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(Authors note*** Make sure to support and comment your thoughts) "Let me mark you, Maya." He bluntly said. "Mark me? What's that?" "It's this!" He said, pulling me close to him. Before whispering in my ear. "Mate you, become one with you, or as you humans say. F*ck you, hard." Marine Seth Lones doesn't know what he's gotten himself into when he signed up to serve his country. The mission was, to capture something within the depths of The Black Forest. Not knowing what he would come across, he faced a beast. A beast called Maximus, also known as, King Zod. King Zod only followed Seth for a unique scent he carried. The smell of his mate. Being captured by humans wasn't apart of his plan. Locked up for months, he decided to take over Seth's body. So that he can find his mate.  What happens when he finds out his mate is half human, half witch? You'll have to find out.

Chapter 1 ...


I watched him every day from my bedroom window, he was finally back, our neighbour's twenty-five-year-old son Seth Lones was back from the Marines, and I was going to make him notice me.

I've been crushing on him ever since I was ten years old, now officially eighteen. I knew I had to make him mine. I wasn't going to stop at anything, not until I had him.

Call me what you want, a bitch, sult, hoe. I didn't care. I just wanted him, taking all he has to offer.

Walking down the stair, I already had my two-piece swimsuit on. It was mid-July, sunny and hot, placing my shades on, I head out to sit right where he can see me.

Acting like I didn't notice him, I lay out the folded chair, taking a seat under the hot blazing sun.

"You should put some sunscreen on; you don't want that pretty body of yours getting sunburn." His deep voice spoke that I'd missed so much.

"Wait, Seth? Oh my god, when did you come back?" I asked in shocked but bitch please, you know I was lying.

He chuckled as I stood up, walking over to the short white fence that stood between our yard and their yard. I smiled happily. "Nice to see ya, how're the Marines for ya? Staying long?"

He smiled, and that's where I got a good look at him, ugh! My body was on fire just by his voice, only by his brown eyes, just by his dirty blonde hair, just by his thin lips that I wished were more fuller but who cares.

His body was something else, broad shoulders, big thick arms that seemed to flex without even trying. His white tee screamed for help. It was so tight that it looked like a second skin on him.

"Marines is good, and you look even better. Guess I can't call you a little girl anymore." He whispered as his eyes roamed my body.

"I'm little compared to you, think you should stay off those steroids. You look like the hulk." I stated while giggling.

"Yea? You look nothing like how I left you. More...Mature now. You're eighteen right?" He asked before leaning in to take off my shades. "Missed those green eyes of yours, you bloomed very well Maya."

My nervousness was getting the best of me, "No one stays the same, everyone grows up someday. How long are you going to stay for?"

"I might be staying for a while. You want to go down to the lake with my friends and me? They're waiting for me. You should come. We can catch up on what I've been missing in this boring place."

"Oh, no thanks! You and your friends are mean, still, have phobia from that day." I whispered out.

Remembering how his friends made fun of me caused me to cringe. I was 13 at the time. I confessed my love to him. His friends made fun of him, and I felt like the stupidest girl on the planet. Of course, he wouldn't want a girl that just hit puberty while he was a man at the age of 20 with a rocking sexy girl in his arm.

"Yea, about that Maya, I'm sorry! You were only 13 and my friends thought it was cute. I know they made fun of you, but-"

"No need to apologise, it was just a crush. It's long gone, you know what, I'll come. Can I bring my boyfriend with me?"

Who was I kidding, I had no one, I was lonely. Forever alone...

He frowned, squinting his eyes."Oh, you have a boyfriend huh? Do I know him?"

I shook my head, "No, he moved here when you left." Why was I lying? "His name is Jackson. He's lovely and kind."

"Yea, well! He's not welcome to come, if you want to come alone then that's OK with me."

I frowned, "Oh, then you have fun with your friends. Bye Seth, enjoy your time here while you still can."

I left him and went back to tan, didn't get a chance to sit back down. "Hey, come over! I want to show you something I've been meaning to give you but never had a chance to. It's in my room. Still in my luggage bag."

"What is it?" I asked facing him.

"Just come, I know you'll love it."

"Ok, let me grab something to wear over my swimsuit."

He pulled off his shirt and threw it to me. "Wear this and hurry up, I have to meet my friends soon. It won't take long."

Placing his shirt over my body, I walked over to him. His body was ripped to the max; muscles defined every part of his chest and arms.

My hands were itching to touch him, but I just ignored him. Making my way around the fence and into his backyard. Heading towards the back door.

"Do you miss them?" I asked as we entered his house.

"No, cause I always have them in my heart. They're in a good place, just sucks to walk into this house and not see them anymore."

His parents passed away when he was eighteen in a plane crash, that's when he left to join the Marines.

He would come back on vacation now and then, but I never had the guts to show myself after that day.

"Why don't you rent the house, you can get money while you're away."

"Thought about that and a lot of offers has come my way but, I don't want too. I want everything just the way it is."

We reached his room and It was the first time I've seen it.

"Damn you're so dirty, look at this mess, " I said while looking around in disgust.

The door locked, causing me to look at him strangely. "I need my shirt back."


He came closer and closer until he was towering over me. "I need my shirt back, so take it off."

"I'll give it to you later-"

He ripped the shirt off me in half; his eyes roamed every inch of my body. With one arm, he pulled into his embrace.

My body was trembling, I've never been this close to him.

"Here's the thing Maya, I want you to be my fuck buddy. I know you still want me, princess, I can see it in your eyes. You have no boyfriend cause all I ask is about you. I've seen shit I've shouldn't have. I'm not going back to the Marines cause I've been dishonourably discharged. My life is a mess, so I'm back to crappie Maryland. You are the one who will make me forget Maya. Now lay down and let me drink you up, let me forget what I've been through, and I'll make you the happiest girl ever."

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