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Between Them

I gasped as he took my hand that was holding the towel, making it dropped and I was naked in front of him. "So young and beautiful, tell me...what's your name kitten?" "Claire." I breathed my answer. "I'm David, I want you to scream my name when I let you come. You understand me, kitten?" ***** Promiscuous Series: Book 1: Between Them Book 2: The Lovers Book 3: The Desire I'm loving their company. I wouldn't advise this kind of relationship to anyone else unless you're ready to face the consequences. Most of the time you would end up sated, sore, and pleasured. For the rest, you have to handle jealousy and drama. How long will this relationship last? Let's find out, shall we? ** Warning! Extreme 18++ strong language, explicit scenes ***

Chapter 1 Andrew & Ethan

We were the queer trio, that everybody would steer a clear path from. I love my guys, I was loving their attention. I could never get enough of them. We had known each other since junior high.

We were almost always together and always scheduled our meet for the next day. That was up until our last week together, it was the week before we parted and would go our separate ways to the colleges of our choosing.

That week we decided to have a full-on very sexy week to satisfy our needs and to let go of future longing of our intimacy together.

"We're going to ravish you this whole week before we're separated from each other. I'm going to miss you, Claire."

Andrew moves to licked and kissed my tits one by one, then devour my lips making me moan. His hand travels down to my clit, then his mouth follows the trail and goes down on me. He tasted my wetness, and he lapped it up with his tongue making me shiver.

And it wasn't long until Ethan joins him and I was sandwiched between my guys.

"Oh...damn, Ethan... Andrew, please..." I've got Ethan behind me and Andrew under me.

"Claire baby, so tight. Every time. Damn...Andrew, harder...now..." Ethan was pounding my ass harder while biting on my shoulder. He backed away and start to slap my ass cheek, making me moan. Then he did the same to the other side, making me clenched harder.

"Damn it...baby, Andrew! I'm coming guys. Again harder...come with me, come together with me, now..." I moaned my words while breathing heavily.

We were moving erratically until we were reaching our high and all of us climaxed seconds apart from each other. Ethan slowly pulled out from behind me, discarding the condom and Andrew followed moments later. He walked to the bin and straight to the kitchen then got all of us three bottles of cold beer.

Ethan pulled me to his chest, while he drank his beer. Andrew gulps his and puts it down on the bedside table. I was still drinking mine when Andrew started nibbling on my body making me giggle and almost choked on my beer.

He was rubbing my clit, playing me expertly leaving me hanging wanting for more. Then licked his fingers clean from my arousal.

"I'm going to miss you, babe." Andrew put my bottle away and made me straddle him. At the same time, he pulled Ethan's neck then starts kissing him vigorously. Sucking and licking his lips as they both release their low moans.

God! I always become so wet just from seeing them kissing each other.

"You tasted so good Claire," Ethan said while he sucked Andrew's tongue.

"Ethan...do you want to watch me play with myself while Andrew sucks your cock?" I whispered and start licking Andrew's shoulder when he was still kissing Ethan's mouth.

Andrew was humming under his kisses. "Or... do you want me to fuck Andrew with my hand, while he sucks you off?" I could clearly hear him moaning, making me giggle as I start to go behind Andrew and placed my palm on his dick. I couldn't circle it, because of its width. I started licking and kissing Andrew's back while stroking his cock, going up and down his length.

Andrew was moaning in front of me, while Ethan smirked as he was looking at me then directing Andrew's head down to his cock.

So fucking sexy!

Ethan kept his eyes on me, while Andrew was sucking him off, then he throws me the lube. "Add the lube, stroke him faster and harder."

Andrew moaned louder as he gagged when Ethan pushed his dick deeper into his throat.

"...make him come, then I want you to sit on my face as I eat you while Andrew sucks me off."

I could feel Andrew twitched in my hand, he was feeling the anticipation. I took the lube and put it generously on Andrew's cock and start to stroke him hard and fast making him cursed and moaned louder.

"Hell, baby... I'm coming, Claire." Then Ethan pulled Andrew's face roughly for a hot scorching kiss and told him to cum. He did so, as he bucks his hips and climaxes hard on my hand. I quickly milked him, then licked him clean. He was whimpering when I teased and licked his tip, but then he pulled me roughly to him then kissed me and taste himself. It took moments as we were caught up in our kiss, and we finally break it off breathless.

Then Ethan lay down on the bed. I was still staring at his beautiful muscled body when he speaks. "On my face Claire... now baby. I want to suck your bare pussy dry. Andrew, my cock please, and take it, slow babe, I'm already about to burst, your mouth feels so good on my cock."

I could hear Andrew chuckled behind me, as he started licking Ethan's tip. He was looking at me, his eyes darken with lust as he moaned from Andrew's tongue.


Then he roughly spread my thighs bearing my smooth glistening pussy for him. He licks it and flick it, then pulled me in closer and latched his mouth to my folds. He was sucking it and putting his tongue and play with my clit making me curse and moan harder, which made him start sucking on my clit eagerly.

I was holding onto the headboard trying to balance myself while Ethan kept on pleasuring me, sucking me, and licking me deeper.

"Fuck, Ethan... like that, yes...finger me...more sucking Ethan, harder...mmhh! I'm coming. Andrew! suck him harder, make him come for me, now Andrew... fuck! Ethan babe, I'm coming, fuckkkkk..."

I cum just seconds before him, then he licked me dry, while my legs were still limp from the sheer pleasure. I got off of him and lay beside him, watching as Andrew lick and clean him then winked at me.


He finally lay beside me and spooned me, while Ethan slowly got up and gave both of us a kiss.

"I'm going to order some pizza for dinner. Why don't you both start the shower and I'll join you later on okay? You can even start without me."

He moved my body facing Andrew's while he started kissing me lazily, then he alternates to kissing Andrew inches from my face, making me moaned. Seconds later he nudged me to Andrew, making my body entwined to his as Ethan made me kiss him. Then he slipped his hand between us and stroked Andrew's cock to my already wet pussy.

He whispered huskily in Andrew's ear, but loud enough for me to hear. "I want you to finger fuck Claire in the shower, and wait for me there. Take her closer and closer to the edge, but don't let her come. I want her to come in our mouth. I want her to feel both of our mouths sucking her dry as she came down from her climax."

"Go now, I'll join you guys after the pizza arrived." He slaps my ass playfully and put on his shorts, then went out to the living room.

"Oh fuck!" I gasped, but Andrew grabbed me and put me on his shoulder carrying me to the bathroom laughing.

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