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Selling myself to the Alpha

Selling myself to the Alpha

Bosy Elselhdar 2


The deal was simple: She would never see his face. She would never know his true identity as the Alpha. She would get pregnant, and after delivery, she would never see her baby again. She would get the money she needed for her father's surgery. "What do I do now?" She wondered. She was a virgin and had never been intimate with anyone before. She felt shy and embarrassed. He looked at her with a smirk and pulled her close to his chest. He then spoke to her in a tempting and dominant tone, saying, "I will remove your clothes, and then you will go to the shower and wait for me in bed to take your virginity and fill you up with my cum."

Chapter 1 1

It was late at night. A big black Lincoln SUV drove into a fancy castle in a very expensive neighborhood.

Inside the castle, Bella Reed couldn't see because her eyes were covered with a silky blindfold. She wasn't allowed to know who was with her.

"Don't be scared. Take deep breaths," Bella whispered to herself. She knew it was important to help her dad get a new liver, even if it meant sacrificing a little. She had to keep convincing and comforting herself.

Bella couldn't ignore the sound of the car entering the castle. She had no choice but to keep talking to herself, trying to stay calm.

When Alpha Lucian Craig walked in, Bella noticed him even though she couldn't see. He was tall and looked strong. She greeted him nervously while taking a step back.

Bella had tried to prepare herself mentally for this, but she was still scared when it actually happened. She felt weak and wanted to run away.

Alpha Lucian didn't know if what he was doing was right, but he had to find a woman and have a kid before his next birthday, as his father demanded. He saw Bella as a young girl standing in his room.

"Why are you afraid?" he asked Bella. His voice was deep, calm, and captivating.

Bella was surprised by his voice. She wondered how someone middle-aged could have such a beautiful voice.

"I don't have any diseases or weird desires," he reassured her. He wanted her to know that she didn't have to be shy but that she was scared of him.

Before Bella could recover from her surprise, he told her, "Let's begin." His voice sounded serious, like he was starting an important event.

Suddenly, he lifted Bella into his arms. It was the first time Bella had ever been carried like this, and it made her heart race.

"If it hurts, tell me to stop," Alpha Lucian reminded her. He thought he was being considerate.

But his words made Bella even more scared. He reached out to touch her, and she tried to move away.

"Don't move!" Alpha Lucian commanded sharply. He grabbed her wrist firmly and pulled her closer, warning her to stay still.

Bella didn't dare to pull away anymore because she felt embarrassed. She thought if he was young and handsome, he wouldn't need to pay for a child with someone like her.

Bella had a question in her mind. "Why did you want to do it naturally when it was supposed to be an IVF procedure?" she asked.

Alpha Lucian's warm breath touched her forehead. He gently pinched her, and it hurt.

Bella's forehead was sweaty, and she couldn't think properly. She struggled, but Alpha Lucian held her down firmly.

Alpha Lucian knew he had to be gentle with her to ease his guilty conscience. He tried not to lose control of his own desires.

That night, Bella felt like a leaf drifting on water. She experienced pain, tears, helplessness, and drowsiness.

When Bella woke up, she looked at the clock and saw that it was three in the morning. The butler, Lisa Thomas, was still awake. She offered to take Bella to the bathroom politely, but Bella wanted to take care of herself.

Bella felt exhausted and sore all over her body. She remembered a dream she had about a boy named Craig from her middle school days. He was her school's idol, and she had fantasized about having an older brother to protect her.

Bella locked herself in her room and tried to forget her feelings for Craig. But that night, she received a message that Alpha Lucian was coming back.

The castle became busy with preparations. Bella's body was already tired, but she couldn't refuse or complain about the frequency.

When Alpha Lucian entered the castle, he went straight to Bella's room. She stayed silent, afraid to even make a sound. The air was tense and quiet.


Every night, her job was to have sex with him until she became pregnant with his child. That was the agreement they made. Alpha Lucian held his coat in his right hand and lifted his left hand. He stared intensely at the blindfolded woman and gently placed his large hand on the back of her neck, pulling her towards him until she was pressed against his body.

Bella stumbled, froze, and held her breath. She didn't dare to move.

Alpha Lucian lowered his head to examine the girl who was practically in his embrace. His throat moved, and he pursed his thin lips, looking closely at her clean and fair face, which was about the size of his palm.

His eyes became more intense, his gaze slowly traveling downwards. Finally, he focused on her tender lips...

However, the contract clearly stated one thing: no kissing.

"Let's begin," the man said in a rough voice. He discarded his coat and turned off the lights as he carried her in his arms.

In the darkness, she furrowed her brow deeply and bit into the pillow. She didn't dare to make a single sound. She sold her body and her womb and soon her baby for her father's sake.

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