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Author: yupina

Chapter 1 

Word Count: 1138    |    Released on: 05/12/2017

that this wasn“t my house. This small cottage with only a bed, wooden

annot even take these mild injuries from that explosion? As I was about to stand up, my body froze. A man with long silver hair that sways as he walks by, wearing

p. You should rest a bit more. Don“t worry beca

finitely dangerous since I wasn“t even able to tell that he“s already near despite my skills. But then, he l

bowed my head sincerel

n you anymore. I would like to go back home. As for the

without even looking at me. Didn“t I just sa

ention to what I just said. He opened the pot“s lid which still looked like whatever inside o

d first dr

g and charming that it would probably make al

you b

need to say

I suddenly felt someone approaching. Because of my reflexes, I grabbed on one of his sleeves and stood

eling. For a split second, I saw the door was already opened although it di


to see an amused face on a certain person. Obviously, the

ly, it did

the ceramic cup in his hands.

still felt the presence of my

w that the person who saved me is weird just from his looks

e words and when I heard "young miss", my head st

eral of the Ellion Army and the so called trash girl. Without the achievements of her la

and battles. But, unfortunately, she really can“t learn anything. She knew her place in the family and accepted everything that came with it. Being a disgrace, they abandoned her and left her with the least and lowest quality of resources available. But because her brother was a genius in both marti

as a person? This girl may as well be dead and her brother may as

d, she was killed. She was drugged and pushed to her death at the Hea

ooks like and such. It looks like it has been erased. Does this have to do with my transmigration? Well, one thing is for sure and that

resided in her body and whatever she nee

this young miss with her life. I would bring death to everyone withoutthem knowing.

particularly typos and corrections in the grammar) and will do so i

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