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Chapter 6 A Marvelous Body (Part Two)

Word Count: 1210    |    Released on: 27/02/2019

e spring breeze. His whole body felt at ease and his eyes shone with exciteme

to h


eat you t


is opponent, and yet, his actions were equivalent to those of a hard-worki

ldered by this experience. He had heard that Zen could bear heavy beatings, but he had not expected Zen to be this tenacious. He had endur

was just pretending to be weak.

were, he would stay on the ground as though defeated. That way the guards would send him back to the cellar where he could rest and avoid further injury. And yet, despit

e lay on the ground enjoying the warmth that had spread thro

take such a beating without being seriously injured. And if he were to stand repeatedly an

y on the ground and relish the warmth. He

o stand, Melvin Luo felt relieved. If Zen had s

or slammed shut, he stopped feigning being hurt. On the contrary,

three wound-healing pills to Zen. Zen smiled as he looked in the paper bag. It

ch? Would he be better behaved now?' Zen shook his head as

something else. He would never give up so easily, and was prob

w that people like Darren were cowardly. He decided not to take him serio

he pills as he didn'

meant that he was dirty. He walked toward the water tank and quickly removed hi


dark muddy mess at his feet. When Zen looked down, he was surprised

ting Zen had received had forced

lesh refin

e impurities were exp

e bone refi

e impurities were rem

e organ ref


and organs. It was a step-by-step outside to inside refinement process that would stop once the impurities were cleared from the spinal marro

exercise regimes to remove impurities from their bodies. This was a slow and time consuming

n to reach the higher levels. With those warm currents around his body, which had the

discharged a small amount of impurities each y

hen because of the two years he had spent being a punchbag, there was

s body had undergone a qualitative change; his flesh was very pure already and the light white i

pale white impurities were supposedly discharged from his bones. This was

e. He began with the Purple Light Fist. His whole body was bathed in a purple light as he c

th a punch. The silence in the cellar w


scattered air flows. It stirred the candles,

ace. There was no stone lock nor a stone man on which he could try out his str

atisfaction that he had rea

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