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Vengeful Girl with Her CEO

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO



Separated from her family since the day she was born, Linda vowed to come back and take revenge on those who had done injustice to her. Brought up in a noble clan, Charles was taking reins and conquering the business world but got beaten up by a woman he had never met before. Stuck with an unexpected betrothal at first, love eventually brought the two hearts together. Pregnant, kidnapped, injured, poor Linda was tossed into a roaring river. Who did it to her? What did they want? Who was the other ‘Linda’ around Charles?


: Charles,Linda,Robert,Lisa,Paul,Bun

Chapter 1 Playing Hard to Get

The Crown club was very lively at the midnight, all the rooms inside were full of dimmed and weary lights.

"How could Zhou Dun, that stupid man wanted to cooperate with me? Didn’t he know himself clearly? I would not absolutely sigh the contract with him but for cracking down the arrogance of the Xia Family."


There was a little hand turn off the recording and pressed the phone on the table. That was really lily-handed, white and soft.

"Did you also hear that, Boss Zhou?" The owner of the hand said with smiling.

Zhou Dun who was sitting across turned his face to red, it looked very funny under the bright lights.

"O, and this one." Xia Qingkong took the phone and opened the photo album. A legible photo of a man and a woman kissing and fondling was showed off in front of Zhou Dun.

Zhou Dun dropped the cup immediately.

"Damn it! How dare are you to seduce my wife!"

Ten minutes later, Xia Qingkong went out of the room with shaking a few pieces white contract paper in hand. It worthy for acting out as a waitress this time.

Xia Qingkong kissed the contract and then folded it, tucked it in the waist and hid it well.

The uniform of the Crown club was very exposed, Xia Qingkong pulled the clothes on the chest. Someone pressed on her shoulder before she tidy up.

"You, take the wine to Room 8069."

As busy as the manager, holding the arm of Xia Qingkong to slip her the tray.

Xia Qingkong shrugged her shoulders, holding the try with the wine, looked for the room numbers carefully.

Xia Qingkong could only looked for the room one by one after she called the reception without answering.

"Forget it, just choose one!"

I can just walked out again if I open the wrong room.

Xia Qingkong knocked the door of room 8069, she pushed the door without any answering back.

"Ah! I’m sorry, I’m sorry boss…" Xia Qingkong was scared by the scene her saw in the room.

Xia Qingkong could still saw a man pressed a naked woman on the sofa even the lights were not that


Two people looked at the door side when it was opened.

Xia Qingkong could still see the woman with long hair and a tipsy face, the clothes on her was exposed. That made Xia Qingkong feel shy.

"Don’t move!"

Mu Chenhao ditch the woman's hand around his neck, stared at Xia Qingkong with the dangerous


"I didn’t expect you want this." Mu Chenhao sat straight and looked at Xia Qingkong indifferently.

"I didn’t know her, boss. You understood that." Xia Qingkong knew very clearly that the people in the Crown club were all rich, so she didn’t need to make any trouble at this moment. She was ready to leave after she got the contract and sending the wine.

"Didn’t you take the photos? Come and get to me."

Xia Qingkong realized that she had the phone on her hand still after she called the reception.

Oh, no.

He must thought that I took the sexy photos of them so he stared at me.

He was absolutely a cheeky man. Isn’t he escapade or betrayal? So he was afraid of being taken photos by others. He looked handsome and not bad but actually he was a scumbag, Xia Qingkong thought.

"Boss, I thought you misunderstood me, I didn’t take photos of you."

Xia Qingkong felt disgusted but still showed her smile and said. There were the sexy phots of Zhun Dun’s wife and other people, it’s not able for him to see those.

Mu Chenhao is more certain that these two women were together, one comes to design the trap for me, the other was responsible for photo extortion.

"Who appoint you to be here?"

Mu Chenhao sounded indifferent, that made Xia Qingkong feel upset. What did that mean? Can’t she explain the reason even she tried the best?

"I came here myself." Xia Qingkong answered. "Boss, you see, I was just a waitress and I needed to send the wine to other rooms." She answered again after she took a glance of the strange eye from that woman.

"Cut the cackle, give me the phone."

Mu Chenhao ignored her begging by looking at her body carefully up and down.

Xia Qingkong had no other words, this person should be the reincarnation of Cao cao. Why did he came to the Crown club as he was so afraid of everything?


"Don’t you want to go out?"

"OK, I’ll leave right away…" Xia Qingkong nodded her head and answered right after she heard.

"Not you." Mu Chenhao stopped her, turned his face with cold and terrible sight.

The woman which was sitting aside tided up her opened neckline. The waves of the white chest flashed the eyes of Xia Qingkong.

"Mr. Mu…" The woman said with femininity and grievance. But she stood up right away because of the frighten of Mu Chenhao’s cold sight.

She glared at Xia Qingkong angrily before she left.

Xia Qingkong was confused and stared at Mu Chenhao in amazement.

What’s the situation now?

"I’m the waitress!" Xia Qingkong reminded bravely.

"The waitress in the Crown club would not only for sending the tea or water, right?" Mu Chenhao laughed.

Xia Qingkong understood the meaning when she heard the sentences. She was ready to leave with the tray in her hand.

Mu Chenhao strongly pulled her body before she moved 2 steps. The wine bottles dropped on the floor and all of them were broken up.

Oh, no, what the hell. It costs at least a few hundred thousand.

"You are simply not in your right mind!" Xia Qingkong said that angrily.

Mu Chenhao pushed Xia Qingkong right on the sofa without paying attention to the anger in her eyes.

Xia Qingkong was ashamed into anger when her body was pressed hardly. She brandished her arms to try pushing Mu Chenhao away.

"That’s what your goal, isn’t it? Don’t blame me since you came to me by yourself."

"You must have some problem in your brain! What are our goals?"

Xia Qingkong struggled but was pressed hardly instead. Mu Chenhao raised her hands and put them under her head.

"Let me go! You, a shameless person!"

Xia Qingkong opened her mouth and wanted to bit him, but she couldn’t move her body at all as Mu Chenhao pressed her hardly.

Didn’t he misunderstand that I was the one with that woman, to devise a trap for him?

"Wait, wait, hold on. Listen to me…"

Xia Qingkong was struggled to explain, but Mu Chenhao ignore her. The room has the smell of warm and fresh when he felt Xia Qingkong’s body moving under him.

Mu Chenhao only felt blank in his mind at that moment. He kissed her soft lips with holding her fine and smooth hands and skin.


Xia Qingkong’s voice was covered by his lips and a warm feeling on them.

What a cheeky man!

Xia Qingkong opened her mouth and was ready to bite him, but she was bunged up by Mu Chenhao’s lips artfully.

While Qingkong’s body was dryness-heat and hard to breath. The sentence from Mu Chenhao was jus like the cold water splashing on her whole body.

"That woman was really good at seducing men. But why it’s not the same on you. Wouldn’t you want to play the trick of willing and unwilling?"

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