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Chapter 4 A bargain

Word Count: 1268    |    Released on: 22/02/2024

the wall. She ran her fingers through her hair. It'

vin who stood with h

a helpless woman wearing a fucking wedding gown?! Are you sl

lso in the room, he w

ied to such a damsel. Everything is ruin! I already have plans for t

atalie ordered kelvin w

hot a bullet into the man's skull. He fel

linched a

reet thug anyway. Just clear his body" Natalie huffed. She stood and w

orld Candy. I would find you" She m


s led into a room It was large, luxurious room having a king sized b

aks of wealth

with a beautiful smile.

as a picture of a woman sitting besid

feel so tired but wish to wait for him. He didn'

ght" She said after re

with the aim of getting up soon but the

y, her eyes flutters open and met with a pa

was happening. She immediately sprang up

tuttered not daring to look up to his face. She could feel

he be so scar

p rich voice cut t

y Jef

meet his eyes. She found anger in them. He found out?! She knew sh

asked, sitting on the

can exp

u Candy Jefferson?" He cut in. Candy

words left her mouth, he stood up to his f

eld her

only save yourself if you're not one of those b

ould end my life. I had managed to escape the wedding. Your assistance found

spilling the truth. If she had lied, he would have

" He said and turn to leave

ou want. Don't just send me back" Desperate Can

a chill down her spine. Stepping closer, he reached of her chin

you and there's no turning back. You seems too fragile

th. She'll rather face his hell than to be stuck

other," She boldly declared prompting the man's lips to curl up into a devilish

" He o

p?! That was the last thin

o it?" He asked. "

o unbutton her shirt. Slowly she remove her top revealing he

ng so loud in her ears. She can't believe this is ha

er chest. He trail his finger down her cl

unning his eyes on her b

else had seen her nake

?" He asked and she look


're not a kid" He said. Can

? Lying to someone like him

spered so low, he al

no need for me to go

to the bed and hovered over her. Candy gasped in

tely pinned both of her hands above her head. Hi

s brow knitted w

f this.. for while befo

nd was not ready for this even though

to me, are you changing your decis

ing the right decision to stay w

top even though it's just for a while

nna p

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