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The Billionaire's Addiction

The Billionaire's Addiction



Alyssa Hall, A young adult who lived in her small world of shuffling between schooling, working and taking care of her sick sister. Carlo Morris, A devilishly handsome billionaire, Does whatever he wants to whomever he feels like, He believed only in money and power, Those two forces drove his world. As much as Carlo craved to have Alyssa on his bed, she kept running away from him —refusing to be a rich man's prey. But what happens when love brings them together and they can't run away from what they feel? Until he met her, He never knew what Love was. Until she met him, She never knew love could have a deeper meaning than just lustfully crushing over a beautiful man. She became his addiction, But can he ever be with her?

Chapter 1


Alyssa Hall.

I hated going for morning interviews especially when I had an important Chemistry class to attend, who dared miss Prof Jonah's class? The white haired man in his late sixties was always coming up with several strategies to penalize a student everyday and I refuse to be hitched in his trap.

After cooking and sprucing up my little sister — Callie. I left the house and took the next moving bus to school. Callie doesn't go to school, ever since we lost our parents in the fire accident, she's been trying so hard to get over them. It got worse that she went into a state of depression and she's been battling with that for years, she had to stop schooling when other kids mocked her and made her feel less of herself, she couldn't cope anymore and her teachers advised I let her stay home till she's back to her usual happy self.

The bus stopped in front of Hailey College —my great school and I hurriedly hopped out, the class was starting in five minutes and I had to meet up before he entered the class and also go for the interview time scheduled for the part-time job I applied for —it was hard living without any savings, I had to help my sister and I since the little savings our parents left us with was almost finished.

I got into the classroom almost same time prof Jonah did but all thanks to God, he didn't catch a glimpse of me entering after he did.

"Morning class." He greeted as he scribbled something on the board. "The last time we talked about the Beckmann's condensation, who else still remembers what I taught?" He asked as he paced around the front roll, I was thankful I didn't sit down there today. Everything he taught in the last class were all gone as soon as he left the class that day, I tried so hard to grasp something from all he said but I didn't get a thing, I couldn't do more when I got home. Been busy searching for part-time jobs online and that's hindering me from studying.

No one stood up to answer his question, and he got really furious —he hated when he asked a question and the class refused to give an answer.

"This was taught three days ago." He held the marker in his hand and tapped his foot repeatedly against the marbled floor —a sign he was getting impatient. "Someone should tell me something about it before I call on someone myself." My heart skipped a breath when he said that, what do I do or say if he calls on me? I quickly brought out my book to glance through what we were taught in the last class but how do I even explain when I don't understand?

"Hey, you." I heard his voice rang in my ears, oh my God! I suddenly wished the ground would just open up and take me in. I was about to get the worst embarrassment of my life, Chemistry wasn't my best course, my major borrowed it for that year and I hated everything about it.

"Si...si-r…Sir." I stuttered.

"What do you know about Beckmann's condensation?" He directed the question to me and I shivered —he detested when a student sat down while he was asking a question, he saw it as a sign of disrespect like he once told us.

"Sir?" I stood up to answer him. "Beckmann's condensation" His phone rang and he gestured to me to stop, I guess it was an awful news because his face turned into a scowl and precipitously, he vacated the class after giving an assignment.

Oh my saving grace!

I thank whoever was behind that, what would I have said if the phone didn't ring?

After Prof Jonah left the class, My best friend —Danya Davis popularly called Deedee came to my seat. She'd ignored anyone who tried to call her by her first or last name, she took the initial letters of both names and made a sobriquet out of it, which sounded sweet by the way.

"I guess you've been reading." Deedee teased me. "Saw how bold you were when you wanted to answer Prof Jonah's question, thought we both hated chemistry. Why did you decide to snitch on me?" She grimaced as she folded her arms and placed them on her chest, I stared at her green orbs and smiled, Deedee has been my friend since we were little lasses and it still amaze me that we were able to go this far in our friendship, I love her a lot and won't even trade what we have for anything.

"Deedee, I swear I didn't know what to say. All thanks to the phone that rang." I raised my hands up to give thanks.

"It's a lie Alyssa, I see you've been studying a lot behind my back." She took her stand and I ignored her, Deedee doesn't take reading seriously and she had wheedled me into not reading too, but I wasn't like her. I had to graduate from college and start a work to fend for Callie and I.

"Yes, I've been up to studying but believe me when I say, chemistry isn't one of the books I read." I glanced at my wrist watch for umpteenth time and I was getting impatient, maybe restless will be the best word to use in this context. As ten approached, my heartbeat intensified and I could feel my heart jumping out If my chest, I guess it was a norm for me to get nervous in times like this. "I have an interview this morning." I told her and she just nodded her head.

"You won't wish me success?"

"You'll ace it, I just hope they don't ask questions in chemistry." Deedee laughed at me.

"No, I forbid that." I stood up when it was forty minutes to ten, I hugged Deedee, grabbed my knapsack and ran out of the classroom.

The school was few minutes away from college, I decided to stroll down and reminisce on the things I've learnt the previous night before going to bed —likely questions to be asked in an interview.

I got to Princeguide high school and stop at the gate for a while, I stared at the giant building in front of me and beamed with so much confidence, it seemed impossible right now but I know I could do it, I gathered composure and moved forward to knock at the big gate painted colours of blue and white, a gatekeeper attended to me and let me in after I showed him my invitation slip.

"Thank you." I muttered and walked swiftly inside, taking in the features of the building as I took each step. A lot of fortune was spent to stand this building and only kids whose parents were rich could afford the big money paid in the school. I wished Callie could get to attend the school once she's back to her normal self, but it was just a mere imagination. It was never going to happen.

I got to the reception and introduced myself to the receptionist, the young man flashed a smile at me and his face looked so familiar, or was it his smile? I've seen someone like him before, same height, brown skin, dark charming eyes, pouty lips that made him sexy, why would they choose a man like that to be a receptionist? My subconscious mind was back to doing the nasty things of harbouring crazy thoughts whenever I saw a cute man.

I waved at him once I sat down. He placed a call across to the director who was in charge of interviewing me.

Soon after, he directed me to the office where I'll be attended to.

I got into the director's office and stood at the door, he urged me in with his hands and slowly, I walked towards him, I sat on one of the chairs in front of him.

"Good morning sir." I greeted Politely.

"Alyssa Hall?" He asked and I replied. "Nice, I've gone through the results you submitted and they're really nice. You'll work as a part-time teacher for the grade four class, I already discussed with their teacher and he's willing to accommodate you, your duration of work will be from four to six in the evening and you're to resume tomorrow." He simply said.

I wanted to talk but words failed me, I levelled my eyes on him and beamed heavily. I had expected a tough interview but it was easier than I thought, nothing was asked and the job was offered? I thanked my stars, I've been favoured today and I couldn't ask for more. First, it was getting out of Prof Jonah's trap and now, I got the job without going through any form of stress.


After a brief introduction to the student and the classroom teacher, I left the school in an euphoric state. I wanted to jump and scream out my lungs but I held myself together and walked towards the bus stop to board a bus going towards Lakesbroke street, I can't wait to break the news to Damian —my longtime boyfriend of two years.

I called his phone but it was unavailable.

I got to his apartment minutes later and knocked, he didn't open up and I decided to try the lock. Luckily, the door wasn't locked. I entered into the three bedroom apartment and saw how scattered his clothes were in the living room, I hissed as I picked the cloths up. He was sometimes too lazy to arrange his own house, I walked into the bedroom and as I got closer to the door I could hear moaning sounds made by two people.

"Oh my gosh!" That was Damian's voice. "Flip over for me baby." I heard him groan. "You're so tight as fuck, Alyssa won't even make me feel this good." I heard pounding sounds and my heart tore apart.

"Go harder." It was a female's voice this time.

"Deeper." She cried out.

"Say it." Damian commanded.

"Please." She begged him.

"Say it, Claire." He commanded again.

"Please, Fuck me harder." She surrendered to him.

"And what do you call a guy who fucks hard?" Damian asked her.

"Daddy, daddy, daddy." She moaned loudly, my feet trembled where I stood with Damian's cloths in my hands, I couldn't move, my hands were cold and the cloths went down to the floor.

I moved back and held the wall for support, why would he cheat on me? I've made out with him severally and he promised not to force me to do anything I won't do.

Why was he sexing some other girl in his room?

I was tempted to barge into the room, scratch out his eyes with my sharpened claws and demand for a good reason, he would cheat on me.

But I let him be, I let it be. He would know I was in his house once he sees his scattered cloths at his doorstep.

"Good." I muttered. "Good he's cheating on me!" I felt like strangling someone, I was so angry and tears stained my cheeks as I walked aimlessly. I was hurt, deeply hurt the only man I gave my heart to had to break it this hard.

I wasn't really interested in guys till he showed up and spitted all sorts of lies to me. I trusted him not knowing he was a cheat.

"Has he been cheating on me all these while? When did he start cheating on me?" I yelled and other pedestrians stared at me like I was crazy.

Yes, I was really crazy. I wept and walked straight up to Deedee's house.

Deedee wasn't at home when I got there, I waited till she came with Avery —her boyfriend, there was something about him that I hated. Even after everything he did to make me like him, I wasn't still a fan of him.

"Hey, Alyssa." Deedee hugged me when she saw my gloomy countenance. "What the hell is wrong with you girl?" She asked.

"What's wrong with her?" Avery asked.

"I don't know too." She tried to talk me into spilling what was wrong but I didn't say anything. I understood that she always needed time with Avery whenever he came over to her house. I stood up and told her I was leaving.

Deedee let me go, she knew I'd come back to her — I always do.

I trekked down to my house which was few miles away from Deedee's, I got home and met Callie on the couch, she was fast asleep but her eyes were slightly opened —it's strange how she does that, it scared me sometimes but I learnt how to do with it.

I yanked the blanket off her body and switched on the air conditioner.

I plopped down on the couch next to the one Callie was sleeping on and buried my face with my palm. The day had been a blend of both bad and good.

But the good thing was that, I got what I wanted —a well paid job and to hell with Damian!

I checked my phone to see if Damian had called back, but why was I expecting his call? I tossed my phone apart and rested my head on the couch, after a long day. Sleep was the only thing to calm my nerve and relax my brain, I spread my legs on the couch and joined Callie in the dreamland.

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