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My Lofty Daddy

Chapter 2 Giving Birth To A Dead Baby

Word Count: 1607    |    Released on: 05/03/2021

promised me that you would take good care of Selina. The An family was down and out now. The situation h

nd. She glared at her and said, "Don't pretend to c

ked toward the door, ignoring

d Selina's way. "Not so fast. You can't leave

ily? How could a man of great fame and prestige like hi

l ties? They were over as a married couple. How could he order her to abort her baby? "Th

of here!" Ezra bel

also pregnant with your child, Ezra. Please don't murder a child now, even though we're not sure who its father is. Whether it's your b

a. This woman will make trouble sooner or later, and the bastard

I got to see you again. It was because of that that I promised to be a tolerant person. I just want us


Viola's spell. He listen

t this woman out of my face! She's not allo

ing this on purpose. She wanted her trapped here under E

d, "No! Stay away from me! Don't touch me! If anyone dares to go near me, I will kill myself! I know how preciou

a cold voice, "What are you guy

or it, they were already holding her down and tying her hands behind her ba


heavy door loomed over her like a hulking warden, taking away all the light and

en months passed in

. Lu is about

delivery won't cut it. She ha

mug and arrogant back in the day. Her blood boiled with glee at the sight of her

n her face. "What the hell are you planning to do, Viola? Why are you

oved her like a sister, stood up for her in everything,

ch set

een us when the truth is, you've treated me like your little pet dog. You still tell yourself that you're a good friend to me when all you've done is make me look like an inval

away from you! I will die before I betray you like that!"

that Ezra and Viola r

keep her distance. Her friendship with Viola was

ll chose to marry him in my wedding dress! You forced him to marry you! You bitch! I hate you! I

ll me right here and now, Viola. Otherwise, I will come back one day and exact my vengea

words, Viola exe

he fought to keep her eyes open and fixed on Viola. If she were to die in her hands today, she would make her reme

laughed in a low, menacing voice and said, "Kill you? That's too easy, and I do

the cruelest part

no one would ever believe it. The child w

. She reached out to grab onto her, but Vi

Give her an oxytocic injection! She has to have a normal delivery! I don

a horrible death," Se

the medical staff came through

asked in her ex-best f

's out. But... Wait.

a boy. A bastard. Maybe he was aware of it and that's why he end

tretch out her arm toward her

I will show you your dea

hateful eyes on the woman she thought was her fri

baby on the bed by

s later, Ezr

bedside and stared at

as black. He must have d

out her hand. She did not b

d, "Look at him. Your and your lover's child is dead. This is your retribution, Selina. Your han

tarted sobbing quietly and shaking her head.

s impos

r child! This w

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