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Heartbreak Brings Mr. Right

Heartbreak Brings Mr. Right

Mathe Hackett


Lindsey's fiancé was the devil's first son. Not only did he lie to her but he also slept with her stepmother, conspired to take away her family fortune, and then set her up to have sex with a total stranger. To get her lick back, Lindsey decided to find a man to disrupt her engagement party and humiliate the cheating bastard. Never did she imagine that she would bump into a strikingly handsome stranger who was all that she was currently looking for. At the engagement party, he boldly declared that she was his woman. Lindsey thought he was just a broke man who wanted to leech off her. But once they began their fake relationship, she realized that good luck kept coming her way. She thought they would part ways after the engagement party, but this man kept to her side. "We gotta stick together, Lindsey. Remember, I'm now your fiancé. " "Domenic, you're with me because of my money, aren't you?" Lindsey asked, narrowing her eyes at him. Domenic was taken aback by that accusation. How could he, the heir of the Walsh family and CEO of Vitality Group, be with her for money? He controlled more than half of the city's economy. Money wasn't a problem for him! The two got closer and closer. One day, Lindsey finally realized that Domenic was actually the stranger she had slept with months ago. Would this realization change things between them? For the better or worse?


: Lindsey Stewart, Dominic Walsh, Lindsey Stewart and Dominic Walsh novel, Lindsey and Dominic novel

Chapter 1 Are You Handsome

"Hey, be gentle— You might wake her up..."

In a room in Harmony Hotel, Lindsey Stewart was lying in bed with a splitting headache, and her body felt as though she was on fire. The simple task of just opening her eyes felt like such a challenge, and when she finally managed to crack her eyes open a fraction, the scene before her nearly broke her!

Her boyfriend, Chayce Burton, was holding a woman against the bay window—and the woman was none other than her stepmother, Kendra Stewart!

"Don't worry. She's out cold. The drug I used was strong enough for a wild animal," Chayce said to Kendra without so much as glancing at Lindsey on the bed.

The next moment, Chayce hoisted Kendra up by her thin waist and penetrated her again and again rapidly, which caused the latter to let out loud, pleasured moans.

Lindsey gritted her teeth and clenched her fists, trying hard to clear her mind. It was Kendra who had introduced Chayce to her, so never in her wildest dreams would she have expected that her stepmother would sleep with her boyfriend behind her back!

Tonight, Chayce had invited her to dinner. She passed out after drinking a glass of wine he had given her.

It turned out that this whole night was an elaborate trap orchestrated by this shameless couple!

"If Lindsey finds out she slept with a homeless guy tonight, how do you think she'll react?" Kendra queried in between moans.

"She'll never know. As long as she thinks that I'm the one who slept with her tonight, she'll be dead set on marrying me! Sooner or later, not only will the Stewart family's properties belong to us, but also her mother's!"

Chayce's cruel words sent shivers down Lindsey's spine.

"How do you plan on dealing with her brother?" Kendra asked.

"Easy," Chayce replied with a vicious grin. "Once I take full control over the Stewart family, I'll find an opportunity to put him behind bars."

Kendra giggled and arched her back to cooperate with Chayce's movements, eyes gleaming as though she was already celebrating imminent victory.

Suddenly, a thought occurred to her, and her expression darkened slightly. "I refuse to let this little bitch live a comfortable life! When you two get married, you'd better not sleep with her—even if you two share a room!"

Chayce planted his hands firmly on Kendra's waist and started thrusting in and out of her more violently. "What do you think I should do?" he asked, panting.

"Hmm... Ram into her car. Make it look like an accident. Whether she's killed or disabled for life, I'll leave it up to you!" In the middle of doing the deed, Kendra didn't forget to make plans for dealing with her stepdaughter. Her pretty face showed a look of ferocity at the thought of eliminating the woman she hated.

Sweating profusely, Chayce smiled at her and said, "Okay, whatever you say."

Seeing that the two were about to reach their climax, Lindsey quickly closed her eyes, wishing she could disappear.

Chayce and Kendra quickly got dressed and then glanced at Lindsey, who was lying still on the bed. Feeling unprecedentedly satisfied, the two left the room with a snicker.

Only when the door was shut behind them did Lindsey open her eyes again, tears streaming down her face, staining the bed sheets.

"I was so blind, Chayce Burton! I would've trusted you with my life, but it turns out you're just a heartless man who has been plotting against my family!"

Lindsey couldn't help but trembled from anger.

She tried to climb out of bed, eager to run away, but her feet felt like lead.

The effects of the drugs were too strong for her to even stand up!

Gritting her teeth, she struggled to reach for the fruit knife on the bedside table and then slashed her arm. Blood gushed out at once but the pain sobered her up a little.

As soon as she made it to her feet, she heard a commotion outside the door. Without thinking, she stumbled to the window and climbed out.

The next second, she heard Kendra's and Chayce's voices coming from the room she had just left.

"What the fuck? Where did she go? Did she run away?"

"She must not have gone far! If she doesn't sleep with someone tonight, the drug will kill her!"

With determination, Lindsey forced herself not to glance downward, gritting her teeth as she cautiously navigated from one windowsill to the next. Just as she secured a solid foothold, a hand abruptly extended from the neighboring room's window, covering her mouth and swiftly pulling her inside.

Losing her balance, Lindsey grabbed the man's collar subconsciously and the two fell to the floor together.

The man ended up on top of her.

His alluring pheromones filled Lindsey's nostrils, causing the fine hair on her arms to stand on end.

Her rational side wanted to tell him to get off of her, but the sound that escaped her lips was more of an erotic moan.

"Did Emilio send you?"

In the darkness, the man spoke to her in a mellow, unhurried voice, which sounded extremely pleasant to her ears.

Feeling incredibly restless, Lindsey planted her hands on his chest, where she felt his strong muscles through the thin fabric. Blood pumped through her veins rapidly, and the burning sensation grew even more unbearable.

She had no idea who this Emilio was, nor did she care.

What mattered right now was her survival.

"Are... Are you handsome?" she asked in a feeble, raspy voice.

Domenic Walsh frowned in displeasure.

Still, he humored her question. "I guess you could say I don't look that bad."

"Then at least, you're not ugly."

It was better to sleep with a handsome stranger than to have sex with some homeless man!

Lindsey reached up and cupped his cheeks, whispering, "Thank you."

The next moment, she raised her head and pressed her warm lips against his.

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