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King Zod

King Zod


Chapter 1 ...

Word Count: 1147    |    Released on: 06/07/2018


back, our neighbour's twenty-five-year-old son Seth Lones was

now officially eighteen. I knew I had to make him mine.

t, hoe. I didn't care. I just wante

msuit on. It was mid-July, sunny and hot, placing my s

lay out the folded chair, taking

ant that pretty body of yours getting sunburn.

come back?" I asked in shocked but

nce that stood between our yard and their yard. I smiled happ

fire just by his voice, only by his brown eyes, just by his dirty blonde

t seemed to flex without even trying. His white tee screamed for

Guess I can't call you a little girl anymore

hould stay off those steroids. You look

're eighteen right?" He asked before leaning in to take off my sha

"No one stays the same, everyone grows up s

with my friends and me? They're waiting for me. You should come

nds are mean, still, have phobia

o him. His friends made fun of him, and I felt like the stupidest girl on the planet. Of course, he wouldn'

re only 13 and my friends thought it was

sh. It's long gone, you know what, I'll

had no one, I was lon

eyes."Oh, you have a boy

hen you left." Why was I lying? "His

to come, if you want to come

ith your friends. Bye Seth, enjoy y

Hey, come over! I want to show you something I've been meaning to give y

?" I asked

I know you

something to wear

me. "Wear this and hurry up, I have to m

to him. His body was ripped to the max; musc

gnored him. Making my way around the fence and i

?" I asked as we

They're in a good place, just sucks to walk

s eighteen in a plane crash, that'

w and then, but I never had the g

e house, you can get m

has come my way but, I don't want too.

and It was the first

at this mess, " I said while

me to look at him strange


he was towering over me. "I need

e it to y

eyes roamed every inch of my body. Wit

ng, I've never been

you. I've seen shit I've shouldn't have. I'm not going back to the Marines cause I've been dishonourably discharged. My life is a mess, so I'm back to crappie Marylan

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