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Rebirth of Martial God

Rebirth of Martial God


Chapter 1 Regaining Sanity (Part One)

Word Count: 1168    |    Released on: 15/05/2019

mpire, Sun Moun

e territory of the Violet Orchid Empire. The base of Sun Sec

d houses. These were scattered across the flatness of the terrain. T

e sky looked as fresh and clean as a rose that had blossomed after a whole night's rain. The soft, fra

sun and the cool, fresh morning air. A little away from the residential area of grunt di

years old. With the steamed buns in each of his hands that had by now turned cold and hard, he st

inimal. The room was almost empty

racked wooden chair, and a bed we

t the buns on the table

is face was pale, his breath was deep and

was also about sixteen or seventeen years old, but there was something about him

e was Evan. He was a grunt


bed. However, the man did not respond. His eyes stayed

nd of person who would always follow his emotions and wou

ted, Evan paced back and forth in the small space of the room. A few moments

nd you are still unconscious. Are you just going to die like this? At such a young

Sun Sect. I won't have a single friend to talk to. You cannot be so

you used to protect me. With you by my side, no one dared to bully me or humiliate me. You were the one who would always sta

riend I am to you! I must have disappointed you so much. I am rea

ified, Evan's reaction gradually

l, confined space of the cottage that the st

ld if you die. It is all because of those bas

an turned and rushed

en by his feelings, Evan would do

out, his ears caught the sound of th

? Oh, my ears! I fe

The man in the bed knitted his

d at once

onto something. Evan rushed back to the wooden bed and clasped his raised hand int

long since anyone cal

it was them. Only buddies who played Basketball with me

n the present. He felt a sharp, shooting pain streak across his

the straw ceiling and scattered on his face. Austin narrowed his eyes a

aback with surpri

dreaming? What is this place?' Austin's mind earnestly sought answe

any in the beautiful, prosperous, coastal

h his girlfriend. They wished to pursue their careers an

Deputy Director of the Sales department. The promotion was a joyous event as it ine

as he expected. A sudden, horrible

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