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A great marriage doesn't happen when the "perfect couple" gets together. It happens when an imperfect couple gets together and learns to enjoy each other's differences. Six individuals with different personalities. Three imperfect couples who have been asked to be together... let's find out their stories. Will they fall in love with each other or will they eventually abandon their marriage? ~~~~~~°~~~~~~~°~~~~~~~°~~~~~~~   Cold, rude, arrogant and narcissistic. This is how Sophia Yzabelle describes the man she married, Daniel Kelley. Due to her traumatic past and seeking justice, she agreed to marry him despite his rude personality. They hate each other from the very beginning but have had no choice but to get married as they both need the agreement for their own benefits.     The question is how long could they stand facing each other? Will they eventually admit their feelings or will they continue to be stubborn towards each other? * * *     Despite having everything she needs in life, it doesn't stop Madielyn Davis for completing her bucket list of dreams. So she applied for a job as a Personal Assistant to the CEO. Little did she know that her rude yet handsome boss, Gabriel Wilsons, will offer her a life-changing deal and that is to become his wife for a year.     Uhm... marrying someone who doesn't love you back is hard, but how about marrying someone for an agreement and the reason---he just wants to get his ex-girlfriend back, isn't it more painful.     Yes, it is, but she still agreed to marry him because she believed she could still change his mind for the revenge he's planning for his ex-girlfriend. But something happened during the process as she ended up falling in love with him.     Will Gabriel be able to return Madi's love or will he prefer the person he loved first? * * *     When she turned 18, a free-spirited young woman, Arrianna Angela, signed the most stupid contract and arrangement in her life. And that's marrying her brother's best friend and first love, Alexander Jonathan Smith. But here's the twist... he's rich, handsome but one of the certified womanizers in town.     But what they didn't know is not only the contract they signed can be called stupid, but so is she, who still found herself deeply in love with him even though he left her alone in their marriage for four years.    And now that he's back, can she still believe the man who made her feel worthless for a long time or like the past years she's been waiting, she would still accept and continue to love him despite everything that's happened?

Chapter 1

Sophia's POV:

A long and deep sigh escaped through my lips as I checked my wristwatch for I don't know how many times. I've been sitting inside the coffee shop for almost forty-five minutes, but I still can't see even a glimpse of the person who texted me yesterday. Mr. Daniel Kelley, the CEO of Kelley International Corporation, my 'so-called' fiance and a husband to be three weeks from now.

He said he wants us to meet and to see me personally before they announce our engagement party next week. I agreed, so I cancelled my first practice appointment just to meet him.

Maybe you're confused about the engagement party. How can be two people get engaged without knowing each other, or without even seeing each other? Well, this is just a contractual marriage, so to be intimate with each other is not necessary. We only need to be in this marriage for one year and after that, we're going to go in our separate ways again.

"Ten minutes. No, five minutes. Five more minutes and if he still don't show up himself, I'm gonna leave and I won't also show myself until the engagement party." I muttered lowly while roaming my eyes inside the restaurant.

And to make myself busy while waiting for another minute, I put my earphones back and listen to my new downloaded dance music from my phone, as I continued to create new dance steps in my head.

I was already indulged with the music and enjoying the beat when I noticed that there's someone standing in front of me. I removed my earphones and looked up to see a tall and handsome man in a dark suit.

The first thing I've noticed was his eyes, they were cold and you can never see even a single emotion on it. It's as if I am looking to an emotionless man.


My breath hitched with the sound of his voice, so cold yet so sexy. And the way he mentioned my name sends shivers down my spine.

"Yes. Are you Mr. Kelley?"

I asked and straightened my seat, as I looked directly into his eyes. He didn't answer me, instead he pulled the chair across my seat and suit himself comfortably without leaving his eyes on me. It's kinda odd and creepy but I hold my breath and fight the urge not to look away.

"Mr. Kelley, right?"

I asked again but like my first attempt, I still got no answer.

I was on the verge of asking if he's kinda deaf when he finally opened his mouth.

"Tell me, Sophia. How much money did my Mom offered you to accept this deal?"

I was taken aback with his question. I didn't expect him to ask me that. That was what they called NOT beating around the bush. Straightforward. Direct to the point and without even saying 'Hi', 'Hey' or whatever.

"What? I-I'm sorry?"

I asked to clarify what I heard.

"Come on, Sophia. I just wanna know how much money did my Mom offered you for this deal?"

I gulped at the way he's looking at me like I'm some kind of dirt.

"How did you know her and how did you ask her to choose you to portray this act?"

I chuckled sarcastically right after he finished his question.

"Excuse me, Mr. Kelley? But for your information, your mother didn't offer me even a single cent from your family's bank account!"

"So, what do you mean? You've just accepted this deal without anything in return? Oh, come on Ms. Sophia. I am a businessman and you can never fool me like what you did to my Mom!"

I formed my fists into a ball and tried to calm my raging nerves. How dare this man insulted me with his money? But instead of shouting and giving him a death glare, I smiled. A smile that I'm sure would get into his nerves.

"Is this your reason why you wanted to meet me, Mr. Daniel Kelley? Just to insult me and throw to my face that all I wanted was just your money."

"Why... isn't it your reason why you agreed with this? So, tell me how much do you need----"

"Then what? You're going to tell me to back out and cancel the deal?" I chuckled again while shaking my head. "Listen here, Daniel Kelley! Not all the things in this world has a price and can buy with your shining-shimmering cards, or by your precious money inside your pants!"

I bring my face closer to him and I didn't miss how he was surprised by my action.

"For once and for all, your Mom didn't offer me a single penny! In fact, she asked me for some help. To help his older son and portray as his wife for one year! And yes, I do have a reason for marrying you, but it's too far from money! So, just tell me directly if you don't want me to marry you and don't throw me insults and judgement! Or if you want, you can talk to your mother, because I wasn't the one who's insisting myself to this marriage!"

I stand up and get my bag from the table, but I remember something and I need this to tell him.

"Tsk.Tsk.Tsk. Daniel Kelley. Yeah, you're handsome, having broad shoulders, sexy and a perfect husband material for your looks..." his mouth ajar as his eyes widened a bit. "..but you know one thing I've realized? That how much of a good looking you are, it's the opposite of your attitude! It stinks! You need to shower more than three times a day for the whole year!"

I saw how he was taken aback with my last word, but I didn't wait for him to respond. I left him open-mouthed and walked my way towards the entrance of the coffee shop. I don't care what he thinks of me after this. If he doesn't want me to become his contractual wife, then fine. But I don't need his insults. I've suffered a lot of insults and judgements before, I don't want some additional this time.

When I reached my car, I let out a heavy sigh and a silent prayer when the rain started to pour outside. It's like raining cats and dogs and now blurring my windshield. I started the engine as I don't have a choice but to drive under this heavy rain. If I only knew that this would be the result of my almost one hour of waiting, I shouldn't have waited for him. No, I shouldn't have agreed to meet him.

What I said was true, yes I accepted the deal but it's not for money, but for his last name, his family name. I need to do it, 'cause I don't have any choice left in me when his mother offered the contract.



I was in the parking lot of the mall and walking towards my car when I noticed the figure that's following me behind. I turned around just to stuck on my feet. I can't believe that I am seeing the last man I wanted to see or should I say, the man I never wanted to see ever again. The man who almost ruined my life in the past. Joseph De Luca.

"Guarda chi c'è? Finalmente ti ho trovato, Amore Mio." (Look who's here? Finally, I found you my love) he said grinning maliciously.

"Don't call me your love, you bastard!" I shouted at him as goosebumps crept all over my body.

"Esuberante." he chuckled. "Non sei ancora cambiato. Come stai, Amore Mio?" (Feisty. You still haven't changed. How are you, my love?)

"Ho detto di non chiamarmi amore, cazzo! Bastardo!" (I said don't fucking call me 'love'! You bastard!)

He smirked and stepped towards me, and I started to step backwards. My heart is pounding inside my chest.

"Dai, non ti manco? (Come on, don't you miss me?"

"Non mi mancherà mai la tua fottuta facia in tutta la mia vita!" ( I won't ever miss your fucking face, in my entire life!)

And I run towards my car. I was about to open the door when I felt a hand over my hand. And the next thing I know, I was slammed over my car door with his lips on my neck.

"Let me go! You're fucking bastard! Don't you dare touch me!" I tried to push him but he's so strong, so I just shout on top of my lungs. "Help! Somebody help me!" I gathered all my strength and pushed him but not without giving him a hard slap.

He touched the area on where my hand landed and smirked at me... then turned into demonic laugh.

I am catching my breath while watching him laughing at me. I can't believe I can see him again after a long time, and in all the possible places, here in California. Italy is too far from here, but why does fate bring this bastard here?

"Who would have thought that after all these years, we will see each other again, amore mio? Why did you leave Italy? I've been searching for you everywhere. Can you see this? Do you still remember this?"

He pointed the long scar on his neck. His face becomes serious which added to the anxiety that's creeping inside me.

"This is the fucking reason why I've searched for you! I almost turned the whole Europe just to find you! But why didn't you inform me that you're just hiding here in California?"

"You're son of a bitch! If you're thinking that you can escape for what you did to me six years ago, then you're wrong!"

"Ohh... mia Cara Ysabelle, ma non hai prove delle tue accuse!" ( Ohh, my dear Ysabelle, but you don't have any proof of your accusations.)

"Yes, but I swear to God, Joseph! When I get a strong evidence against you, you're going to get old and die inside the prison!"

"Ohh..tsk.tsk tsk. It's been six years, Amore Mio. Are you not feeling tired? Why don't you give to me now the gift that you refused to give me before?"

"Fuck you!" I shuddered with the thought of giving him myself. "I'm getting married, so fuck off!"

He narrowed his eyes on me, but before he could speak, we heard someone's voice behind and three men in white uniform, came to our view.

"What's happening here? Sophia, are you okay?" Mrs. Kelley walked towards us.

Joseph looked at the three men in front of him and turned his gaze in me.

"Non abbiamo ancora finito, Amore Mio! Quando ci rivedremo, mi assicurerò di prenderti e renderti completamente Mio!" he said with a glare before he walked away from us.

"Huh!" I closed my eyes and let out the heavy breath that I've been holding earlier.

"Are you okay, Sophia?" she tapped my shoulder and I looked at her with teary-eyed.

"I'm okay, Mrs. Kelley. Thank you for helping me."

"But I didn't do anything?"

"No, ma'am. You helped me from that man. And thank you so much."

"Sophia, if you don't mind, may I ask if who's that man earlier? And what did he said before he walked out?"

"He said, we haven't finished yet. And when see me again, he will make sure to get me and make me completely his."

"Oh my God! Why did he say that, was he your boyfriend before or your boyfriend right now? But you said you're single?"

"Yes ma'am, I'm single and he's not my ex-boyfriend nor my boyfriend, and that's not gonna happen ever. I will choose to die rather than seeing myself together with him." I looked at her eyes to see what will be her reaction if I tell her the truth. "He tried to rape me six years ago."

"Oh my holy Christ!" her eyes widened in shock and I just give her a sad smile.

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