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Saved By The Alpha Werewolf

Saved By The Alpha Werewolf

Bella Starr


This book contains mature content. (18+) Leslie Patel, a rich heiress got duped by her adopted sister and lost everything her parents left for her, she even got pregnant for a man she taught loved her and was going to marry, but it was all part of her sister's plans. Overwhelmed by the pain, she incidentally met Eric Maynard and was saved by him. Eric Maynard has been searching for his mate to the extent that he thought that the moon goddess decided not to grant him that excitement due to the fact that he was born special and met to take over the werewolf kingdom from his father even when he has an older brother from his dad's first wife. That reality got him resented by his stepmom and stepbrother. They planned to make sure he was not given the throne and with desperation, they ended up working with some entities that they don't even know about without an idea that they were involved in bringing back a powerful creature that was cast away a long time ago.

Chapter 1 What's this

"I can't believe I'm soon gonna get married, Loraine."

Loraine chuckled. She turned away from the mirror and looked at her beautiful five months pregnant sis sitting on the bed. "Well, you better, Leslie. I just wish mom and dad were here to see it."

Leslie let out a sigh and lowered her gaze as she remembered her parents. Their death was disheartening, though it's been two years. She cursed the day they decided to go on a vacation and boom, on their way back, the plane exploded with them in it. It was hard to contain the cries. Losing both parents at once was difficult to process, to handle.

Luckily, she still had Loraine who was always there as her big sister. Though she's adopted they've been sisters since she could ever remember.

It was even around the year her parents died, and when their will was pronounced that she discovered the truth about it. Everything her parents own, almost eighty percent was given to her. The company, the mansion, and some lands and properties with just a few given to Loraine.

Although, she's planning on soon giving Loraine all the properties. She deserves it.

Loraine walked and sat beside Leslie on the bed. "Why don't we go out, Les?"

Leslie looked at her. "To where?"

"Uh, a bar," Loraine answered unsurely.

Leslie chuckled. "Loraine, you can see I'm pregnant, right?"

Loraine nodded. "I know, but you won't be taking any beer. Just juices and we could just have fun and laugh away."

Leslie smiled. "Well, do not take beers either, 'cause I don't have any strength to carry you.'

Lorraine chuckled, shaking her head. "Don't worry about that, Marcel will be there."

Leslie's eyes brightened. "Really? He's coming too?"

Lorraine nodded. "Of course. Let's celebrate you both getting married in the next five months."

"I just can't wait to give birth," Leslie uttered excitedly.

Lorraine smiled. "Well, we all can't wait." She stood up from the bed and turned to her. "So, dress up, sis. Let's head out."

Leslie nodded and Lorraine left her room.




Arriving at the bar, they met Marcel already there with a glass of beer in front of him. He stood up and walked toward her, holding her waist. "Hey, babe."

She smiled and wrapped her hands around his neck. "Hi." They both kiss affectionately.

Lorraine coughed. "People are looking." She uttered, before passing by and taking her seat.

Lorraine and Marcel both pulled away from the kiss with smiles on their faces. She dropped her hands from his shoulder and he took one of them. "Let's go." He said before leading her to the seat.

It was a long nauseous day for Leslie. She let out a groan as she felt a serious headache. Her head was pounding.

She opened her eyes weakly and looked around the place which happened to be her room. She looked at her closed window and at the brightness, with small light streaming out of the curtains, realizing it was morning already.

She gently sat up from the bed and looked at her clock to see it was eight in the morning. "Whoa." She muttered in surprise, wondering how she got back home.

She remembered clearly, that she was last in a bar with her sis and her fiancee. How did she get home without her realizing it? Or did she sleep off?

She sighed, shaking her head. What pregnancy do to her. She left the bed and got up from it with a sigh, hoping Marcel had just slept beside her instead.

She freshened herself up, put on a white beautiful long gown, and tied her hair into a ponytail before leaving the room, knowing she was supposed to be at work for a board meeting in an hour's time.

About to head down the stairs, something stopped her in her tracks. The sounds she was hearing sounded like moans. The kind of moans filled with pleasure. She walked away from the stairs toward it and the sound seem to be coming from her sister's room.

She just shook her head with a smile as she stopped in front of it. "Wow." Her sister doesn't normally bring men to the house, even at all, so hearing this was surprising.

And as she was about to leave, she heard something. A very familiar voice. She faced the door once again in confusion and eavesdropped in case she heard the voice again.

"Oh, fuck yes, Lorraine." She heard, making her jaw drop. "This is so funny having to do this so free."

She blinked with a frown on her face laced with absolute confusion. The voice was definitely Marcel's. She let out a shaky breath, wondering what to do. She was really hoping she was wrong, cause she wasn't sure how she'll react to it.

She raised her fist up, and knocked on the door softly, hoping to get a response.

"She's awake." She heard her sister say which made her stomach churn, and her heart uneasy.

"Then let's go to her." She heard Marcel's voice again.

In no time, the door opened, her widened gaze was filled with shock, disbelief, and betrayal as she stared at the both of them. Lorraine was wrapped with her bedsheets while Marcel was wearing pants, his torso bare.

"What's this?"

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