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Take My Breath Away

Take My Breath Away

Author: Rabbit

Chapter 1 Ending A Marriage

Word Count: 1603    |    Released on: 03/04/2019

, Philip. I've already signed

p the nerve to hand the divorce agreement to

harply and bellowed, "Debbie!" Incredulous, he asked, "Do you realize how stupid this is? I can understand if you want

. In Philip's opinion, she shouldn't want a divorce,

that Philip always treated her as a daughter, so she had no plans to keep

ersity? What happened? Are you being bullied?

ady know, I-I don't like studying. So, I don't wan

ly one that came to mind quickly to stall him off. But she w

s ran through her mind. 'Tomorrow is my 21st b

his hollow marriage to stand in

ather arranged this marriage. How can anyon

u've made up your mind, so I will..." He waited for her to say something. "I'll hand the di

let out a huge sigh of relief bef

od man. I believe you are a perfect match, so I do hope you will think this through caref

't even show up at the wedding! The man was at a dinner reception for a foreign pres

So, why is Philip saying that we are a perfect match?' D

king again. She had intended to say, "I've made up my mind," but as a sign

about the divorce papers. But to his disappointment, she didn't call him. Slowly, he brought out his cel

he cold reply. He noted a hint

y, the steward answered

os Hilton let the words sink in. He closed

e a wife. If Philip didn't call me now, I wouldn't

I'll be back in Alorith in a cou

p acknowledged,

ar in Alorith, the bar was dim

to the establishment which w

ittered with beer, wine, cham

rthday party. The celebrant was

very few occasions that she donned something feminine instead of her usual attire of jeans an

have fun by drinking with her classmates. Stacked in one corner of the

his arm slung around another boy's shoulders. "I knew

hat many of the girls cove

t won't bust anybody's eardrums." It was Kasie Garcia, on

ull of confidence, who alw

silent. The boys and girls in the room turned

animal, and was popula

said, "Let's play Truth or Dare!" A cunning smile c

" This time, Jared, who belonged to the rich second generation, got back at

's 21st birthday, so we'll make the game more exciting!" She fl

with the game; the consequences for the dares were usually singing the high notes in Mariah Carey's

already crimson from too much champagne and wine. As the first round started,

ex he or she runs into. But it will be a kiss on the lips instead of a peck on the cheek. If he or she opts t

ind out who the first loser would be. This time Jared snorted in

s, everyone turned to look at th

s symbol, and then glanced at the others who held o

quence, the birthday girl felt like crying. She was alre

took several deep breaths

ructions, she

ressed in a crisp white shirt, blac

face was all angles and planes, from his forehead, cheeks to his

that Debbie couldn't help but

asie said in a loud whisper. Debbie stood frozen for a moment. She was b

thoughts, so she took a deep br

t, 'I think I've met him before. Nev

e him a sweet smile and stood on tipto

ce to make a phone call when he wa

noyance as Debbi

s she look so familiar? Her eyes...' Ca

Debbie planted a soft kiss on h

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