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The Last Of Us

The Last Of Us

Author: AliasToBi

Chapter 1 

Word Count: 2535    |    Released on: 05/12/2017

he said “Werewolves“. We are in a werewolf school after all. "Mates have been respected above all else, other than the Alpha bond. There has only

ok. I could ace this class with my eyes closed which I am already sort of doing. I gazed into t

world. I wonder what it would feel like. I wonder what anything would feel like really. Sometimes I wonder if casting my emotions aside was really

onsidered the runt. My father despised me enough to strip me of all titles. In his words, the title of Omega was more than I

eant one of two things. I would shift into my wolf. The second thing is only a possibility. I might or might not find my Mate. I wonder what having a Mate wo

ince I thought I had suppressed those memories enough to let me

ded it would be funny to trip me. Causing four plates of gravied rice and rare steaks with a peppercorn sauce to go crashing

was smart when trying to cause me trouble. My father is the Alpha of the Greystone Pack which is the sixth strongest pack in the world and the second s

hadn“t cast my emotions aside enough to deal with his current state so I co

own across the dining room and into the opposing

terally peal off him. "How can you screw up

. I began to not care about the situation as I slowl

stood roughly 6 foot 2 inches high with an impressive bui

e noticed the mess and me sitting in front of a cracked wal

administer his punishment after dinner

o a small cell near the far back of the basement. It was a cell meant for rogues who held a clear thre

il I passed out. It was one of his

lesson and the end of the day. I slowly packed my unopened history textbook into my black backpac

er and the Beta“s son, Andrew. They were close friends and sort of looked alike. Both had short to medium length brown hair with a hard set jawline. Both were well built that caused most of the girl

er“s but I was well toned. All the work f

She had long bushy curly red hair with the brightest blue eyes I have ever seen. I felt a small pi

he said in disbelie

if I misheard her. She couldn“t

Mate“." She repeat

the other“s spoke about nor did I smell anything out of the ordinary. I guess if she is

nd placing her right hand on my forearm, which was covered

ried her and she nodded her he

p onto her face. "You can“t feel it? Why not? The sparks are th

more sadness to cross her face. "But then again, I haven“t felt anything for over nine years,

t feel anything?" She asked s

No emotions." I said in a dead voice as a

o emotions?" She sa

lied as I noticed my brothe

could see he didn“t like it at all. Rose turned to look at my brother and did a double take between me and him. I should have

ked a little confused. She loo

" She said with

uth. It was kind of fun having someone to talk to who

." She replie

st we“re not late. Michael." He said as he looked up at me. "Father needs to talk to you first. You should hu

me direction." She said and I could see that Hayden wasn“t happy at the comment. the death glare he

nic way. Goodbye Rose." I said as I turned once more and walked away. I fel

I quickly ran up the stairs to put my backpack in my room. Maybe I should just call

have only ever called my father “father“ once and the bea

le. I need you to quickly set up the guest rooms and ensure dinner runs smoothly. You are to serve dinner, b

. Well that explains Rose then. She must be the Beta“s daughter or maybe the Alpha“s d

and a boiled potato with a small amount of butter melted into it. When I finally set the table

ing room which was designed for me alone. It was the room I was to wait in until the pack meals w

which was my only source of entertainment re

e we announce the joining of our packs." My father said in a serious

will marry your son, Hayden Hayes, and join our two packs." The

houted. "You c

ther said lacing his vo

ing her father. "I have already found m

father asked with ange

oice. Was she really that happy to be my Mate? What did she feel to make

pha cannot mate with a nobody. A tit

Rose asked a little frustrated

acing his voice with his Alpha tone. Not like it made made much differ

d as she stood up, causing

ichael person and reject him. You belong to Hayden

get rejected? I wonder what it feels like. What would happen to me? I guess there is only one way to find out. I thought as I opened the

hat happens to a rejected




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