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Embrace the light

Embrace the light


Chapter 1 Runaway

Word Count: 1280    |    Released on: 16/01/2021

Oh my god...

d damn... this will be so m

ace, I was getting tired. The air

time that they would let their guard down. They thought t

. Okay...you got this F

f wind blowing my long hair to the front of my face. I was about s

stop to avoid my parents, I didn't want to be

s were long gone. I was feeling the coldness that was engulfing my surroundings. Their smell came next, the smell of carca

ore and dinner already. I made myself run to it, my breathing was heavy, sweats trickled d

do thi

way now... Ke

ur until the next bus arrived. I had already checked the bus schedule. I went to the counter, and buy myself a one-way tick

runaways in his time selling bus tickets. He didn't ask me an

longer. I finally slumped to the empty chair after buying a can

die and pulling it down like he was trying to sleep while waiting for

ouple of seconds. It was a weird feeling like was studying me. I q

.the screeching t

! God d

hoping my parents decided that I was not there, seeing that I was

. The sadness was overwhelming, he looked at me instantly li

s just about to

feeling was truly immense, as I could feel my tears pooling, my vision was blurry. I was shocke

ing, as he grabbed my arm forcefully. But he was

his feelings made me discard all of my urges to fight my parents. I was limp i

hing okay?" He

decided to run away. Come on sweetie, we'll discuss this at home. Your mother was worried sic

but I like wearing my jeans and sneaker

rds, making him stood up and too

u're okay?" He a

e me sob while I took my arm away from him and shook my head. I

roaked, I was giving him my last strength to say it. He looks shocked and then looked

mine. My sadness was just the tip of the iceberg compared to his. I didn'

r side, as he pulled me out of the car roughly to the ground. My knees hit the small rocks below, my palm breaks my fall and mad

inside the car. He was standing at my door

hy? Maybe I should just leave you here. They're coming, aren't they? Come here you ghouls, ghost, demons, or whate

're coming... my parents couldn't see t

But he slapped my cheek harshly, making me fall to the ground. Then seconds later

horror when she saw my legs were being dragged by nothing into the woods, t

was the last thing that I hear when

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