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In Spite of Love

In Spite of Love



Nothing haunts like the things we don't say" Thats the story of two people one trying to find something which was lost in the past And the other trying to run away from the past İn between all this chaos these opposites happen to meet each other and that's when some secrets were revealed which shouldn't be disclosed... ___________________________________________ "Just tell me one reason why you always drive me away from you"cried emiley in a shaking voice "Why whenever i am close to you or trying to get you close you keep sendinh me away.you know that i have already lost a friend of mine and now when i finally have another one i don't wanna lose you" "Because whenever i am with you i always feel stuffiness"said .....angrily "From the day you have entered in my life it became a complete mess justt go away i don't want to seee you anymore and..." "İf really thats the reason.so i am sorry i will not bother you anymore sorry for being selfish. İ got it. friendship should be mutual. Sorry for all the time i have forced myself on you i will not do this anymore" said emiley cutting ...... Sentence while wiping her tears. "So we are complete strangers from now on"said ....... "Yess totally"said emiley in a numb voice while going out of the room with tears which were blurring her view. . The room filled with complete silence and partial darkness moonlight coming from the side window iluminating the tears on hero's face "I love you so much emiley..."said hero Crying "I can't make you part of this dark world. i am sorry i can't keep you by side even if i always wanted to..i hope you will forgive me for always lying to you" he said while holding a half burnt picture close to his chest closing his eyes and resting his back on the wall with

Chapter 1

Emiley Blue:

Main lead

Tsundere character (initially cold until they show their Warmer side)

She is one of those in the town with whom, no one dares to mess with. She is a FLORİST

Little bit cold.doesnot make friends because she thinks she's gonna destroy everything she has close to her because of accidental death of her parents at the age of 6 and sudden disappearance of his only childhood friend justin when she was 7.

She is a savage person with good sense of humour(sometimes its lame?)

She loves nancy but would die instead of admitting this.

Lets see how with these events her life gonna change.

Nancy Blue:

She is only elder sister of emiley.and loves and protects her no matter what she does and always secretly take care of her because she is a complete troublemaker.and doesnot want nancy to get close to her. She kind and thoughtful until you say anything to her sister she can even rip you off.(afterall same genes)

John Bale:

Nancy's fiance

His family wants him to marry her because of wealth of blue family

Eron Sze:

Nancy's bestfriend always help nancy in protecting emiley and is a complete gentlemen.he loves Nancy for a long time but will never confess because she is engaged and want her to live a happy life.

Uncle Kevin:

Brother of emiley and Nancy's father and took care of them after his death but his wife sophie blue is so tired of the two sisters and wants to get rid of them.


Main lead

President of the big company owned by his father who is one of the most powerful man in the city.

Fears his father the most.

Have a past and secrets within a small box which h always hide and no one knows what's inside it except his one best friend Roy, but he dont know the main reason

(Well don't worry you guys will soon know it sooner or later?)

HEY GUYS! ITS your author

its my first time writting a story.also english isn't my native language.there might be some mistakes. i hope you would like this story as i tried my best to keep it lighthearted with some humour and ofcourse romance and mysteries.stay tuned.i have worked hard on this.i would be glad if you support this.let me know if you are eager for further updates. much love❤️

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