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The Angel's Lure

The Angel's Lure

Alleyn Arm


Norah had to make a big move to Raybourne City after an engagement arrangement between her family and the Chase family. She wasn't given the best welcome as everyone thought she was a country girl who wanted to dig gold by marrying into a wealthy family. All three sons of the Chase couple refused to have anything to do with her. They scoffed and belittled her, saying that she wasn't their type and they had better options to choose from. Unbeknownst to them, Norah was more than they thought she was. She had multiple careers going well for her. She was a renowned contemporary artist, an enigmatic hacker, a world-famous designer, a top racer, and even the founder of a widely-known luxury brand. She didn't need their goddamn money! Norah enjoyed working anonymously in different fields. But one day, her secret identities were exposed. The three brothers instantly made a U-turn. Janson, the eldest of them all, said so romantically, "I think we are a match made in heaven, Norah. If you get married to me, you will be the wife of the president of Chase Group." Simon, the third son, declared, "Norah, I can move mountains for you. I want to marry you even if I have to fight with my big brother." Hearing this, the second son, Darren was speechless. He still couldn't believe what was happening. "Are you guys being serious right now? You want to chase me after rejecting me? Ha-ha! It's too late!" Norah snorted coldly. She was fed up with the whole engagement thing, so she decided to leave. But before she could do so, the infamous playboy, Darren grabbed her by the arm. He refused to let her go despite her struggle. He stared her dead in the eye and smirked evilly. "You flirted with me, and now you want to leave? Over my dead body!"

Chapter 1

The Chase family was one of the most powerful and wealthiest clans in Sorphis. Its master personally selected his granddaughter-in-law. The servants were all discussing who she was.

After all, the new granddaughter-in-law wasn't a wealthy woman but a country girl.

"I heard this country girl got lucky after saving Mr. Chase. He accepted her as his granddaughter-in-law to repay the favor."

"I wonder which of his three grandsons is unlucky to marry her."

"I'm sure this bumpkin must be rude and ugly. Even if she takes advantage of this opportunity and marries into the Chase family, she will be nothing but a mere joke."

Just as they spoke, a car trundled to a halt before them. Everyone stopped talking and unanimously turned to look at the car.

As soon as the door opened, a pair of slim legs slid out, then a slender waist and plump breasts came to view as a woman walked out of the car.

Everyone's eyes lit up in shock when they saw her smoking hot body.

But what surprised them more was her beautiful, angelic face. The servants had worked for the Chase family for many years and had met a lot of pretty young ladies. But everyone faded in comparison to the woman standing before them.

"Who is this?"

"I wasn't told any affluent lady would visit us."

"Is this Norah Bector?"

Everyone fell silent when they heard that.

They exchanged glances with quizzical look on their faces. The woman looked noble. There was no way she would be an ignorant countrywoman.

The moment Norah Bector stepped out of the car, she saw people pointing at her and whispering. However, she remained unfazed. She picked up her bag from her seat and was about to step into the house.

Seeing that, the servants darted to her and stopped her. A middle-aged servant picked up the disinfectant bottle and sprayed it all over her.

"Disinfect your clothes before stepping inside!" She cast a scornful look at Norah. "Miss Bector, I must remind you the Chase family's lifestyle is different from yours. We live a principled life here, and our people are sophisticated. Just because you have Mr. Chase's support does not mean you can be disrespectful to any member of the family."

The moment she finished speaking, Kristine Chase, Norah's future mother-in-law, and Debby Chase, Norah's future sister-in-law, arrived.

Debby felt a pang of jealousy in her heart at the mere sight of Norah. She heard her grandfather had chosen a countrywoman and didn't expect her to be so beautiful.

However, she felt better after seeing Norah's cheap clothes.

Irrespective of how beautiful she was, Norah was just a country girl.

Debby looked her up and down and sneered. "Gosh, you can't even wear decent clothes. I don't know what Grandpa sees in you."

Norah ignored her and asked, "Where are the other Chases?"

Her nonchalance irked Debby. "All my brothers are busy," she snapped. "They are obviously at the company. Do you think you're important enough for us all to welcome you?"

Kristine raked her gaze across Norah from head to toe. Then, she took a card from her bag.

"Debby is right. Now that you're living here from now on, you can't wear such shabby clothes anymore. Here, there are five hundred thousand on this card. Use it to buy some decent clothes. I don't want you to embarrass our family."

Norah took the card, smiled, and tossed it into her bag. "Thank you."

Her calm demeanor infuriated Kristine and Debby. Norah, however, ignored them and walked into the house.

Norah looked around the place that was her future home. She was satisfied. She slumped on the sofa, took out her mobile phone, and transferred five hundred thousand to someone.

"I want you to get me a dress right away. Hurry up!"

"Are you kidding me? You have never purchased clothes that are less than two million. What do you expect me to get for five hundred thousand? Lingerie?"

Norah couldn't help but smile. "I have no choice. It's my future mother-in-law's request."

"What? Have you thought about it? Are you going to marry into the Chase family?"

"Well, this family is interesting," Norah replied.

Norah was busy texting and didn't notice Debby complaining to Kristine.

"Mom, look at her! She has no manners. I don't know what has gotten into Grandpa's mind. He could have given her money to repay the favor. Why does he want to make that bumpkin a part of our family? He is old and has lost his mind—"

"Shut up!" Kristine cut her off. "Don't you dare disrespect your grandfather. It will only cause you unnecessary trouble."

Debby immediately shut her mouth.

Kristine agreed with Debby. But as an elder, she had to seem decent. "Arrange a room for Norah," she ordered the servant.

Debby followed the servant upstairs.

Just as the servant was about to clean the guest room, Debby pointed at the next room and smiled. "This one is good."

The servant's face flushed with embarrassment. "But that is Mr. Darren Chase's room..."

"You don't have to show respect tohim. He is just an illegitimate son! Do what I say without asking unnecessary questions."

Debby glowered. She felt a villager and an illegitimate son would be an ideal match.

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