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Pampered Like a Princess

Pampered Like a Princess



Five years ago, Nelissa Quest was forced to share one night with a stranger. She didn't know the man's name, nor his appearance. But she had carried his baby. She had to give birth to the twins in another city. Five years later, when she went back to her hometown, a stranger on the train gave her his phone number and his name, Edward Hales. It was found out that Edward was the president of the company with which Nelissa was asking for cooperation. So Nelissa contacted Edward, hoping to cooperate with his company. Edward asked Nelissa to visit him at his place, where he hugged and kissed her. Nelissa tried to refuse him, but she felt the man's scent was quite familiar...

Chapter 1 Hitting on Her

It had been five long years since Nelissa Quest left Haleston City. At the bullet train bound for her hometown, she felt a sense of awe at the bustling metropolis it had become. Welling up within her was also timidness, almost apprehension, as she slowly approached the city…

Suddenly the doors slid open mechanically along the train. Nelissa caught sight of a tall man gliding in through one of the open doors. He was dressed dapperly, while carrying a smart leather briefcase. With his well-defined features, he was truly a vision to behold!

He walked closer to the VIP cabin. Since a kind attendant had graciously offered Nelissa an upgrade to the VIP cabin free of charge, and hence Nelissa had been seated there throughout the journey.

The well-dressed man walked over and sat down opposite Nelissa.

He seemed more well-built than at first glance.Stretching out, his long limbs nearly brushed Nelissa's knees, and he was staring at her quite brazenly.

Feeling rather awkward, she politely nodded back at him, which caused a flash of delight in his gaze.

When Nelissa was confused about the man's gaze, she received a text message from Jolene Jones, the department manager who was also a previous Senior to Nelissa. Nelissa used to get trained under her supervision.

''Nelly, have you arrived yet? I'm unable to hold the fort any longer! Your kids are begging to see you!''

''Oh! My babies!'' Nelissa had a pair of twins, a little girl, and a little boy whom she also missed dearly. They would be reunited very soon...

She glanced at the time on her watch and smiled while replying, ''I'm arriving in about 20 minutes.''

For the past five years, Nelissa had been living in Southville City. However, she had recently been transferred back to the company's headquarters in Haleston City.

She sent the children over a week earlier to settle down, leaving them under the care of her friend, Jolene. They were starting classes at a new kindergarten, while Nelissa wrapped up her projects back at Southville City.

As she typed away, Nelissa could feel a pair of eyes fixed on her. She furtively glanced at the man opposite, who was seated with his arms crossed. He was observing her face, and then his gaze slowly moved down to her svelte figure.

Just when Nelissa almost burst out, he uttered hoarsely, ''Miss, I think we've met before.''

Nelissa merely frowned and did not answer him.

She had come across many wretched men in her time away from home. This guy may look like a well-bred gentleman, but Nelissa was sure he had untoward intentions!

She rummaged around, trying to find an excuse to ignore him, and was saved by a ‘Ding!' signifying a train announcement.

''Ladies and gentlemen, we are approaching our destination…'' a robotic female voice rang out through the cabins.

Seizing the opportunity, Nelissa stood up to grab her luggage and make a quick escape.

Her bags were quite heavy and she lost her footing, inadvertently bumping into a man's firm, well-built chest.

A masculine cologne wafted over… Inexplicably, the mesmerizing scent seemed familiar, putting her into a momentary daze.

"I'll help you,'' The man's seductive voice drifted over. He reached over to carry her bags, and she caught a glimpse of a luxury watch on his wrist.

She came back to her senses and immediately glared at his handsome face, obviously meaning, "Get lost. Pervert!"

Without a further word, she grabbed her bags and briskly left the VIP area.

While she waited at the train doors, the man came over and patted her shoulder gently.

Turning around in alarm, Nelissa saw that it was the same wretched man! ''Yes, can I help you?'' She hastily demanded.

The man lowered his gaze at her and handed her a hundred dollar note, ''I just want to remind you that you had dropped this.''

Nelissa stared at him in surprise. When had she dropped that? But the next second she felt lucky cause she had always been extremely frugal, given her needs as a single parent. How could she have been so careless?!

The moment she clasped the bill, the man had already turned away. When Nelissa wanted to thank him for his kindness, the man had vanished from sight. ''Perhaps, he was not a pervert...''

As the train pulled into the station, Nelissa thought about how she exiled herself five years ago, with nothing on her. However, she was blessed with her lovely twins, and since then, vowed to work hard to provide them with a good life.

She then glanced at the hundred-dollar note, feeling quite triumphant, but then, she frowned immediately. There was a forceful scribble on it, quite obviously a man's handwriting…

''This is my personal phone number. Do contact me. - Edward Hales.''

Nelissa's eyes widened. Evidently, it was all a ruse!

''Huh! Trying to hit on me with a hundred-dollar bill?! What a tricky douchebag!'' she thought, feeling dumbfounded. The money wasn't hers to begin with!

''Edward Hales…'' As her eyes flitted across the bill, she suddenly realized that his name was quite familiar.

But it was too late to return the money, so she vindictively decided to just keep it to herself. After all, she was not in the mood to flirt with random strangers. Given his expensive clothing, he must be some rich playboy, philandering just to pass time!

''Mommy!'' A pair of adorable young children exclaimed at Nelissa as she walked into the carpark.

Nelissa conceived the twins at the age 18, and was only 19 when she gave birth to them. The twins had already turned 4, and were in kindergarten.

Despite being twins, the children did not resemble each other at all. The elder of the pair, Noelle Quest, resembled Nelissa herself. She was fondly nicknamed Noey and had a fair, childish face.

Her twin brother, Nathan, also known as Nate, had the signs of being a handsome lad when he grew up. His exotic attractive looks were probably a combination of his parent's good genes.

Bending down, Nelissa lovingly pinched her children's plump cheeks.

The handsome little Nate also kissed his mother's cheek. He always wanted to kiss his mother on her lips, like his sister did, but Noey would deem that as ‘hooligan behaviour'!

Nelissa ruffled their heads lovingly, feeling blessed to have continued with the pregnancy all those years ago. Despite having it tough as a single parent, the children had been her greatest source of joy.

The three Quests would chat non stop whenever they were together. Jolene foresaw this, and immediately interjected, ''Come on, you three! We're going to be late for our meal!''

''Yes, Madam!'' The trio, cheekily saluted in unison, ridiculing Jolene for chastising them, and scrambled into the vehicle.

As Jolene drove, Nelissa entertained her with the earlier encounter from the train.

''Well, Jolene, I met a curious stranger earlier on the train.''

Jolene replied, ''What do you mean? Was he a hot guy?''

''Well, he was, to some extent, but he tried to hit on me by giving me his number on a hundred-dollar bill! How lavish yet bizarre!''

Nelissa waved the bill in front of Jolene, and Jolene's mouth fell agape. She slammed on the brakes immediately.

''Watch your driving!'' Nelissa exclaimed as she was thrown forward. She immediately turned to check on Noey and Nate, who were luckily well-secured by their seatbelts.

''Oh my goodness, Nelly!'' Jolene shrieked. ''Don't you get it? The huge potential client for our company is the Hales Group! This guy, Edward Hales, is the current President!''

''What?! No wonder I thought his name was familiar!'' Nelissa exclaimed, ''And he wanted to hit on me?!''

This deal with Hales Group was under great scrutiny from management, and could mean a huge bonus for Nelissa should it be successful.

And indeed, Edward Hales was a veritable big shot in the city.

''And a big shot like him gave you his phone number! Babe, you've hit a jackpot! The one and only Edward Hales!'' Jolene chuckled.

''Oh dear, and there I was thinking he's some pervert!'' Nelissa's face paled as she recalled, ''He's actually a respectable rich man!''

Jolene shook her head in disbelief as she replied, ''Well, Nelissa, he's the richest man around! You mustn't let this go to waste. Pass his number to our boss, and I'm sure that bonus you're eyeing on will be in the bag!''

As she pondered over Jolene's words, Nelissa could only wonder, ''The elusive Edward Hales… And yet, I've got his personal phone number… So easily?''

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