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How To Seduce A Billionaire

How To Seduce A Billionaire


Chapter 1 The Plan

Word Count: 1853    |    Released on: 12/09/2019


looked utter

yelashes, hazel contact lenses, and shoulder-length chestnut hair. She looked like she'd just c

the better, so you won't

too much time in front of the mirror, and I never cared about my appearance unti

n tro

n't supposed to return today, but I had grown tired of my boss's frustrating calls and e-mails. He had called me repeatedly, saying

I was guessing he was looking for supermodels he could screw on weekends. He was a man who had a suit designer, owned several limited-edition shoes, and wore a different thousand

oss was one of those few businessmen who had become a billionaire by age thirty. Every economic magazine, newspaper clipping,

y job was supposed to be h

a cup on his desk, as he was busy scribbling on his table. The strokes of

hroat to get h

I greeted, smiling pleasantly

irked, sti

d that you're back. I c

axima Motors contract? I'm sorry I wasn't t

ree-piece gray suit and classic pompadour haircut. The cream h

, " my boss answered, an

"Is there anythi

oment, " he re

back to my

and was about to exit when D



d his jaw hard

t is

e Fran

you've been repeating

wn his pen, then wiped h

looked like you've seen a ghost.

ook great, but

? Well, I got a new haircut." I touched

s just that—you ne

t even my first time wearing one, though I us

on him. "It's a mak

ls to my top, under his lashes; then he

w, you ca




ve early thi

sure? I t

, " he cut me off. "Louis is co

sh. Is there anyth

g. You

is office, sighing as I m

the reason for my makeover. I wanted to be a new

Louis was the kind of man I wanted to marry. He was a gentleman, sweet—not to mention, ridiculously hot. Though both of them

ation. He had appointed Louis as the new Vice CEO of the company, and despite my boredom

I had applied this morning, but my boss didn't seem to like it. Had I overdone myself? Did I wear my

king in the mirror.

med as I looked up at my boss, annoyed. He was standing at the do

ing about your

o annoy me? We were not close enough to talk like

t get it right,

t's fine. Yo

rds of app

"I know nothing about seduction." Wai

repeated, but hi

thing about rom

about? Are you datin

w how busy I am. I can't dwell on su

ss, and this was something I s

"Something's up. Do

hat, and let's not tal

self. Now, I'm getting curious.

so interest

ndish. I didn't know you can be s

you're not dating, why are you ta

like someone." There.

s the guy? D

" I pressed my lip

this guy.

ought you made yourself clear a

e hasn't done that, b

going to

ould do." I couldn't help but laugh. How was I supposed t

you his name

y n

ns of things to do. Shall we go

" he teased. "Fine, but I won't let th

on when he finally we


on a few things—things that had something to do with women. I screwed different women every week since I wasn't into serious relationships

n't the

those baggy trousers. Her face was always pale, and she never wore makeup. I couldn't believe she'

had never attracted me. I always thought someone like

he had to tell

oman who invaded my thoughts appeared at

ned as I stood.

to see my new office."

ou were coming next week?" I

axima Motors is about to change,

k, " I said. "Oh, you met

rget?" He turned back to

ed back at my brother, just like every

ched her, addressing her with familiarit

Or me..." she cleared he


en you offered me nothing?" I asked he

f coffee this morni

have to be formal w

is patted my arm. "I go

ll tour you around the

t I still have to be famili

ht n

d. "Yes,

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