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Alpha's Weak Luna

Alpha's Weak Luna



Elicia, once an ideal luna, mysteriously falls ill with an illness with no cure right after her pregnancy. That's when her husband and her mate, Damian, married and brought Nia the palace. He assured Elicia that Nia was only there to fulfil the luna duties which Elicia failed to perform because of her illness. He told her to concentrate on her health and their child. Losing almost her everything to Nia in a year, Elicia had just one hope to live, her child. But right after his birth, Damian took her son away from her, rejecting her the moment she gave birth. The illness and rejection took a severe toll on her body leading to her death. But she found a miracle in the darkness of the dungeon she was thrown in right before her death and the next thing she knew was... she had returned to time when Nia had come into her life as her personal doctor. With complete knowledge of the future she is determined to no longer be the Weak Luna she once was. But little does she know that she has become the obsession of the darkness who wants her all for himself.

Chapter 1 ~Prologue~

[Elicia Symphony]

I wasn’t in my senses that night.

The pain of labour had shrouded all my senses. But I remember it rained heavily. The thunder cracked in the sky, obscuring my screams.

I still remember that night as clearly as if it was yesterday. That is when my life began, and that’s when my life ended.

In a daze, aware of my laboured breath, I wavered at the border of consciousness and unconsciousness.

I looked at the ceiling with my bleary gaze. It wasn’t dark and gloomy prison. But a well-lit room. The bed wasn’t cold and hard, but warm and comfortable. But I was miles away from any mental or physical comfort.

When did I get out of the dungeons? Where am I?

That’s when her voice rang in my ears like millions of pins stabbing right through my chest.

“Push! Luna… just a little more…” Nia cried.

I screamed as the bone crushing cramps jolted through my body.

Sweating and panting, I transitioned in and out of my consciousness. The entire room spun before my eyes. I had been in labour for twenty-four hours and now my body was slowly giving up.

“Luna! Luna! Please stay conscious! You are doing great! Just a little more! One. Two. Three. Push!” Nia urged.

Another contraction.

I broke into sobs, unable to bear the pain any longer.

“I can’t… no longer…” I mumbled weakly, clenching the silk sheets I was lying on.

This time, the contraction came stronger than ever and with all my might; I pushed, almost tearing off the bedsheet.

“Yes! The baby is almost here! You can do this! Call the alpha! One… two… three!”

In those fleeting seconds, all I remember is an excruciating pain until there was nothing but cries. Cries of my baby.

I smiled through my tears, reaching out to my baby.

“My baby…”

“It’s a boy! Damian, my love, your heir is here! Our son!” Nia declared happily. “Our pack has finally got our crown prince! Our future alpha!”

My heart clenched as tears shot into my eyes, and the faint smile on my face turned into excruciating pain.

“He is my son!” I gasped, reaching out for my baby. “My son… let me see him… please… please… don’t take him away from me…”

That’s when he entered the room, the father of my son and the alpha of my pack.

“Son.” A shiver ran down my spine as his deep voice hung heavily in the air.

“N-no… he’s my son… m-my baby… don’t take him away from me… please…”

Nia happily handed my son to him and he smiled proudly, taking him in his arms. “Finally. You are here.”

“Please…” I begged. “At least, let me see him…”

But they heard neither my cries nor my pleas.

Pain crippled throughout my body as I tried to get up from the bed, but I was too weak.

“He is my son! Give him back to me!” I screamed, gathering all the strength I had.

That’s when Damian’s distant gaze bore into me. He looked at me as if I was the most disgusting thing he had ever seen.

He handed my son to Nia and asked her and the others to leave the room.

“He is my son and Nia will be his true mother. He’ll never know anything about you. No one will ever know anything about you after today except that you died while bringing my son into this world,” he said in an impassive voice charged with hatred.

Tears streamed down my eyes as I peered at him. My heart was ripping apart in my chest and all I remember after that were those accursed words.

“I, Damian Wolfrick, Alpha of the Aries Flame pack, reject you, Elicia Symphony Wolfrick as my mate and my wife.”

The pain that followed after those words paralyzed my body, yet I remember accepting his rejection. I knew I had lost the man I loved the day he married Nia, but I accepted it only after one year of nothing but pain and agony.

“I, Elicia Symphony, the true luna and the actual heir of the Aries Flame pack… accept your rejection, Damian Wolfrick…” I said panting through the breathlessness.

He narrowed his eyes, looking insulted and enraged by my acceptance of his rejection.

“Throw her back into the dungeons…” he said through his gritted teeth.

“A-alpha. Please pardon me, but Luna is bleeding heavily. We need to tend to her or else…” Mei, once my lady-in-waiting, said in a trembling voice.

I shut my eyes. She was still fighting for me, even when she knew it was hopeless.

“I don’t care if she lives or dies. I don’t need her anymore. Follow my orders at once! She gave me a son. She should be grateful I didn’t kill her — right now.”

With that, he left.

Once he was gone, four guards entered the room and dragged me out of the delivery room. Blood kept slithering down my legs. The storm scorched the dark night and my blood smeared the hallways of the palace.

My heart was no longer pounding with love. The only thing that ran through my veins was rage, resentment, and vengeance.

I laid in a pool of my blood and the dirt of the dungeons as life slowly carried its warmth away from my body.

I couldn’t even have a glimpse of my son.

“Please… please…” my lips trembled against the dirt and clogging blood on the floor.

The floor was cold until it wasn’t, and there was pain until there was none.

I can’t die like this.

I clenched my fists. My body was growing cold by every second, while my soul was burning in the fiercest flames.

I slowly drifted into a sleep that pulled me out of my body and bones. I was pulled into an abyss between life and death.

All I wanted was to hug my son. That’s all I asked of him!

I cannot end like this!

My son!

My nails dug into the floor.

Death wasn’t as painful as my life had been. Rather, it relieved me of all my physical pain while my soul carried the unseen scars that couldn’t be felt, just lived.

Right before I shut my eyes for the last time, I saw a figure in the darkness of the dungeons reaching out to me. I even felt his touch.

Maybe it was the grim reaper who had come to collect my soul.

Maybe I was in hell, maybe that was where I belonged, but peace? I was nowhere close to peace. I was burning. My soul was weighing down with all my emotions, entangling more and more with the darkness.

I trusted too soon. I loved too much. My mistake. Trusting him, loving him, was my biggest mistake. He didn’t deserve any of it.

I will make them pay! I will make them regret it!

I will turn their lives into a living hell!

They will pay for everything they did to me!

Through my thoughts came another voice, tranquil with warning.

“Oh, troubled soul! Cast aside your resentment so that the doors of heaven can open for you. Otherwise, it’s hell that lies ahead. Choose wisely, for this chance and this choice won’t come again.” The voice reverberated in the nothingness around me.

“If I have to choose, then… I will keep my resentment and you can keep your heaven. I cannot forgive them. The ones who destroyed my life. I want to see them reap their karma. I want revenge.”

They took everything away from me… and then they took my son.

My soul had a heart, and it was burning with the darkest flames that could be found in hell.

Hell had no time, but it felt like I lived there for maybe centuries until one day those flames took the shape of a man…

“You will only end up ruining your soul for eternity if you keep at it. Do you not crave salvation?”


“Do you want your revenge that badly?” he asked, and I looked at him. He knew my answer.

He smiled.

“I see your answer in your eyes. You are a fascinating soul indeed. Fine! I, the ruler of hell, will give you a chance to take your revenge. But in turn, you will have to sell your soul to me for eternity. Do you agree?”

I didn’t take a second to think. No thoughts were needed.

“I do.”

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