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Trapped In Lace

Trapped In Lace



Rachel was a brilliant doctor with her whole life ahead of her. After five years of being stuck in a loveless marriage, she finally decided that it was time to get a divorce. By some cruel twist of fate, Rachel also found out that one of her patients was actually her husband’s mistress. “Mr. Fu, the least you could do is wait until we’re formally divorced before you go around cheating on me!” “Mrs. Fu, am I sensing some jealousy here?” “Just sign the divorce papers!” Rachel thought that everything would be fine after the divorce. However, they ended up in the same bed again after her father insisted that they live together for another year. What happened after Rachel rolled back into the arms of her ex-husband?

Chapter 1
Did He Misunderstand Her

It was an hour past midnight when Rachel Shen came out of the operating room.

At this time, the hospital was very quiet. Summer had brought upon an intense heat, and the entire city was hot as a stove. Despite that, there was a particular chill at the hospital.

Rachel Shen looked over to the brightly lit emergency department. There, a familiar face caught her attention.

A tall man carrying a woman in his arms was briskly walking towards her. Closely behind them, another man followed.

There were already a couple of nurses behind them. Rachel Shen calmly but hurriedly walked towards the group.

The man had obviously seen Rachel Shen. Although his face was calm, there was a hint of anxiety in his eyes. "Rachel, please come and see her," he said, his voice low and cold. "She got drunk, and now she had a high fever."

Jack Fu rarely spoke in a quick and slightly panicked way. But Rachel Shen was used to the situations like this, and she still kept cool. "Take them to Room 108," Rachel Shen told the nurse beside her.

Immediately, the nurse led Jack Fu to a room on the left.

Jack Fu looked up at the sign and strode over.

At this time, the man who was walking behind Jack Fu came up to Rachel Shen. "Well, there's something you don't see every day," he said in a joking tone.

Rachel Shen didn't say anything as she followed Jack Fu into the room.

When Michael Du saw how Rachel Shen ignored him, he followed her with a sigh. 'Jeez. They're all pretentious and boring. How can Jack be around women like this?' Michael Du thought to himself. He stared at Rachel Shen. Even when she was facing backwards, it was easy to tell that she was beautiful. Despite the fact that she was wearing a loose doctor's gown, her figure swayed with immense appeal.

There was no doubt that she was full of allure. Her features were perfect, and her eyes were as clear as spring water. However, her lack of spiritual energy made people feel that she was dull all over. 'That woman is truly a pity!' Michael Du thought regretfully.

Upon arriving at the ward, Rachel Shen saw Jack Fu putting the woman onto the bed.

Two nurses silently stood by. Both of them seemed to be waiting for Rachel to arrive.

Rachel knew that Jack always had an intimidating air around him. This day was no exception, even though he was a bit disheveled at the moment.

Looking closely at Jack, Rachel saw that the three buttons on his shirt were torn off. On top of that, there were fresh, red scratches on his neck.

She glanced over to the woman who was lying on the bed. The woman was unconscious, but was softly groaning. It was obvious that

she was very woozy.

"Take her temperature," Rachel said to one of the nurses as she approached the woman. Seeing the woman's body up close, she noticed that there were bruises all over her body -- on her arms, chest, and neck. Upon further inspection, Rachel observed that they were actually swollen kiss marks. Some areas were even slightly bleeding.

"39 degrees, doctor," the nurse said, holding up a thermometer.

"How long has it been since she's had this fever?" Rachel asked.

By this time, Jack had completely calmed down. He looked at Rachel with his black eyes, pursing his lips as he tried to recall the details. "She began to feel dizzy since yesterday," he finally replied, in his slow and low voice. "And then, this morning, she started to burn with fever."

Rachel nodded, and looked at the woman again. "Did you have sex before you took her to the hospital? Or have you been excessive engaging in sexual intercourse?"

It was normal for a doctor like Rachel to ask these kinds of questions. Jack, on the other hand, shifted his weight, looking like he was a bit uncomfortable at Rachel's question.

The two nurses also knew that stuff like this was normal. But, it was definitely surprising to them considering the person at hand...

Jack was wearing fairly casual clothes, a black shirt and black suit pants. There was a cold and stern look in his eyes, which were framed by a perfectly refined face. At one glance, he looked like an enigmatic nobleman. It was hard to imagine how he could be so rough in bed.

Rachel was being completely professional, and didn't think that there was a problem with her question. She looked up at him, and saw Jack standing in silence. "Have you been engaging in excessive intercourse?" Rachel asked again.

Although Jack had a calm and blank look on his face, his eyes revealed a flash of emotion.

After five years of marriage, Rachel never tried to read or guess what Jack was thinking. To her, he was such an enigmatic person that it was unnecessary to try and go through his mind.

But at that moment, Rachel noticed a glimmer of emotion in his eyes, and she began to realize whether he had misunderstood her.

It was a bit peculiar that Jack would bring a woman to the hospital in that state despite the fact that he had married her. But, in truth, Rachel didn't care at all. They didn't have any feelings towards each other. If Jack thought that she was taking this opportunity to interrogate him, he was wrong.

The silence dragged on in the ward, creating an awkward air.

All of a sudden, Michael burst into laughter. "So that's what happened? She had too much sex?"

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