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Billionaire's Gift

Billionaire's Gift



Mandy is young, beautiful, and rich. She has the perfect life and the perfect boyfriend. But one night, her whole world turns upside down--she catches her boyfriend, Daniel having an affair; she goes to bar where she gets drugged and loses her virginity to Nathan, a man who forces her to have a one-night stand with him; and her father gets arrested by the police. Then, she has no choice but to agree to be Nathan’s mistress for a month so that he would protect her and her family in return. But unexpectedly, Mandy falls in love with him and even agrees to be his girlfriend. However, another girl who likes Nathan is jealous and tries every means to separate them. Can Nathan and Mandy get through this? Don’t wait any more and start reading Billionaire's Gift!

Chapter 1
I've Had Enough Of You

On July 14th, Chinese Valentine's Day

Set against the background of the night sky, the street lamps and neon signs all blended into a blur, lighting up the whole city.

It was drizzling. A thin woman in a white dress walked swiftly on the quiet street, carrying an umbrella over her head.

A faint smile flashed across Mandy Zhou's face. She looked at the cake in her right hand and smiled in relief.

Today was the third anniversary of her relationship with her boyfriend, Daniel Zhao. Daniel was the first boyfriend she'd ever had, and she loved him a lot. They had always celebrated their anniversary together, but today, Daniel was too busy with work to spend time with Mandy. Undeterred by this, Mandy had spent the whole afternoon making a cake at home so that she could surprise Daniel with it.

At Elegance Residential Quarters

Mandy Zhou opened the door and flicked on the light switch. The familiar scene of Daniel's living room came into view. She gingerly set the cake down on the coffee table in an attempt to preserve her hard work until Daniel got to see it.

When Mandy thought of the fact that they had been together for three years, a happy smile appeared on her lips. She took off her slippers and turned around to sneak into Daniel's bedroom to surprise him.

Suddenly, Mandy heard a gasp, and the smile on her face disappeared; she was sure that the sound had come from a woman. Heart racing, she stood rooted to the spot and listened carefully. A second later, she heard a moan from a man.

The sounds were definitely coming from inside Daniel's bedroom. Stunned and feeling as if her feet were filled with lead, Mandy stood facing the door with her eyes wide open. Her faced turned red, then pale.

She recognized the man's voice, of course.

She shook her head, thinking maybe she had just been imagining things, but the sounds still lingered in the air. She didn't know if she should burst into the room to catch Daniel in the act.

Meanwhile, inside the room, two bodies were intertwined with each other.

"Daniel, when will you break up with her?" Celine Liu asked softly as she wrapped her arms around Daniel's neck.

"Baby, once everything goes according to plan, I'll break up with her," Daniel replied, pinching Celine's slender waist.

"Humph, I've done everything I was supposed to do, but you haven't made your decision yet. Tell me, are you still in love with her?" Celine Liu frowned, becoming jealous all of a sudden.

Most men couldn't resist the temptation of a coquettish woman, especially when they were in bed with them. Daniel didn't want to do anything to make Celine angry at this crucial moment, so he immediately coaxed her. "How is that even possible? Honey, you are the most important person in my heart. Look, I even left her to accompany you on Valentine's day. So what do you think?"

"What if she finds out what we're doing here?" Celine's alluring voice was like a sharp knife stabbing into Mandy's heart.

"What we're doing here? So what if she finds out? I've wanted to get rid of that woman for a long time. She always acts so pure and aloof. I have no interest in her. Who can stand that kind of woman?" Daniel snorted.

Obviously, Daniel's tone was full of unhappiness. Hearing his words, Mandy finally realized the kind of person he really was. The fury burning in her heart seemed to be extinguished in an instant.

She took a deep breath to calm herself down. Then, she quickly turned the doorknob without any hesitation.

With a click, the door opened, revealing the sight of Celine riding her boyfriend.

As soon as Daniel and Celine heard the door open, they abruptly stopped what they

were doing.

Daniel was petrified the moment he saw Mandy. All the excitement he had been feeling dissipated into thin air.

Celine calmly got off Daniel and looked defiantly into Mandy's eyes as if she was Daniel's real girlfriend.

"Daniel Zhao, I think you owe me an explanation!"

Mandy said, gritting her teeth and trying her best to hold back her tears. In the three years they had been together, she had never thought that there was a problem between them, not even when they had been separated from each other for a year.

A long-distance relationship was the toughest test of trust between couples. However, it had never even occurred to Mandy that the person she trusted the most could betray her.

It was not until now that she realized how silly she had been.

'Mandy, you are such a fool!' she thought to herself.

"Mandy, now that you've seen everything, I have nothing to say. Before you came, Celine and I were making love, so... you can get out now."

There was no more nervousness written on Daniel's face. His face was as cold as ice now.

Mandy was too angry to say a word. She couldn't believe that Daniel was asking her to get out instead of even attempting to apologize to her. In the three years they'd been together, he had never said such cruel words to her.

"Mandy, you heard him. Get out of here now. We're not done yet."

Celine smiled coquettishly as she stretched out her smooth arms, encircling Daniel's neck.

"Celine, my father has always treated you well. How can you do this to me? When you were in a difficult position, my father was the one who sponsored your college. And after you graduated, he even arranged for you to work as an accountant in his company. But instead of being grateful to him, you seduced my boyfriend. Aren't you afraid that you'll be punished?" Mandy asked, choking back tears.

She couldn't bear seeing the two of them together.

"Ha, I see. You rich people think money can solve everything, don't you?" Celine said, rolling her eyes.

"You bitch!"

Hearing her sarcastic words, Mandy couldn't help but rush forward to slap Celine.

If it was some other woman who had slept with her boyfriend, Mandy might not have hit her. But Celine was being an ungrateful bitch.

Things happened so fast that Celine wasn't able to react. When she felt Mandy's palm strike her cheek, her eyes brimmed with tears. "Daniel, she slapped me!" she complained.

Seeing that Mandy still wanted to make a scene, Daniel slapped her.

The sound of his slap was even louder than Mandy's.

Stunned, Mandy stood still. Tears blurred her eyes, blocking her vision.

The pain she felt in her heart was worse than the pain she felt on her cheek.

Daniel jumped up from the bed, slowly straightened his back, and said coldly, "Stop it, Mandy. I asked you to get out. Didn't you hear me?"

Looking at the sad expression on Celine's face, Daniel was distressed.

"How dare you hit me!" Mandy asked resentfully, trembling with anger.

"Yes, I hit you. Get out of here, or I'll teach you a lesson." Daniel glared at her with anger.

Anyway, their plan had succeeded. He had no reason to be nice to Mandy anymore.

"You son of a bitch! I will make you pay for what you did to me!"

Mandy raised her head coldly, and her eyes were filled with disappointment.

Daniel raised an eyebrow. "Okay, I'm waiting."

'Stop dreaming, Mandy Zhou. From now on, we're going to play a new game. Do you still think you can get what you want just because you have a rich father?' he thought to himself.

"I hope you two are a perfect match," Mandy said coldly before storming out of the apartment in anger.

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