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Coastal Love

Coastal Love


Chapter 1 Leaving Dad

Word Count: 1265    |    Released on: 16/01/2021

wasn't me. I didn't do it!" I cried to m

unger than you. Do you actually think that they would be capabl

her ushered them away calmly. They were trying to mak

out after I finished high school. I was arranging everything, I wou

my getaway every day. I had been saving my money, from my allowance. Selling off my brande

I was living in a fairy tale. A real-life Cinderella story with a s

of my dad. Saying I did all the wrong things at home. Years later I just

is new family. I didn't even know how much tears I cried for him. I used to be his little prin

tle and this one was


had done my research, I was doing this the smart way. I needed to survive. I had moved all my

king my old family photo album that I flipped religiously every night. It remin

me if I brought the car, but by leaving it behind I was good to go. I already emailed m

at he didn't even acknowledge my email anymore. All my feelings that I had for him, sho

us stop, looking for the address that I got from the internet. It was a book shop,

aving my money. Next year I'm planning on taking an online college degree. This year

althy, so did my dad. But her own daughter was struggling f


shops, leading to the coastal shore. I carefully stepped

erson. I'm here to meet wi

ore. I didn't know why you answer my opening, but you seem too lovely to tend to this old bookstor

call me Marissa plea

with my family. I'm not going to start lying to you. But I do hope you would still hire me. I will work diligently. I just need a fresh sta

and more foreseeable, as long as I could get into the best college. I have been planing t

een the grades that you've sent me with your application letter. I'm sure you will get into the top universities. I'm just h

r backpack on you. Have you find a place to stay y

think it's a bit rundown. But it's all I could aff

need a paint job but that's probably all. The Barnaby's take good care of their properties and th

y after tomorrow, but I could come tomorrow to look around the place. He told me to get settled in and walk aroun

ed to get teary all of a sudden, I was reminded of my mom, of my own loss of a loved o

u just go and get settled in now okay? I will wait for you tomor

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