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Just Love With My Billionaire Daddy

Just Love With My Billionaire Daddy

M.E Julie


🔞🔞 This Book Contains 95% Steamy Scenes and languages. “Answer me…how many fucking men have taken pleasure from this body…” I shake as I feel his fingers skating down my chest… Breast, Nipple, Torso, Then…then…my vulva. I moan, staring into his orb with lust... He locks eyes with me while he feathers a touch over my clit. “Speak up. How many…have touched this clit, make it swell…make it horny…speak?” He commands and I moan... *** Since my eighteenth birthday everything I felt for David turned into lust. I want him to ruin me for other men but he keeps rejecting me. Breaking my heart. I'm not about to stop. I'll tempt him until he caves. Until he fucks me. Because David Truman is mine. **** David started having lustful feelings for Vera since her eighteenth birthday. He tried to make it stop but it couldn't. He knows involving in this naughty relationship with his foster daughter will implicate her life yet he can't help it. He wants to devour her. He want to own her. To ruin her for men. But after giving her himself as a gift on the night of her graduation, he wanted more. Will he still be able protect Vera from the mafia brothers searching everywhere for her?

Chapter 1 Prologue

Since I can remember, I’ve called him daddy and he called kid.

I love him because he always protected me. Always provided for me. David Truman is what everyone out there would wish to have as a ward or father figure.

I was lonely when he picked me up from child protective services and became my foster dad.

To others, David Truman was ruthless, coldhearted, and brutal. He kills without mercy. Fires without guilt. Hurts without batting an eye.

You cross his way, he slaughters. But, he’s more brutal, deadly, and violent when it comes to me.

David Truman is also known to be a great womanizer. Rumors had it that he'd taken about four wives. None of them were able to tame him nor handle his brutal side.

Hell, my daddy is one that could make you shiver with just one look. His demeanor was always cold. He was always detached.

However, women go horny at the glimpse of him. He's powerfully

built. Handsome like a god…I mean more handsome than any Greek god. He's about six-four. You can imagine how I craned my head whenever I wanted to look at him in my five-four.

All Tabloid in the whole of America features him as the most handsome in the state. All gossip blogs feature how many women crush on him…yeah, my daddy is that swoon-worthy. He’s hot. Sexy as fuck.

And to cap it all, my daddy came first in Forbes list of the richest men in America.

That’s my daddy. Powerful, handsome, filthy-rich.

And as I read all these about my daddy. As I heard how women moaned whenever he's brutally fucking them, I wish it was me. I wanted to witness first hand who my daddy is.

I mean, the man makes me wet. I used to love him as my daddy but everything changed when I turned eighteen.

My hormones became more pronounced, making me horny as fuck whenever we were together.

I want my daddy to bed me.

I want my daddy to tease me with his cock. That monster cock of his.

I always finger myself

thinking about him.

I always dry humph my bed imagining his thick shaft stretching me to the brim.

I want my daddy to want me.

My eighteenth

birthday wish was for my daddy to fuck me senseless. I want my daddy to focus his attention on me and avoid all other women.

Fuck! Thoughts about my daddy always sent shivers of need down my pussy. I want nothing but for him to suckle my nipples, every day. I want his dick to tease my clit.

I want to be a vessel

for his pleasure and him mine.

I want my daddy to be mine and me his.

I know it won’t be an easy feat because

David Truman only saw me as his daughter or so I thought. He only saw me as a kid. He thought I was not old enough to have a sexuality. He thinks I’m the girl he had always protected from his immoral life. But he doesn’t know I know his secret.

He doesn’t know I watch him whenever he dicks women in his bed, grunting at the mad pleasure.

I always watch him fuck them and wish it was me. I want it to be me, hell it’s driving me crazy.

I’m now a nymphomaniac

just because of my daddy. I do dirty things just to prepare myself for the day he'll fuck me. But the man hasn’t batted an eye towards me.

He's overly treating me like I’m still the Vera he picked up from the CPS from years before. But, only I know I’m not that girl again.

I’m a full grown woman now. A woman who wants sex from the man she loves. A woman that can endure anything from the man she loves.

Daddy, please bed me!

I won’t stop tempting him until he lost it and comes to me.

I won’t stop torturing him, showing him how my body has grown over the years until he succumbs and fucks me.

I want my daddy to, tease me.

Suckle on my essence.

Kiss me.

And most of all, make me his!

Yes, I’ll be a temptation to David Truman.

Thank goodness, his guardianship over me will end soon. So he'll stop thinking I’m a baby.

My daddy must make his. I must be my David’s woman!

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