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Self Discovery

Self Discovery



This book point one back to the purpose of existence. A guide to help cope with life and dealing with inferiority complex in order to have great confidence and a health self esteem. With real life examples of how the author lived in insecurity and how all this changed.

Chapter 1


BOOK 1:29 AM 10/11/2014



(c) 2014 Michael Sakala

(c) 2019 Michael Sakala

To God be the Glory.


I would like to say a big thank you to the Almighty for giving me life and for his amazing grace before and during the time of writing this book . I thank him for giving me a wonderful family and all my friends in Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Congo DRC, Tazania, UK and USA for all your love, inspiration, encouragement and support which really helped me to stand.


Wendy Gurule and Faith Brown from USA thanks for proof reading this book you have been such a big encouragement to me. My sister Feli Sakala you are wonderful and thanks for keeping my manuscript for over 4 years and for giving it back to me on 30-03-19. Dad you believed I will do this even if many did not it made a great difference in my life. Pastor Allan you are such a great mentor who saw the best in me when the world saw the worst in me thanks also for proof reading this book. Brian, Doris and all my siblings thanks for being there for me.


They say people die because of lack of knowledge and i say the same thing over and over again. That's why i say if you discover you recover and make impact. I have suffered much in the past because of lack of knowledge of i was, something thing that pushed me into deep loneliness, sadness among many other things. I wrote this book in the year 2014 when I was a caretaker looking after a property and I was motivated to come up with this contribution to help out someone like me. "I used to see myself the way you probably see yourself" are the lyrics from Kirk Franklin 's "Imagine me song" with Mary Mary. When I heard this song for the very first time I thought Kirk had read my diary and picked up stuff and did the song because he sung my life I was certain, what a coincidence?

But the moment i took time out to figure out how things where going with my life like in the story of the prodigal son thats when things begun to change for me especially when i decided to go through the all process and it has helped me a whole lot and it could do the same for you even more. As you read this book about Self Discovery I want you to understand that I the author of this book I'm a product of self discovery. I have come from a past of insecurities, drug addiction ans abuse. I have come from down that misery insecure road which some call the end of the road and I'm standing here with a smile because by God's grace I have self discovered now it's your turn to do the same as well. I have no doubt that if you read this book slowly and stay committed to applying the numerous self discovery principles, you will see yourself on top of things that have held you sown for such a long time now. Read, practice and unlock your full potential that makes you not just one in the crowd but to stand out of the crowd.

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