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The Bad Girl

The Bad Girl


Chapter 1 NO.1

Word Count: 1362    |    Released on: 02/03/2018

the beautiful cover, this c


a feminine voice say through the speakers but instead of doing what I'm suppose

slowly to look at her. Her grey hair is tied into a bun on the t

ply with, "What th

rowls in annoyance and I stand up, nearl

r narrows her eyes at me, her glasses falling down he

owards the classroom door. Everyone watches me but before I leave, I send the students a glare, watching as they turn an

e. The teachers here think I am a nuisance while the students think I belong in a mental hospital. But le

o whatever I please without anyone to tell me otherwise. It

unning around my head. I mean, I have been back chatting to the teachers and destroying school property, yes, and the principle knows that. Wha

llows me to work anywhere so I have to do

ays, the frown that is still on his face tilts

l in front of him. I didn't want to get sent to another school again bec

ens his drawer, pulling out a bag of green


The principle asks, his voice calm and steady but inside, I knew he

. The principle narrows his eyes at me and places

ts on school grounds that you will not be attending Mainland High anymore,

n my chances in staying at this school." I lie and the prin

Did you sell weed to one of my students?" The prin

ask, my eyebrow raising and t

drugs, " The principle begins counting his fingers. "Six times this year." T

another warning and we will act like this never even happened

many chances and I know you will just do it again


n Miami since you have been kicked out of every other school in the

reat me like shit like every other school, including this one! There is no way I will be doing

to drag you out." The principle says and I turn to the door to see a middle aged man with dark

I shout and the pri

ave another go at him, arms wrap around my body to stop me from moving my arms around

y so she can help you with your bad girl habits. Also, she has a seventeen year old boy and he will help you wit

? Let me tell you something--" I stop myself from talk

een year

at me weirdly but I ignore him and begin to walk out of th

e of the school and I hop in after I realise that this belongs to the s

ycle, by the way." I say

you have suddenly changed your mind?" The superv

of this." I say and the supervisor nods before drivin

t will be tutoring me? Oh, t

on the

d it. By the way, don't be afraid to comment your thoughts on the b


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