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 Fall In Love With My Psychiatrist

Fall In Love With My Psychiatrist



"Your lips are soft and warm. I've never kissed a man, but it wasn't bad either." "This is... weird. I've never felt what I felt when I kissed you." Sean Jung is a psychiatrist who is very handsome and the idol of women. He has rules, only having one-night stands and no strings attached, so he is nicknamed Casanova. One day, his sister Irene, asks Sean to do therapy to a man named Brendan, her crushed, then became a friend. Brendan is a dashing, and attractive accountant, but his attitude is very cold and distant. Brendan had a very severe heartbreak and shut down after his fiance betrayed him. For Sean, Brendan is a challenge. However, what if the challenge backfires on him and makes his own life very bumpy? Although love can happen anywhere and to anyone, but for two people who are as different as heaven and earth, it is not an easy thing, because difficulties and obstacles are ready to destroy the fragile bond between them.

Chapter 1 Surprise Surprise

Brendan is very happy today. The company where he applied for the job finally gave him an answer to his job application and they will give him the opportunity for an interview next week.

Brendan whistled all the way home from the bowling alley where he'd been spending time with Jake and Arshan.

They gather to celebrate farewell to Arshan who is about to move to Dubai as he has accepted a job there.

Brendan received a call from Mrs Amy Loewn--head of the personnel division where he applied for the job just as he was raising a beer to toast Arshan.

His house garage was empty when Brendan arrived. Brendan parked his car, a shiny black SUV on the sidewalk in front of his yard. He might leave again soon.

"Mom?" called Brendan as he hung his jacket in the cupboard behind the door. He saw his mother's shoes in the hall.

"I'm here," said a voice from the kitchen.

Brendan came into the kitchen and saw his mother, Sheryn Dawn--that was her maiden name and now it has changed to Sheryn Forbeen When six years ago she married David Forbeen.

Brendan's father--Greg Ashton, died eleven years ago. At that time Brendan was only seven years old.

Sheryn was stirring something like dough in a large bowl. She looked up when Brendan came in and smiled broadly. "Hi, honey. Having fun with Jake and Arshan?"

Brendan sat on the bar stool in front of the counter. "Hm. Arshan is leaving the day after tomorrow. We just played bowling for a while and drank at Uncle Kay's club. Why are you at home, Mom? Don't you have class tonight?"

Sheryn is a yoga instructor at a wellness center downtown. "No. My class is being diverted tomorrow because the head of the health center will review the classes that were reported leaked a few days ago."

Brendan pointed to the basin. "What did you do? Its for pizza?"

"Ah, this is dough for bread. I'm going to make mutton curry patties. I got the recipe from Mrs. Prasad."

Brendan nodded. His tongue was itching to immediately tell his mother about the job. However, he had to hold back because he wasn't too sure yet. He still had interviews to go through, so he'd better hold off on the good news until he's confirmed that he's got the job.

"Dad's not home yet?" asked Brendan, chewing on a piece of raw carrot he'd taken from the bowl. It was only in the last three years that he called David Dad.

"He's working overtime because tomorrow he has a project to present before the board of directors."

David is an architect and works for the family firm, Forbeen Engineering and Co.

"Where's Wyland? I haven't seen him in two days."

Sheryn put the spoon in her hand and looked thoughtful. "I wanted to ask you about that," said Sheryn. "I think, for the past few days, Wyland has looked gloomy and doesn't talk much. He also doesn't eat as much as usual and often locks himself in his room."

"Hm. I wasn't really aware of that," said Brendan.

Wyland is his half-brother. David took Wyland with him when he married Sheryn. Their age difference is three years and they are not close because at first Brendan was always jealous and thought Wyland would take his mother because Wyland didn't have a mother. His mother died in an accident when Wyland was three years old.

"Maybe he has a lot of work to do. He's still on Dad's project at their office, right?"

Wyland was also an architect and worked under his father at the same company.

"That's it. According to your father, Wyland didn't join the new project because he was needed more in the previous project and so far it's been smooth and Wyland's job is perfect."

"Maybe he has a problem with his girlfriend."

"Yes. Yes. It could be. I always wondered who his girlfriend was because he never told us."

"Don't be nosy, Mom," Brendan said, standing up. "I'm going to my room first. Talking about girlfriends, it reminds me, haven't contacted Lyla all day."

"Give her my regards and invite her to dinner here sometime. She hasn't been here in a long time."

Brendan gave a thumbs up as he continued walking and went up to the second floor. Brendan decided to take a shower and when he was done he lay down on his bed and picked up the phone.

His call to Lyla went to voicemail. Brendan had tried three times and on the fourth call Lyla's voice answered. "H-hallo?"

"Hey, Baby, how are you?" said Brendan cheerfully. "What are you doing?"

"Brendan?" Lyla's voice was hoarse.

Brendan was a little surprised. Four days ago when he met Lyla, he was still fine. "Babe, are you sick? Why do you sound hoarse? Do you want me to take you to the doctor?"

"No. no. I'm fine, Bren. I'm taking my cousin to the gynecologist for a check-up." Lyla said fast.

"Tell me if you're not feeling well. I miss you, Baby."

"Y-yeah, me too. You out with Jake and Arshan?"

"Yes. Arshan will be leaving soon and we might have a hard time seeing each other later."

A thick silence hung between their conversation after that. Brendan sensed that something didn't feel right. Lyla never been so silent in they conversation.

He and Lyla have been dating for four years since graduating from high school and after finishing his thesis, Brendan decides to get Lyla engaged. He really loved the beautiful girl with brown hair and big eyes.

Lyla is a lively and always cheerful girl. He brought the atmosphere to life whenever he was around. Brendan fell in love at first sight with Lyla, when the girl still had a boyfriend. Six months later, after Lyla broke up with her boyfriend, Brendan tried to approach her and they ended up together after two months of dating.

"Hey, Lail, I have a surprise for you," Brendan said after a moment of silence.

"Hm? Surprise?"

Brendan was composing the words to tell Lyla about the interview call when he heard a voice in the background.

"Babe, who are you talking to? Turn off your phone first. The doctor will check our baby soon."

Brendan was stunned. His phone was still in his hand but now his connection with Lyla was cut off. Lyla cutted it of.

What is it about? The doctor will check ... Lyla? Baby? What about her cousin like she said before? And the man who calls his fiancé as a Babe?

Brendan frowned. He recognized that voice. What happened here? Why Wyland with Lyla?


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