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All Dote On One: CEO's Only Love

All Dote On One: CEO's Only Love



Cassie was drugged by her jealous best friend. Not fully aware of where she was, Cassie stumbled into his room. The moment Dylan saw her, he promised himself that he would not let her run away from him a second time. Neither of them had imagined that the night they spent together would change their lives forever. She had come to him because she needed to pay for her mother’s heavy debt. While for him, she was just a way to save himself from gossip and his grandmother’s constant nagging. Theirs was a marriage of convenience. This was where their story began. Will love replace the hurt in their hearts or will continue to live like strangers in the same house?

Chapter 1
I Won't Lose You For The Second Time

In the elevator of Windsor Holiday Inn

It was hot,

so hot!

Cassie Bo leaned against Alice Qi's shoulder. The airtight space in the elevator made Cassie Bo a little out of breath. She then shut her eyes.

The medicine mixed into the alcohol she drank was already taking effect. Her cheeks flushed.

Glancing at Cassie Bo, Alice Qi clenched her fists as her eyes flashed in rage.

'I'll be the only one Adam loves. I'll take everything from you, Cassie. Just wait and see.'

With her bag pulling her back down to a slouch, Cassie Bo blinked drowsily. "Alice, how long will it take for us to get there already? I feel terrible," she whined exhaustedly. Her arms were already lying limp on her sides.

"We're here." Alice smiled.

As if hearing Cassie Bo's complaints, the elevator finally opened. Suddenly, a gust of cold air blew them over. Cassie Bo shivered at the sudden change of temperature.

On the top floor of the hotel, a man with long legs stepped onto the red Persian carpet. The warm light highlighted the woman's smooth skin. Her little black dress left little to the imagination.

"Room 0969, Cassie. You're here."

The moment Cassie Bo stepped out of the elevator, she could already feel her vision wavering around her.

She was sure to faint at any given moment. Steadying her, Alice Qi plastered a smile on her face. "We're here. How about you go in first? I'll get you some hangover pills."

Raising her gaze to look at her, Cassie Bo giggled. "You're so kind, Alice," she slurred, barely able to string her words together.

"It's my pleasure."

Alice Qi stared through the crack of the door. She could make out a naked man standing in front of the French window by the living room.

Dylan Lu rubbed his temples and stared at the hazy night. He was a little drunk from the alcohol he had during his business meeting.

Seeing the man, Alice Qi was relieved.

She pushed Cassie Bo towards the door. "Go in. I'll be back, okay?"

"Hurry up."

With a hiccup, Cassie Bo nodded. Without giving Alice a chance to reply, she kicked off her heels and stumbled into the room.

"Oh, the show has just begun, Cassie." Alice smirked.

The temperature in the room only made her face even redder. If it got any more hotter, she was about to bleed! The alcohol had already intoxicated her mind. Her entire surroundings were already swaying from left to right, as if they were there to wave 'hello'.

Hearing the footsteps, Dylan Lu turned around with a frown. He had just taken a shower, and he still hadn't changed into his pajamas.

Only a white bath towel was wrapped around his lower extremities. His lean body and eight-pack abs were exposed to the air. The remaining droplets of water slid down his detailed muscles, arousing her almost immediately. She blinked wearily, not aware of her actions anymore.

Seeing the strange woman, Dylan Lu scowled.

"Get out."

However, the medicine had already spread through her system. What the hell was she going to do? It was getting hotter and hotter. She felt as if fire was coursing through her veins.

Maybe she needed to sleep? 'Yes, sleep is nice,' she thought.

Cassie threw her handbag to the side and tried to unzip her dress, only to scowl when the zipper wouldn't budge.

Frustrated, she decided to pull the straps off her shoulders, revealing her delicate collarbone.

A pair of warm hands slid across Cassie's shoulders, causing her to shiver.

Holding her shoulders, Dylan Lu gritted his teeth. "Get out."

Cassie turned and stretched out her arm. A man had just appeared in front of her in a figure of a shadow. She frowned, pointing at the man in front of her.

The shadow was getting even more blurry, but she was sure it was Adam Shen.

'Adam! Why are there two of them?'

"Adam," she moaned out. Cassie had never been this provocative her entire life.

Adam Shen was her boyfriend. She was actually allowed to bring an extra person to the party. She had planned to bring Adam Shen, but since he had something urgent to deal with, she decided to invite her best friend Alice.

A surge of surprise

surged through her

as she wrapped her arms around his hips.

'I miss you,' she thought.

Disgust flashed in his eyes as he grabbed her wrists and tried to wrench her off of him.

The pain brought her a little bit consciousness to what she was doing. She blinked.

'Shit! It's the wine... There must be something in it!'

She turned around to see that the culprit was nowhere to be seen.

"Fuck off!" Dylan tried to shove her off.

However, Cassie wasn't planning on letting him go. She leaned her head against his chest and gazed up at him with her misty eyes. "Don't push me," she snapped.

Seeing her weary gaze, his heart skipped a beat. "It's you?" he whispered.

It was her! She was here...right in front of him.

'She's back!

But who the hell is Adam?' Before he could think more,

she pressed her lips against his.

He froze, as if he had just been struck by lightning. His mind went blank.

'Was she always like this?' he thought as he pressed himself towards her.

Warmth spread across his veins as he wrapped his arms around the woman in front of him. He couldn't help it.

'Adam...' Although the name was familiar, he couldn't remember where he heard it before.

"You've lost your chance to go back on your word," he whispered.

Cassie smirked. "I don't regret any of my decisions."

The two bodies fell onto the white bed. A touch of scarlet drenched the sheets as their bodies were entangled with one other.

In a daze, she could hear him say, "I won't let you go the second time."

Outside the door, a man who was pushing a dining cart across the corridor furtively opened the room and glanced around. Skillfully avoiding the cameras, he took out his phone and aimed the camera at the pair. A playful smile slipped into his lips.

Dazzling sunlight streamed through the window, waking Cassie up almost immediately.

She squinted her eyes and twisted her body around the bed, only to feel a sharp pain from her hips.

Cassie furrowed her eyebrows. Above her was a luxurious chandelier and beside her was a wide desk. The furnishings were all different from the room that she had booked.

What happened? Where was she? Her head pounded, causing her to cringe away from the light.

Wasn't she supposed to be at a party?

The last thing she remembered was that it was nine o'clock in the evening.

They were in the grand hall on the second floor of the Windsor Holiday Inn. Crystal chandeliers reflected the dim light, creating an ambiguous and charming atmosphere. The leaves rustled in agreement. The hall was filled with lots of people as they all raised their glasses in celebration. Laughter filled the hall.

It was the annual meeting of a certain literary website.

Because of Cassie's splendid first work, she was lucky enough to be invited to the annual meeting. She was even allowed to bring in a plus one.

Her first reaction was to bring her boyfriend, but since he had some urgent business matters to get to, she decided to bring her best friend Alice.

Cassie squinted her eyes, trying to recall more of what had happened.

She remembered Alice giving her glass after glass... After that, she was sent back to her room. Cassie pursed her lips. She couldn't recall what happened next.

'Forget it. I don't want to think about it anymore.'

Her arms stretched up into the air, and she winced. A sharp pain pounded in her waist. She groaned.

Cassie lifted her quilt, wanting to stand up. But a certain breeze held her back. She shivered at the sudden openness before glancing at her body.

What the hell? Cassie shrieked, looking around. She was naked!

She could already see her clothes scattered across the cushions of the bed. Without another thought, she screamed and ran into the bathroom in a hurry.

Her heart pounded in her chest as she glanced at the mirror. There were evident red marks on her neck.

'Did I sleep with Adam last night?' she thought. Cassie raised her fingers to examine the red marks, wincing as she did so.

She put on a bathrobe in a hurry when she heard a familiar voice.

"Adam, see for yourself."

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