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The Legend of Innate Mage

The Legend of Innate Mage

Author: Odom

Chapter 1 Young Spiritless Master

Word Count: 1812    |    Released on: 27/06/2019

iverse was in chaos. It was only a pitch bl

, and opened up land. At long last, the earth took shape with an abundance of light, spirit and even life. Afterwards

bitious explorations, which in due time would lead to breakthroughs in cultivation method

ad across the four continents, namely the Pure East,

f the Stone City, which was inhabited by sev

f life also favored large families. In general, their section of the city was always abuzz. But tonight, the atmosphere was far more charged

skinned young man, who was somewhat troubled out of sorts, was sitting on the roof of the small yard. Looking at

on impulse. Beneath his skinny, feeble frame, anger consumed him like a big, terrifying beast. As if under a spell, violent current jolted h

he was much as Nate. Moreover, they had been bosom buddies, almost like blood brothers. The two youn

tivation base and was now merely at the first grade of Skin Refinement. Thus

Nate, set as the successor of Nan Clan, now treated Ricky like a stranger. And

for the Nan Clan, he was raided by masked men. In that heinous attack, the clan suffered untold los

e immediately deposed Ricky's father as Dominant Top

n in succession hierarchy. To serve their new masters, the defectors had even deprived Ricky of something even more precious - his accumulated cul

ridians ranked from one-star to nine-star in ascending order. At each star ra

ed, his followers fell subordinat

had whispered a secret to his son. Nate and Gilbert

ase your name and send you to disgrace. For Ricky and his father, their lowest moment was made worse by the fact that Nate - a once close friend, had turned to

ve deserved!" Ricky, still perching on the roof, solemnly swore to himsel

f the yard with a thud. Then, he straightly walked towards a wooden p

rked hard in honing his skills back again. By now, he had recovered enough to reach the peak of the first grade of

uy. Although he had lost his spiritual meridian, he beli

orth in front of the pile. In particular, he concentrated on perfecting his Whiz Fist, a Yellow L

essary for warriors. Those who mastered

thods. The Yellow Level was the lowest, while the Heaven Level was the highest. Ricky had no idea if there was any level higher than

he was contemplating how to raise e

sts into full play for quite a long period. But now, the might of his Whiz Fist appeared quite weak. O

wer into play. However high the level a cultivator had reach

nd blood. However, it was also reported among the more spiritually inclined that a powerful master could directly restore their

Even worse, after his father's fall from grace, it was even impossible for t

lly weak in his current situation, there was no hope in sight that he would get anything. At this rate, it was likely he would end up neglected, os

of brew, began to boil. In his eyes, vicious hatred took over. He pou

a chance that I'm go

on force of the wooden pile, until

He knew it all along. The real question was, what could h

tion left him f

shouted at the top of his voice. By now, he had been lying there

If he only stayed and cultivated inside this small yard, he would reach a higher level. But for pe

ity was the only ticket

for him to do something than

his arms. He had forgotten about it all after he fell down. For a moment, he looked at the white

rivulets, the white bracelet arrested the flow by

turned blood red. Not just t

the burning sensation on his wrist. The

ng. Slowly, the blood soaked bra

scared out of wits by what wa

ered, he found that the bracelet disapp

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