

Save Myself From Desperation



Ashley Ramos was the real daughter that her family finally brought back, but she didn’t enjoy the glory and wealth she expected. Everything she was supposed to have was brutally taken away by another woman. Losing her last trace of dignity, Ashley decided to disown her family and take revenge on them…Valentin Kingsley took over his family business empire at a young age and became a star that many people could rarely reach his heights. Despite being surrounded by countless debutantes, he had always kept his feelings for only one woman.Ashley and Valentin had known each other since childhood and had a lightening marriage under their grandfathers’ agreement. For Ashley, Valentin was a beam of light that saved her from the dark, while for Valentin, she was the rainbow that added more colors to his life.

Chapter 1 Black Sheep, White Sheep

Ashley apologize to Jessica right now!

The man’s cold and harsh voice echoed in the spacious living room.

Ashley Ramos stood in the center, her long eyelashes slightly lowered. She pinched the recording device hidden in her pocket and looked at the man sitting on the sofa while ordering her rudely. He was Jeremy Ramos, her third elder brother.

Seated next to Jeremy was the supposed pseudo-heiress of the Ramos family, Jessica Ramos, who had no blood relation whatsoever.

And now, Ashley’s brother was demanding that she apologize to Jessica.

“Ashley, you intentionally pushed Jessica down the stairs. How can you be so malicious? You’re even worse than a beast!” Jeremy scolded.

“You don’t deserve to be my sister!”

Ashley felt a pang of sorrow. Her eyelashes trembled as she suppressed the stifling pain deep in her heart and murmured, “I didn’t…”

However, before Ashley could say anything else, Jeremy grabbed a nearby glass and fiercely threw it at her.

“How dare you quibble!” Jeremy roared.

With a loud crash, the cup struck Ashley’s instep and shattered into pieces. Ashley’s delicate foot instantly swelled up. The broken glass shards pierced her skin, scratching her slender calf. Tiny red threads of blood emerged on her smooth skin, looking quite terrifying.

Yet, Ashley stood motionless as if she couldn’t feel the pain.

This wasn’t the first time her brother had beaten and scolded her like this.

“Jeremy, please, no more hitting,” Jessica implored, anxiety in her voice. “Ashley didn’t intentionally push me down the stairs. It’s not her fault! Don’t blame her. It was my clumsiness…”

Jeremy suddenly softened, concern etched on his face. “Jessica, why do you keep defending her? My dear little sister, have you ever considered how terrible it would be if you were left with scars from falling down the stairs?”

“But, Jeremy…” Jessica still pretended to plead.

“Alright, Jessica, be a good girl. Stop defending her! Let me check if you got hurt,” Jeremy said.

“I’m fine, Jeremy. Don’t worry…”

While watching this display of sibling love, Ashley felt an unexpected wave of weariness.

Jeremy was protective of Jessica because she was a girl, and scars wouldn’t be becoming on her.

However, he had shown no hesitation when hurling a cup towards Ashley just moments ago.

Her legs now bore numerous wounds from the shattered glass, and blood continued to trickle down. Ashley would be left with scars too.

She was also a girl, more significantly, Jeremy’s sister! Ashley had been abandoned since childhood. She grew up in an orphanage and was later adopted by her grandparents.

She had also been pampered and had never faced such treatment before!

After Jeremy focused his attention on Jessica, he noticed Ashley’s delicate features now adorned with a subtle sneer. His displeasure deepened. “What’s with that look on your face?

“Ashley, when we brought you home two years ago, we made it clear. Jessica grew up in our family. Even though she isn’t blood-related, you should treat her as your sister!

“As her older sister, you should pamper her and protect her!

“But what have you done in these two years?”

At his words, a bitter smile graced Ashley’s lips.

Two years ago when the Ramos family found her, her grandparents had already passed away. She thought she had finally found a family and didn’t need to face the world alone. So, she rejected the invitation from her grandfather’s friend, Zain Kingsley, and chose to return to the Ramos family.

In these two years, Ashley had been cautious and accommodating in every aspect.

Regardless of what it was, she always gave the best to Jessica.

Ashley was more like Jessica’s humble follower, adapting herself to anything that Jessica disdained to make a living.

She thought that by doing this, she could gradually integrate into the family. Her parents and five brothers would accept her and consider her one of them.

But in the end, her parents continued to favor Jessica blindly, showering Ashley, their biological daughter, with endless blame and insults.

Ashley had even overheard them saying maliciously and disdainfully, “If Ashley had died outside back then, our family would be complete.”

At that moment, Ashley couldn’t believe her ears.

A pang of helplessness pierced through her, causing pain in her heart as if someone had gripped it tightly, leaving her no room to breathe.

Ashley couldn’t comprehend what she had done wrong.

She didn’t know why her own family despised her so much to the point of wishing she had died outside.

Since they felt this way, why did they bring her back to the Ramos family two years ago?

Ashley closed her eyes, feeling a sudden calmness that she had never experienced before.

“Forget it, she thought, I’ve had enough. I don’t want this family anymore.”

Ashley no longer desired any of these family members.

For some reason, Jeremy felt a sudden panic as he saw Ashley seemingly letting go of something. Her expression was like she had broken free from a cocoon and gained a new life.

He picked in his belt and struck it towards Ashley. “If you don’t apologize to Jessica, I’m sure a good beating will teach you a lesson!”

However, the next moment, his wrist was steadily seized by a slender hand.

It was Ashley.

She actually…halted Jeremy.

“Ashley, you!”

Jeremy was immediately displeased. Ashley had been meekly and obediently trying to please them for the past two years, enduring insults and beatings without a word. But now, she even dared to resist.

Watching Jeremy’s astonished look, Ashley couldn’t help but sneer, her features radiant and delicate.

“I already told you. I didn’t push Jessica.”

Jeremy didn’t believe any of Ashley’s words. “Oh, so you’re still quibbling? I think you’re asking for a beating!”

“Jeremy.” Ashley’s gaze was indifferent, devoid of any emotion. “If I have evidence proving I didn’t push anyone, then…

“Both you and Jessica will apologize to me!”

“What did you just say?”

Jeremy almost thought he had misheard, looking angered and anxious.

“You actually want me to apologize to you? You…you’re insane!”

He would never admit that such a wretched person was his sister!

Jessica was sitting on the sofa and eagerly anticipating Ashley being beaten up. Upon hearing Ashley’s words, she couldn’t help but feel slightly confused.

“Evidence?” Jessica thought, ‘What evidence could she possibly have?”

Jessica sneered inwardly as she stood up, pretending to be considerate. “Jeremy, let it go. Don’t be upset with her anymore.”

“Jessica, don’t speak for her!” Jeremy roared in frustration, veins popping on his forehead. “I want to see what evidence she can produce!”

Ashley, with an indifferent expression, reached into her pocket and produced something.

Jessica lowered her head to get a better look, and when she saw what it was, her face turned pale in an instant,

A rec... recording pen? How is that even possible? How could Ashley possibly carry something like that?’ Jessica thought.

Ashley took out the recording pen and pressed the play button expressionlessly.

After a series of buzzing noises, a deceptively delicate voice came from the recording pen. “Ashley, how does this position look to you?”

Jeremy immediately recognized that it was Jessica’s voice.

Then, a voice as melodious as a mountain spring followed. “Jessica, why are you standing at the stairwell?”

Jeremy also recognized this voice. It was Ashley’s.

The next moment, Jeremy heard Jessica uttering extremely malicious words in her delicate voice. “Ashley, what if I say you pushed me down. the stairs? How will Jeremy punish and scold you then?”

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