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Poor Billionaire Wife: Who Is The Real Boss? - Take a Minute to Discover the Hottest Novel Right Now

2023-11-10 17:39:06 Moboreader.com

"Poor Billionaire Wife: Who Is The Real Boss?" is a gripping novel that combines the elements of contractual marriage, identity pretense, and the protagonist's empowering journey. The story revolves around Annabel Hewitt, who may appear as a simple rural woman but is, in fact, an aristocrat.

Annabel agrees to fulfill her grandfather's arrangement and becomes engaged to Rupert Benton, the CEO of a conglomerate, with the condition that they will divorce if no feelings develop within three months. However, when she enters the Benton family, she faces discrimination from Rupert's mother, Erica, and his cousin, Cathy, enduring humiliation at their hands.

Nevertheless, as Rupert's assistant in the company, Annabel encounters Marcel, a hot-tempered client and an old acquaintance. Marcel's presence ignites jealousy in Rupert. Meanwhile, at a banquet, Annabel meets Heather, Rupert's childhood friend, who attempts to use money to force her away. Resolutely refusing Heather's proposal, Annabel turns the tables on her during a piano humiliation scheme, capturing Rupert's interest with her musical talent. However, Heather teams up with Nina, a company executive, to create troubles for Annabel.

Throughout the narrative, Annabel's worries about her noble heritage intensify with the appearance of Jayden Potter, the household manager. The novel portrays Annabel, a perfect noblewoman, proving her worth time and again despite the humiliations she endures, while keeping the secret behind her pretense as a rural woman.

This book not only explores the tension between the aristocracy and country girls but also incorporates both predictable and unexpected twists. Readers witness the transformation of emotions behind the contractual marriage and observe the complicated evolution of the relationship between the domineering CEO and the aristocratic lady pretending to be a country girl. With its suspenseful atmosphere and sparks between characters, this captivating novel arouses readers' curiosity. It presents an intriguing tale full of suspense, romance, and surprises, inviting readers to delve into the hidden motivations and secrets.

Poor Billionaire Wife: Who Is The Real Boss?

Poor Billionaire Wife: Who Is The Real Boss?

Everyone was shocked to the bones when the news of Rupert Benton's engagement broke out. It was surprising because the lucky girl was said to be a plain Jane, who grew up in the countryside and had nothing to her name. One evening, she showed up at a banquet, stunning everyone present. "Wow, she's so beautiful!" All the men drooled, and the women got so jealous. What they didn't know was that this so-called country girl was actually an heiress to a billion-dollar empire. It wasn't long before her secrets came to light one after the other. The elites couldn't stop talking about her. "Holy smokes! So, her father is the richest man in the world?" "She's also that excellent, but mysterious designer who many people adore! Who would have guessed?" Nonetheless, people thought that Rupert didn't love her. But they were in for another surprise. Rupert released a statement, silencing all the naysayers. "I'm very much in love with my beautiful fiancee. We will be getting married soon." Two questions were on everyone's minds: "Why did she hide her identity? And why was Rupert in love with her all of a sudden?"

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"Poor Billionaire Wife: Who Is The Real Boss?" is a fascinating novel that captures the imagination, leaving readers eager to witness Annabel's perfect retaliation against adversity. Whether you enjoy romance, intricate relationships, or delving into human nature, this book will immerse you and leave you reluctant to put it down.