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The Alpha's Bride

The Alpha's Bride

Glory Sam


" You wanna know what's funny? You are funny! I mean, what are you doing here? Your husband didn't give you an instruction on where to step your foot in?" " Do I need that?" Diana asked. " Of course you do. Cause we won't hesitate to step on your toes, when we find you in our quarters." " I don't think you should address him as her husband. They've not done the marriage rite yet." " Oh really?" " So I heard." " Then how about we take her to bed, before that done?" " You don't wanna die young, do you?" Diana asked them, but they chuckled. " It would've happen a long time ago. But we are stronger than you think." He drew closer to her, and she shifted backward. " Don't be afraid, we won't be hard on you." He grabbed her arm, and pushed her closer to himself. " Let go of me, before I do something crazy. I'm sure, you know who I am." " That's what I want baby girl. We love crazy people. Right brothers?" He glanced at others. " Sure!" They raised their cup of drink and drop it back on the table, then got up as well. " Let go of me now!!!" Diana yelled angrily, but within, she's a bit scared. The way they looked, their body structures and all, showed that they could hurt her if they want. Diana is a modern day princess in every way except appearance. She is beautiful and graceful, but she is also spirited, outspoken, and unconventional. Her family and subjects questioned whether she is truly fit to be a royal, but her personality was undeniably magnetic. She is a force to be reckoned with, a modern day heroine who defied the expectations of society. Diana's stepmother and stepsisters saw her as a nuisance. She is too bold, too outspoken, and too unruly to be a proper princess. The king was at his wit's end with his daughter. In a last-ditch attempt to tame her, he arranged for her to marry a man known only as the Beast. Sebastian, as he was called, was a man shrouded in mystery and rumored to be as cold and cruel as his name suggested. He had a fearsome reputation, having been married twice before, both times ending in tragedy. The king was unfazed by the rumors, even as they whispered of murder and deceit. But Diana knew the stories were true. Diana couldn't help but feel a sense of unease at the prospect of marrying a man like Sebastian. Though she knew little about him, the rumors that surrounded him were troubling. She couldn't help but wonder what the future held for her. Would she find happiness with him, or would she be trapped in a marriage of misery? The uncertainty was both frightening and alluring. She couldn't help but feel a twinge of curiosity about this mysterious man. But then, what she never knew were the great enemies who await her. Will she survive this?

Chapter 1 The King's Plan

Diana paced tho and fro in the room, feeling so impatient. She couldn't believe her father had locked her up in a cell. Not exactly a cell, but a room that looked like a cell to her!

She marched angrily, her baggy dress swaying left and right with her

"Ahh! I'm in trouble. Yes, i can feel it." She murmured to herself. " But why did he come there? Why there of all places?"

" Ugh!! He was looking so angry! And definitely, I'm sure he's find out that I drugged the guards so I could sneak out of the palace. Damnit! This is really a mess! What am i going to do?"

Shortly, she heard the door opening and stopped walking, guessing it was him. Or maybe, her mother.

She watched keenly as the door opened and unexpectedly, it was her step sisters, Eve and Martha.

"And here she is" Martha chuckled as they both stood by the door.

"Goodness! Martha, look at how she's looking like a clown" Eve said in a whisper, but loud enough for Diana to hear. The two girls bursted into laughter, causing Diana to frown deeply.

"This lady is definitely not my sister. I mean... which princess in her right sense would act this way?"

"Hey! If you know you have nothing else to do, I'd suggest you go feed the dogs before I turn you into one myself." Diana snapped at them and they laughed heartily.

"You really have no shame Diana, do you?" Eve scoffed. "You're such a disgrace to the family - always moving around like a tout".

"You really want to know how able tout behaves? Well, I can show you..." Diana was about moving to her when the door opened again and one of the guards walked in.

"Princess Diana, the King wants you in the throne room." He said with his head bowed.

"Oh, please! You can just call her Diana. She doesn't deserve the title." Eve said sarcastically and rolled her eyes, then walked out of the room, giggling with her sister.

Diana glared at them, trying so hard to control her temper. It wasn't so difficult for her to go after them, pull them by the hair and give each of them a desirable beating. But she's made the King angry enough already and didn't want to add to it. At least, not yet.

She took in a deep breath and followed the guard out of the room.


Getting to the throne room, she found her mother, the King, and two men and one woman as well. They were all familiar.

Diana bent her head in contrition as she knew what was going to happen. Those people were definitely there to lay complaints on her and knowing how bad she had upset the King today, she knew it wasn't a good idea.

She arrived in front of the throne and took a glace at the villagers.

"Good day, father" she said to the King, but he didn't respond. Her mother was wearing a bittered look as well.

Slowly, the King turned to the first man and said:

"Go on".

"Your Majesty" he bowed. "I don't mean to bother you, but what happened is really disheartening and I just need to say it out. Right now, my son is lying on the bed, bruises allover his head because the princess had beaten him and stone him mercilessly."

The King glared at her and looked at the second man. "Yes?"

The second man gave his complaint, and then the third and the forth. After hearing from them, the King gave them compensations, and they left. All these while, Diana couldn't utter a word. She's scared of looking at her father.

"Diana!" The King's voice broke into her thoughts, sending cold chills down her spine.

" Yes father!" She replied, raising her head a little.

"What exactly do you want me to do with you? How can you go around, causing havoc like a pest? You've turned my throne room into a room of complaints and mockery. Other Kings make jest of me - discussing amongst themselves that I have a daughter who behaves like an tout! How could you go around beating people up and burning down their farmlands and houses?"

"They are at fault father." She said with her head bowed. "He had thrown a stone at me and that's the reason I chased him and beat him up. And as for the other man, it was just an empty threat. I'll never do such a thing to anyone at all. And...."

"Shut up, Diana! Shut up?!" He roared and her mouth clamped shut immediately. "How about the woman who's goods you ruined?"

" She's insulting me father."

" Diana!" Her mother called, trying to sush her, as she noticed the look on her father's face.

" And how about the guards you drugged! Are you so bent on bringing shame to me? Your other sisters behave matured. They make me proud and have earned a lot of admirations from great Men and rulers. But you, all you've brought to me is nothing but shame and disgrace. Not even a single prince has ever written to you, or make any form of advancement towards you. And with this, it's shamefully possible you're only going to grow old here in my palace without ever getting married! Is this the kind of life you' want?"

There's a huge silence and Diana was facing the floor.

"I've made up my mind, Diana" he continued, his voice sounding more cold. "I'm sick and tired of having you here in my Palace. And I'm not going to punish you anymore because I'm tired of it as well!! You're leaving this family, Diana. You're leaving this palace. You're getting married."

"What?" Diana's eyes widened.

"And to no other person than Sebastian." The King added.


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