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Consequences of a defiant submissive.

Chapter 1 Vaction

As far as a submissive goes I have a long way to go before I am a good girl. I am sheer and utter defiance at every turn. Which earns me many punishments. But the sweet pain of punishment can so be worth the defiance.

I have a long weekend planned. One of what I hope will be full of passion and bliss. Only it is not going to be with my dominant but with a long lost love from my past. My dominant doesn't mind sharing me if it is what I truly want.

Thursday the day before I leave. My dominant is all over me to fuck him today because I am about to leave for a four day trip. The text begin in the morning. They are sweet and caring. But I love to earn a good punishment. So I turn them into a tease session. My dominant is now all worked up into a frenzy horny as hell and in a bad mood. He starts making demands that I find him a replacement for the weekend while I am gone. I lead him on and act like may not go. While there is actually no way in hell I am not going.

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