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Steamy Tales (e*)

Steamy Tales (e*)



WARNING ⛔️ MATURE CONTENTS 🔞🔞🔞 This book is a collection of short steamy stories and it is not advisable for young readers as it contains graphic adult scenes!! EXCERPT; “Oh f**k, Josie! Your pussy feels so f**king good. I love the way your little pussy feels. It's so tight and so wet. I would love to taste your sweet little pussy.” I said as I drove hard into her tight pussy. “F**k baby! Don't stop, don't stop! Tell me more, f**k me more, tell me more.” The little slut cried, begging for more. “Oh Josie, I'm going to get you on all fours and f**k you hard like a little bitch in heat. I gonna grab you and drive my big cock hard into your tight little cunt over and over, in and out, in and out. Do you like that Josie? Do you like my big cock in your cunt?” “Yes, f**k me hard!”

Chapter 1 .1


Rosie and I started dating when we were in our sophomore year, we were the A couple through high school and we were so into each other.

Rosie is the oldest of four kids. Raul, Jayson and Josie were her younger siblings. The kids ranged from fifteen through ten when I was first introduced to them.

Rosie and I have been dating for close to seven years, so I was pretty close to all her siblings. I got along with all of them, playing video games with her brothers and allowed Josie to tag along on several occasions. She was always a cool little kid and would always have a big smile for me when I came over to visit.

When we would go out for ice cream, my girlfriend would get upset that I would invite Josie to come with us. However, we would always drop her off afterward and go off on our own. My girlfriend would actually get jealous, accusing me of paying more attention to her little sister than her. I was only being nice to her since it would help me score some points with her parents.

Over the past six years, it was hard not to notice how well Josie was developing. When she was younger, she would always come to sit on my lap while I waited for Rosie to finish getting ready. Her mom would always tell her to stop bothering me and get off my lap. As soon as her mom was gone, she would jump right back on.

This was cute at first, but as she grew older and her body started developing, it was hard not to notice her budding breasts and her cute little butt. She was growing into a sexy little girl with a very cute face with full lips. Over time, her pajamas evolved from long sleeping shirts to a crop top with no bra and short cotton shorts that accentuated her cute little bubble butt. The crop top did a nice job of dropping a bit, giving me a peek down her shirt of her B cups with her stiff nipples. At five foot tall, she was light and felt really nice on my lap. She looked well rounded and grown for her young age of sixteen.

I decided to spend Thanksgiving with Rosie and her family, I came over for Thanksgiving dinner. Rosie was helping with the Thanksgiving dinner so she asked that I go to the store for some last minute items. She asked Josie to come with me since she knew exactly what was needed and knew where to find it at the store. Josie was looking very sexy in a cute little girl way. She was wearing a button-down blouse and a short puffed up skirt that showed off her legs nicely. Without thinking, I paid her a compliment, telling her she looked cute in her outfit. She asked what I liked best about her outfit. I answered truthfully, telling her the skirt was nice and it showed off her legs really well.

“So, do you think I have nice legs?”

“Yeah” I answered nonchalantly. There was a bit of an age difference and I thought I was simply pumping up her ego, my twenty-three years old self was seven years older than her.

She grabbed my hand and placed it on her thigh as we were driving to the store. Fuck they felt nice! I knew what I was supposed to do, pull away but it was simply not possible. Her thighs felt nice in my hand, making it impossible to pull my hand away. At first, she started moving my hand up and down as I caressed her thighs. By the time we got to the store, I was caressing her legs all on my own with no shame. She had long since removed her hands.

We got to the store, quickly grabbed our items and made our purchase before getting back in my car. After putting the car in gear, she gave me a pouty face and asked if I didn't like her anymore. Asking why she would say that, she said because my hand was not on her thigh, making her feel special. I gave her a look of concern, not sure if I should've even been doing that in the first place. Reading my face, she put out her pinkie and promised it would be our secret. I hooked my pinkie with hers and afterwards she grabbed my hand and put it back on her soft creamy thighs.

She kept her hands on mine, caressing herself with my hand. As we drove on, she got a bit braver and started pulling my hand up further and further until I felt my pinkie touch her panties. After a few times of bringing my hand up and down against her pantie-clad cunt, she actually started moving my hand up and down against her slit over her panties. She was masturbating herself, with my hand. I was both totally aroused with an uncomfortable boner in my jeans and scared that someone would find out.

When we got back to her house, she looked at me with a big smile on her face telling me “Remember, pinkie swear.”

When I left after Thanksgiving dinner, Josie gave me a hug and a goodbye kiss. Something we would normally do. However, this time half her mouth was on mine and she quickly licked my lips with her tongue. That night I drove home with a boner in my pants and went to bed thinking of Josie, not Rosie. I tossed and turned and jacked off twice to thoughts of making love to little Josie, wondering how sexy she would look with her petite body and her little tits exposed.

The following weekend, it was more of the same. I was at their house waiting for Rosie to finish getting ready while Josie kept me company. Her brothers were in their room playing video games and their parents were out with friends. Josie was sitting on my lap with her customary pajamas, a crop top and shorts, only the crop top was cut shorter than normal and it barely came under her tits, showing off her tight tummy. I couldn't help myself and subconsciously started caressing her very smooth legs.

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