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A Return To Love's Madness

A Return To Love's Madness

Star Attraction


When they met again, Jason cast aside his paranoia and pride, warmly embracing Chelsey. "Please, come back to me?" For three years, she had been his secretary by day and his companion by night. Chelsey had always complied with his requests, like an obedient pet. However, when Jason declared his plans to marry another, she chose to stop loving him and to let go. But life took unexpected turns. His unyielding pursuit, her pregnancy, and her mother's greed gradually pushed her to the brink. Eventually, she endured tremendous suffering. Five years later, when she returned, she was no longer the woman she once was. Yet he had spiraled into five years of chaos.


: Chelsey Morgan, Jason Martin, Chelsey and Jason novel, Chelsey Morgan and Jason Martin novel

Chapter 1 Pregnant Right After Her Blind Date (Part One)

Top quality linen curtains swayed as a slender hand reached out to gain purchase, only for it to be pinned against the glass window by a larger, stronger hand.

They were on their fourth round.

The man was clearly venting all the pent-up passion that had accumulated in the seven days he was away on a business trip.

Before long, Chelsey Morgan was pleading with him as her legs trembled beneath her.

With one last thrust, the man finally stopped. Even then, the sexual tension remained potent in the air. Especially when his chest was heaving up and down against her back as he trailed kisses on the arch of her neck and up the shell of her ear.

"Can't take any more?" he rasped in a teasing tone.

Chelsey turned and hooked her arms around his neck.

The dim streetlights that filtered into the room softened his usually stern features. The desire in his eyes was clear, however. He was a beast unleashed, and he wasn't going to stop until his hunger was fully satiated.

But Chelsey was not fooled by his outward passion. She knew that the man's heart, if it at all existed, was as cold as ice.

"I'm going on a blind date tomorrow," she whispered.

"Hmm," the man responded lightly.

In the next second, his lips captured hers in yet another torrid kiss. His hands traveled down to her waist and hips. He was raring to go again.

A bitter taste rose in Chelsey's mouth.

Just as she had thought, he didn't care at all.

She shivered under his touch, her body arching towards him against her better judgment.

Chelsey gulped in some air when he pulled back from the kiss.

"If it goes well, I think I'll settle down," she stated.

That finally got the man's hands to stop moving. He stared into her eyes, and it felt like he was staring right into her soul. "You're planning to get married?"

"I'm turning 27," she murmured as she lowered her gaze in an attempt to hide her emotions. "I can't really afford to wait much longer."

Chelsey failed to see the sardonic smirk that played in the corners of the man's mouth.

Just like that, he pulled away completely. A moment later, the room was flooded with bright light.

Chelsey quickly grabbed her torn dress and clutched it against her chest.

Across the room, the man plopped down on the edge of the bed and lit a cigarette. His black trousers were still immaculately crisp, while his black dress shirt had the three top buttons undone.

He looked sexy and tempting as sin.

Chelsey's eyes were drawn to the cigarette, and inadvertently fell to the luxurious engagement ring around his finger. It lent another layer of irony to her inner turmoil.

Three years ago, Chelsey was just another hardworking employee who had been freshly promoted to secretary. She was tasked to accompany the distinguished Jason Martin on a business trip, and while in a hotel room on a foreign city, he pinned her to the bed.

She didn't resist. After sharing a night of passion, her boss cupped her jaw and told her that she was quite good in bed. One thing led to another, and here they were now, three years into their secret entanglement.

Chelsey was Jason's secretary by day, and his eager lover by night.

If Chelsey had to pin the blame for her foolish choices, it would be her naive, girlhood crush from when she was still a student.

Now that Jason was getting married, she wanted to get ahead of their circumstances and end their affair before it blew up. She didn't want to be mocked by the public as the other woman in what was arguably a perfect match between two social elites.

When all was said and done, Chelsey decided that she wanted to be the one to leave. Better to leave on her own terms than to be thrown out like some worthless tramp.

Carefully avoiding eye contact, she padded over to the door to fetch her overnight bag. Each time they had one of their trysts, she would always bring a spare set of clothes.

She knew her place, she didn't have the privilege to spend the night, much less to stand by his side.

Before Chelsey could even touch her bag, her other wrist was caught in a tight grip. He heart skipped a beat.

"One more time," the man growled. An order and not a request.

This time, he pushed her to her limits. When he was done, he held her by the jaw and forced her to meet his eyes. "Cancel tomorrow's blind date," he demanded.

Chelsey had no strength left in her, but she tried to scratch at his fingers. She mustered what sense of dignity she had left and spoke the bravest words she had ever uttered in the last three years.

"In that case, will you cancel your engagement?"

If Jason allowed it, Chelsey would be more than happy to spend her lifetime by his side. Provided that he kept unmarried.

Jason's face froze for a few brief seconds, then he let out a low chuckle.

The throaty sound brought to mind the purring of a cat, but with a chilling undertone that made her shudder with fright.

"You just crossed the line," he whispered, shattering all her hopes in one go.

But of course, Chelsey had always know that this man would never love her.

She averted her eyes again, then mimicked his chuckle, though hers sounded self-derisive. "You can refuse my request for a leave of absence, Mr. Martin. I'll just take my annual leave tomorrow. It's reasonable, isn't it? Perfectly legal, too."

His fingers suddenly tightened around her jaw, making her wince. Chelsey looked up at him, her expression defiant. She refused to compromise any more than she already had.

Based on the set of his brows, Jason was obviously displeased by her behavior. Still, he did not explode in anger.

He lived in a world where docile and obedient bunnies were in abundance and more than willing to warm his bed. He had no interest in holding on to one that bit his hands.

"Take your pills and clean up," he snapped as he released her and disappeared into the bathroom without a backward glance.

When Jason came out a few minutes later, the room was in pristine order.

In the middle of the bed was the bank card he had given Chelsey when they had first started their affair. It was meant to fund her luxurious whims and other needs in return for her services, but he soon found out that she hadn't spent a single penny from the account.

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